Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session take?

Allow 75 minutes – 60 minutes for the Healing itself plus 15 minutes afterwards to discuss what I picked up during the session and the work that was done.

What if I am currently taking medication?

No problem.  Reiki and Reconnective Healing work safely alongside all medications.  Another wonderful benefit of these modalities is that they complement and beautifully support any other healing work that you may be undertaking such as acupuncture, kinesiology, crystal healing, osteopathy and psychotherapy for example.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically my clients notice marked change and significant shifts after just one session.  Generally one to three sessions is all you`ll need but I always encourage people to follow their own guidance as to the need for a follow-up booking.  It`s not for me to dictate a rigid treatment schedule.

For those suffering chronic, long-held physical dis-ease, one to five sessions should deliver verifiable Healing outcomes.  This is not the sort of modality where you need to keep returning time and time again.  If that was the case I`d pack up my table and call it a day.

NOTE :  each successive session is very different to the previous one.  As you become conditioned to the Healing frequencies the Healings become exponential – they come faster, deeper and broader as your quantum field (you) becomes intelligent to the work.

What is Galactic Heritage Reconnection?

This is an upgraded, amplified version of Reconnective Healing.  I began working with a brand new energy signature in 2016 called the Diamond Star Fire and this high-frequency, highly transformative healing energy has lifted and broadened my work with Reconnective Healing as the two have effectively merged.  The broader bandwidth of the Diamond energy has updated Reconnective Healing into an ultramodern, state-of-the-art modality that is arguably more appropriate for this time of rapid change in the post-2012 New Earth

Please click this link for more information about Diamond-frequency Healing.

What is the Starseeded Angelic Frequency you often refer to?

The 11th of November 2018 was a very significant Stargate, known as the Triple 11 Gateway.  At this time a brand new energy signature became available and some in the Lightworker/Starseed community referred to it as the Angelic Frequency.  I began integrating this advanced Light structure into my Light-Body and very quickly it was asserting its loving presence in my Healing sessions.  The Angelic Frequency represents a template of high-calibre Light geometries and some say it is superior to Atlantean consciousness.

Please click this link for more detail on the Angelic Frequency.

Starseed refers to a level of awareness and crystalline activation, specifically cosmic 12th-Dimensional consciousness.  Please read this channelling which explains the Starseeds/Starchildren.

Who are the Atlantean Light Magicians?

By way of background, the covid event has triggered a strong Awakening energy on our planet and as a result there is now a resurgence of ancient energy taking place on Earth ie Lemurian and Atlantean to name but two.  The Atleantean Light Magicians embody the perfect and pure aspects of Atlantean Being before the fall of consciousness on Earth occurred.  They knew the fall was coming and so, to assist humanity`s healing, the Atlantean Light Magicians utilised their ability to project themselves forward through Time along deliberate, distinct and unified incarnational lines.  In each lifetime they carried replicated Atlantean codes in their DNA, and varying degrees of remembrance of the ascended Soul matrix.  Many of the Atlantean Light Magician cohort are reactivating now and coming back into action to assist the evolution of consciousness on Earth.  Could you be one?

So, why is Atlantean energy relevant to this time?  Check out the article below :

And for more information on the Atlantean Light Magicians follow this link :

Are you psychic?

I am not clairvoyant.  I don`t do readings.  However, I am clairsentient and clairaudient and as I facilitate your Healing session I will be picking up things like old and existing injuries and illness as well as subtle blocks and old emotional pain.  As I move around you during your session I discern pockets of density and disorder held in your physical body and in your subtle field including the Chakras, and then work on these areas.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my Healing session?

No, but it`s a good idea to avoid excessive alcohol intake and ingesting any substances in the days leading up to your session.  Ideally, don`t be hungover on the day of your appointment.

What sort of Energy Healing work occurs in one of your sessions?

This work is broad-reaching and very comprehensive and as a result you will receive multiple Healings on various levels just in the one session.  At $100 per session this represents excellent value.  The following is a break-down of what your Healing session can deliver for you :

  • Chakra opening, clearing and balancing
  • Swift healing of density and dis-ease held in the physical body including old or existing illness or injury
  • Speedy lifting of long-term Depression and long-held trauma
  • Clearing away subconscious blocks, limitation and outdated beliefs
  • Releasing and transmuting old and limiting patterns, programmes and conditioning
  • Bringing deep, sustained peace and tranquility to the mind and emotions, quickly calming anxiety and the fight-or-flight response
  • Improved vitality, buoyancy and robustness – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Third Eye transformation to heighten your intuition and enable better utilisation of the higher-dimensional post-2012 New Earth energies
  • You`ll notice after your session a new-found clarity.  You`ll find you`re making better decisions and smarter choices thanks to sharper mental focus and greater trust of your inner voice
  • New courage to set healthier, loving boundaries
  • Closure on old, unfinished business
  • Purification of the Astral Body and the causal sub-plane
  • Light-Body activation
  • Resolving karmic load and clearing excessive karmic transfer
  • Reveals and brings to the fore any dormant psychic gifts and latent creative talent
  • Aligning you with your highest and most creative path and your true Soul mission in this incarnation

I am worried this could be too strong for me. Is it possible to receive too much?

Not at all – you`ll never receive more than you can handle in any single session.  Prior to your session, before you arrive I establish a connection with your Higher Self, setting specific, benevolent intentions pertaining to your Healing.  Consequently a Higher intelligence is present and in play throughout and well beyond your session – watch for the presence of greater synchronicity in the days and weeks following your Healing.  You are thoroughly and lovingly supported during and after your session as the Healing work continues to integrate and assimilate in the days and weeks after your appointment.

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