The Long Dupe

There’s plenty to be miffed about during these stifling covid lockdowns and for mine, just one more inconvenience to add to the list are those local Sydney businesses who’ve suddenly chosen to go cashless, using the cover of covid to reject cash transactions.  It’s disappointing that business-owners and managers have stripped away from their customers the luxury of choice at a time when stultifying state-imposed controls have been foisted upon us.  Are they uptight and precious?  Seems like it.  Is it low-vibrational fear-based energy?  Feels that way to me.  And why is handling cash so objectionable when every customer-facing business has hand sanitiser visibly at the ready?

Cash is pretty much the last bastion of anonymity.  The last protector of absolute privacy, untrackable in this age of mass-electronic surveillance.  I prefer using Cash for small, everyday transactions but now other people’s fear has hijacked my preference for hard currency and the licence and latitude to use it in my day-to-day purchasing.  Their fear has interfered with my personal choice.  I like Cash because intrinsically it is a direct exchange of energy and value – a clean, clear, one-to-one system of trade.  No third parties, no banks, no fees.  Secure, resilient and universal.  One morning last week my favourite coffee shop was in semi-paralysis when their eftpos terminal went offline and the staff could only accept Cash from their customers.  Thank goodness for risk-free, tangible bills.  Cash does not fail at the point-of-sale.  

Legal tender throughout Australia.  So it is stated on every note and by definition must be accepted if offered in payment of a debt, so should cashless businesses be allowed to thumb their nose at real currency?    

Conspiracy theorists have long prophesied that a cashless society is the ultimate goal of a dubious power elite with their shadowy agenda to control and manipulate the masses through an authoritarian one world government.  Contemporary life with its wholesale surveillance and data harvesting, CCTV cameras at every turn and QR Codes at every business entrance resembles an Orwellian nanny state.  It feels like our right to privacy is under threat with more and more encroachment by the state into our lives while personal information from each individual’s electronic footprint is uploaded to government data bases or on-sold to data collection agencies.     

Once our freedoms are reinstated by The Establishment will these businesses remain cashless?  They should remember that Cash offers privacy, autonomy and preserves freedom of choice.     

And choice is power.  Choice is liberation.  Choice is flow.  Choice is ease.

Choice is abundance.  Choice is opulence.  Choice is sovereignty.    

Cash is still King.  Cash will always be King.   


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