The Atlantean Light Magicians and The Astral Substance

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The revival of ancient energy on our planet is a key theme right now as consciousness on Earth continues to shift and rise higher. As many now shed the old they`re swinging back into alignment with higher-frequency Awareness, age-old wisdom and starseeded consciousness. Wholesale purging of dense DNA-held patterns, programmes and defensive conditioning is creating space for the new and allowing the activation of dormant DNA codes and Source/Soul elements that you have carried forward to this incarnation, including Lemurian and Atlantean codices.

I`m loving the tremendous strength of the Atlantis frequency and the Atlantean Light codes (since I reactivated these previously-dormant DNA codes this aspect has been registering in my healing work). As it sets about complex reorganising and restructuring the Atlantean energy is replicating the creational power of the Atlantean Light Magicians for it is in divine accord and total harmony with the field of Astral substance – the Universal primordial substance wherefrom all things originate. The Astral plane is a realm of light and vibratory life-force energy – described as a reservoir of heat, light, magnetism, and electricity existing beyond the material universe – and it is said that all consciousness resides there.

(Note : prior to the fall of consciousness on Earth the Atlantean Light Magicians embodied the perfection of Atlantean Being and they exemplified the ascended Soul matrix template)

Our ability to manifest from focussed intent has increased substantially since 2012 because our interface with the primal Light of the Astral substance has refined and evolved into a higher vibration – it is a purer, Heart-oriented communion. The Astral substance is the medium of creative magic, synchronicity and manifestation because Astral light is the ruling agent in the alchemical process that converts thoughts into form, and every thought and action makes an impression into the Astral material.

The sheer speed of the manifestative power of Atlantean energy (working in tandem with your focussed intention) is achieved through sound frequency and vibrational tone. Each of us emits a pitch – a subaudible vibrational tone – generated by the particular energetic frequency we each hold. So too Atlantean energy produces a tone that has peculiar characteristics and vibratory rates that then blend with creational frequencies in the greater flow of sound.

The perfection and purity of the Atlantis frequency and Atlantean Light codes embodied by the Atlantean Light Magicians is intrinsically eighth dimensional and of such a refined tone as to merge with the currents of sound and Astral light in the Universal ether, and direct the Astral substance all in super-fast time.

The caveat

The privilege of working with the energy of the Atlantean Light Magicians comes with the proviso that your intent be utterly pure and of the highest vibration, that your intentionality is always in harmony with divine Spirit, aligned with Source and the Great Central Sun and in sync with the evolution of consciousness on our planet. Creational responsibility and the purity of your intent guarantees fertile conditions with which to create.

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