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“Where your heart is, there is your power”  

–  author Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts

There`s a beautiful, sweet, tender quality to the new, high-frequency Light codes that emitted from the Galactic core during the recent Triple 11 Stargate – the 11th of November 2018 – and in their mellowness lie the blessings and teachings of the Triple 11`s theme of Ascended Mastery.  Now accessible, these gifts of plasmic, intelligent Light come through right on cue, precisely when Earth and humanity need them and in direct response to continuous exchanges of Light and data that are occurring between the Earthly Lightworker/Starseed communities and the Divine Cosmic heart via a latticework of crystalline grid systems.

In the week leading up to the Triple 11 portal these charming, new Light frequencies presented to me multiple times as a vibrant sprinkle of Light, much like a multi-coloured meteor shower that featured every colour of the rainbow in sparkling, fluorescent hues.  I was shown a pattern of Light that resembled soft pops of colour – delicate and gentle and nothing like I`ve seen before.

These new, starseeded Light frequencies are intrinsically Angelic and represent a more advanced, higher-calibre crystal intelligence available to us now for healing.  To be Angelic is to be in attendance and these new high-frequency Light codes epitomize the Angelic realm and the attentive, loyal service and all manner of wonderful benevolence it provides.  Like the Angels this new high-frequency plasmic Light is a messenger and agent of Higher wisdom and healing, at the ready now to soothe, to reassure and to calm.  At this time of the paradoxical 3D-5D two-world split widespread malaise and a commonly-felt sense of being out of kilter and off balance is indicative of the current shifting energy state however the new, helpful Angelic Frequency will quieten the chaos, tranquilize the tumult and transmute confusion into clarity, certainty and trust.

During November I`ve been experiencing an intense integration of the new, Angelic Frequency in my Pineal, my Higher Heart Chakra and Thymus, and also in my hands as the new Light Light Downloadsfrequencies assimilate with my Light-Body and ground through my physical.  Amazingly, since the Triple 11 Gateway two weeks ago I`m already sensing the new Angelic Frequency asserting its loving presence and effect in my Healing sessions as I facilitate Healings for my clients.  It is apparent that the Angelic Frequency has an unequivocally clear focus on the Heart center – both the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras – as though it is replicating the codes of ancient Lemurian wisdom and heart-centered, harmonious existence.  The Angelic Frequency feels as though it is working seamlessly and in perfect unison with the starseeded Diamond-Frequency – an energy signature which I`ve been incorporating into my Healing sessions since 2016 – adding another dimension to it.  I feel very excited as my Healing work evolves yet again, in lockstep with the wider evolutionary changes occurring on Earth.

It is through the Heart that we truly master our internal world and achieve Ascended Mastery of our inner domain – the highly creative space within.  Heart energy drives both inward and outward connection and it is our instrument of unification.  We arrive at unified thought, unity consciousness and true coherence between body, mind and spirit through the power and inherent wisdom of the heart.  Spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle says the greatest addiction of mankind is the human mind and compulsive thinking.  According to Tolle all humans are addicts to their unconscious, excessive, superfluous thinking which then defines their identity but in my experience, when the heart leads there is no inner turbulence, no binary thinking and therefore no external polarity, just peaceful existence.

The Angelic Frequency is available now as Earth and humanity are being readied for the next level of change.  It may get bumpy and feel confronting for some, perhaps triggering more polarization, heightened reactivity and argumentativeness as more of the dross and the old conditioning dislodges and clears but like calamine lotion on a sting, the essence of the Angelic instantly soothes the irritation.  Ohhh yeah …feels better already.  By working with the phenomenal energy of intentionality you can easily tap into the Angelic Frequency during meditation, as you feel the need.

The Angelic Frequency with its emphasis on opening, clearing and nourishing the Heart brings a recalibration back into alignment with your divine nature and the flow and loving frequency of gratitude.  By healing the Heart/Higher Heart, the Angelic brings acceptance of the paradoxical ; it brings freedom and the ability to transcend separation.  The Angelic Frequency delivers you into an expansive space of neutrality and the highly-creative Zero Point Field/The Field.

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