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“Action is character”  –  F. Scott Fitzgerald

I​`​m a keen exponent of the benefits of working with the energy of Loving Intentionality and will happily bang on about it any chance I get, especially when the intent is directed towards Healing.  I admire and silently applaud every single person who walks through my door because they are acting on a clear Intention to initiate positive change and growth in their life.  They placed their attention in a particular direction, made a deal with Spirit and their Higher Self (albeit subconsciously) and through pure intent powered by love they had the courage and readiness to step into a Healing space and let go of the old.  Brought about through deliberate action their Healing outcomes began taking shape the second they started their google search and it`s all down to the fundamental truth that our Creator energy flows wherever we focus our attention and awareness.  From awareness comes Healing and from Healing comes liberation.

More broadly, working with Intention – that is to say getting crystal clear about what you wish to attract into your lived reality in order to bring it to graceful manifestation – is a super-effective practice that leads to a sweeter life.  Intention is a force governed by the laws of Physics because each singular Intention is intrinsically a quantum field of Creator energy.  A sincere and focussed practice of setting an Intention (be it stated or written), charging it with Love and feeling genuine gratitude for receiving it into your life creates an electromagnetic field around that Intention.  That energy field holds a particular resonance – an energetic stickiness – that works via a matrix of synchronicities, harmonies and alignments to magnetize a host of supportive conditions, people and opportunities into your sphere of awareness that allow that Intention to materialise.  That unique quantum electromagnetic field merges with the Akasha – the realm of potentiality – and the greater Universal field (The Field) of omnipotent primordial substance from which everything manifests into form.

Augmenting your Intention with the statement for my highest good and the most benevolent outcome for all concerned entrusts that Intention to The Field and consigns it to a Higher intelligence.  Subtle yet seismic in its effect The Field is a Heart-powered medium of Sixth Dimensional magic and creativity.  Bear in mind though, if the specific aim truly does not serve your highest good or is not appropriate for you then expect to encounter delays, obstacles and other clear signs and signals to that effect.  Such is the benevolence and wisdom of The Field as it plays its long game.

Energetically, thought is electrical and emotion is magnetic and so, infusing your intent with a heartfelt feeling of joy, love and appreciation amplifies the power of that Intention to manifest.  As you blend the energy of Love through your intent you are tapping into the phenomenal electromagnetic field generated by the Heart, some 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an EEG (ref : – published 2010).  A reimagining of your creative process may well be needed because the higher dimensions of consciousness now anchored in this post-2012 New Earth increasingly render mind-driven purpose obsolete.  The crystalline harmonic now immersing Earth is instead a heart-centred energetic that resonates with the vibration of Soul, Source and The All That Is.

Our individual power to manifest from intentionality has increased substantially since 2012 because our interface with the primal Light of the Astral substance has refined and evolved into a higher vibration – it is a purer communion.  The Astral substance is the medium of creative magic, synchronicity and manifestation because it is Astral light that brings thoughts into form ;  every thought and action makes an impression in the Astral material.  Moreover, since 2012 we are more deeply and more profoundly connected to creative Source through the truth and purity of our open Hearts.

It`s no lazy platitude to say that gratitude matters :  it is a key element to working with Loving Intentionality.  Holding a feeling of deep appreciation is a state of consciousness that is open, expansive and receptive and it instantly hooks you into the present moment and all the creativity and wisdom that `the now` holds.  The energetic frequency of gratitude opens you up to receive.

Your vibration creates your experience

The art to working effectively with Loving Intentionality is to truly embody the Intention.  Personify it.  Become the Intention rather than hold it externally.  Gregg Braden’s advice (author of The Divine Matrix) is to live from the assumption it has already happened.  Ask yourself how you want to feel.  Be specific and begin to evoke that feeling whether it be joy, peace, ease – anything of beauty.  Invite the feeling to immerse you and permeate every cell, pervading your energy.  That feeling is what animates the intent and manifests it into form.  That supportive and palpable feeling of pleasantness harmonizes and aligns your subconscious mind with the infinite abundance and vast potentiality of the Universal primordial substance existing above the Astral plane wherefrom all things originate.

Stating I AM at the beginning of your Intention accesses its full and limitless power and moves you into a space of sovereignty.  Additionally, harnessing the fertile and clarifying energy of each New Moon – symbolic of birth, new beginnings and second chances – greatly intensifies the potency of your intent.

Once your Intention is set, felt, epitomised and imbued with Love the trick then is to step back and detach the mind from the end result and how that might look.  Let go, let it flow and trust the magic.  Struggling and striving and clutching at outcomes is at odds with the post-2012 Heart-centred fifth-dimensional energetic.

Pay attention to what you are being shown.  The magic of synchronicity shifts your attention to the Higher realms and subtle planes and may just act as a catalyst for spiritual transformation.  Repeated occurrences of synchronicity are like ethereal nudges trying to capture your attention, showing you there is an invisible force – a field of Higher intelligence – and demonstrating the thinning veil between the material plane and the subtle realms.

Such is the power of Intentionality and Love.  It is the focussed intention compelling the action that empowers that action, working in tandem with pure Heart energy.  These two elements amplify the vibrational field of Creator energy that is your intent.

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