Consolidating Sovereignty : The Gift Of The Rare Solstice Eclipse

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Referencing Atlantis :  Sunday 21st of June 2020

Last Sunday`s most rare Solstice/New Moon Solar Eclipse energy gateway ushered in a gorgeous download of starseeded Light and information and what`s really cool is that the beautiful lavender hue is strongly resonant with Atlantean Being and ties in with the current theme of Atlantean resurgence.  The pure, perfect aspects of Atlantean consciousness are super-relevant and appropriate right now as we navigate the current event and the dominant fear-based narrative being peddled.

A year of sweeping transformation, 2020 is a time of paradigm shift – of collapse and rebirth – and synchronizing with the change afoot a new feature of my Healing work is the activation of dormant Atlantean codes carried in the DNA.  This element has the benefit of swiftly delivering the individual into a level of Awareness that is fully resonant and aligned with true autonomy, self-determination and freedom.  This work is stirring the remembrance of ancient wisdom, awakening the knowing and appreciation of the Atlantean aspects of self-reliance, innovation and advancement.  Atlanteans were their own masters :  natural leaders who bowed to no one, they enjoyed unwavering self-belief and great certainty in their own innate abilities.

This level of Awareness is consistent with the Universal Mind and creational 8th-Dimensional Solar consciousness energetic templates and programming.

Lavender Codes of Sovereignty - Solstice June 2019Intrinsically, colour is a Universal language and a medium of communication because frequency is Light and Light is information.  The lavender Light of last Sunday`s portal represents a vibrational plane that provides access to new Awareness and higher thought forms.  It is a wavelength that carries ancient wisdom for colour is a vehicle of Consciousness ;  in the Higher dimensions and subtle realms colour is experienced as a fractal, multidimensional living field.  Moreover, these colour presentations trigger within our DNA a matching geometric formation that mirrors the frequency of these glorious colours.

The lavender hue has affinity with the Age of Atlantis because it symbolizes kingship and this is pertinent now as many are freeing themselves from outdated control structures and from the trauma and burdens of their past.  Being a variation of purple, lavender feels spiritual and intuitive.  Lavender is reminiscent of springtime and the vitality of new life and the vigour of youth.

Lavender evokes both masculine and feminine qualities and represents unity of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of Self – it embodies both the active and the restful.  A colour associated with healing, tranquility, cleanliness and purity lavender encourages self-reflection and a meditative state.  It is a colour associated with the elite and royalty but in the context of Healing and growth lavender stands for new-found freedom, personal sovereignty and self-realization.

Interestingly, the lavender download presented in a hexahedron (cube) shape and this particular sacred geometry holds the consciousness of the Earth element, transmitting stability and promoting strong connection to Gaia while also anchoring the lavender`s healing properties into the Base Chakra.  The significance of the cube geometry is that it has a calming effect on chaotic and reactive energies as it restores balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  Arguably much-needed at this time.

Potent and influential astrological portals like the Solstice Eclipse always bring the opportunity for warp speed healing and transformation :  revelations and insights surge forth and into the Light of consciousness to assist your renaissance and reinvention into self-actualization, self-determination and liberation from all limitation.

To take full advantage of the Light and blessings of June`s dynamic energy try introducing the colour lavender into your meditation or spiritual practice to nurture expansion, evolution and self-empowerment.

Lavender Codes of Sovereignty - Solstice June 2019

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