The Zeitgeist of the 3D-5D Two-World Split

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My motivation for writing this Blog is to be but one voice among many in the Lightworker community who are offering some measure of support and assistance for the Awakening Starseeds on this planet, namely those individuals now in the process of moving into their sovereign, empowered wholeness ;  those glorious ones evolving into the realisation that there is something more.  These individuals intuitively sense the existence of a matrix of Higher energy – a new, broader bandwidth – only now accessible and one which is graceful, divinely supportive, harmonious and peaceful.  These are the independent thinkers, the Truth-seekers, the heart-centred Starchildren, the Indigos, the Crystal, the now-emerging Diamond Human, the high-frequency Angelic Human, the returning Atlantean Light Magicians, the reawakening Pleiadean Star Mothers, and simply those with the courage and readiness to liberate themselves from the constraints of the old Earth.

Old Earth – the Third Dimension – was an Earth where rigid division and duality-consciousness reigned and fear-based control structures were the dominant energetic.  Aggression, greed, hate, suspicion, judgment and victim-consciousness were the dense energies that prevailed in the Old Earth and used by the powerful few to manipulate the masses.  I gladly use past-tense because Earth and humanity passed a couple of hugely significant markers in our recent timeline, specifically the dates of the 11/11/11 (the 11th of November 2011) and the 12/12/12 (the 12th of December 2012), with their transformative potential increasing exponentially on 21/12/12 (the 21st of December 2012).

Surges of high frequency photonic Light – intelligent Light – bathed the Earth during these energy gateways, flooding into gridlines and portals which surround our planet, and into our Light bodies.  These Light events initiated what is referred to as The Shift and were catalysts for powerful evolutionary change both at the quantum level and for the collective, serving to usher in an ascended level of consciousness and awareness known as the Fifth Dimension.

Birth of the Age of Aquarius

Earth and humanity are now firmly anchored in the energetic of the Fifth Dimension and many in the Lightworker community refer to this time as the New Earth or the Age of Crystal, or simply post-2012.  Some will fixedly remain in the distortion of third dimensional consciousness but regardless, the collapse of the old Earth is gathering momentum as the antiquated control structures now crumble from the bottom up.  Rising right now from the pockets of resistance, confusion, chaos and density is the golden Age of unity and oneness, love and harmony, co-operation and benevolence.  Another aspect of the New Earth is the rise of the Divine Feminine harmonic and the restoration of balance with the Sacred Masculine. 

In the glorious New Earth compassion is the true currency.  The judgment and separation generated by the fallen polarized mind and the limiting binary mindset of good-bad, us-them, right-wrong are now dismantling.  Resonance and dissonance are the only true qualifiers as we allow our hearts to lead.

The powerful symbolism of the phoenix (in the image above) with its allegory of resurrection and immortality is apt for this time of The Shift.  In Greek and Egyptian mythology the phoenix was a bird associated with the worship of the sun, that lived for centuries but destroyed itself by setting its nest on fire and being consumed completely by the flames.  The phoenix then regenerates itself to arise from the ashes as a new bird.  The symbolism of rebirth from the ashes of the past befits the post-2012 New Earth reality as we witness the relegation of ego and the renaissance of Heart energy.

I hope my insights may bring some clarity as we ride the zeitgeist of the current 3D-5D two-world split.

In loving service.

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