CRUX and The Divine Feminine

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As Earth and humanity transition through The Shift and the evolution of consciousness we are receiving and integrating waves of galactic assistance via influxes of high-frequency photonic Light and Light codes (intelligent Light or filaments of Light information) from various celestial bodies and from the galactic core.  This galactic Light serves to lift every atomic and subatomic particle into a Higher order as it integrates with our Light bodies and our physical bodies.  These downloads of higher-dimensional Light surge as we pass through each momentous Time gate or co-ordinates in Time that hold astrological, numerological and Cosmic significance.

Right now Earth`s primal Light substance is undergoing transformation at an accelerating rate and on this point I want to give a shout-out to our magnificent Southern Cross – The Constellation CRUX.

A constant and dependable presence in our night sky from latitude south 35 degrees and latitudes further south, this constellation holds personal relevance to the southern peoples.  CRUX has been relied upon by the early explorers as a navigational marker, and the indigenous people followed CRUX`s altering position in the sky as an indicator of the changing seasons and when new food sources were becoming available.  The Ballarat miners in 1854 used the image of CRUX to symbolize their independence of spirit and freedom against tyranny.   The graphic of the CRUX constellation is used on the national flags of Australia and New Zealand to represent loyalty to the British crown.  CRUX has also been used as a sign of resistance in modern protest movements such as the anti-coal seam gas campaign.  The five stars that make up the Southern Cross – Alpha, Beta (also known as Mimosa), Delta, Gamma and Epsilon Crucis – are 10 to 20 million years old.  The stars of CRUX were known to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians but by Roman times the constellation had disappeared from sight in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our loyal CRUX has, for millennia, been in service to Earth and humanity and it`s a theme that endures as we move through this golden age of transformation on Earth.

The vibrational energy of CRUX is pure Feminine resonance.  CRUX Light is playing an integral role in the current rise of the Divine Feminine harmonic on Earth, underway since around 2005.  This harmonic is a pattern of perfection that brings back into equilibrium the Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.  CRUX Light flows into the Southern portal of Earth – located at the northern boundary of the southern ocean between New Zealand and South America near the 60th parallel south – subsequently feeding into other portals and gridlines that surround and run through the Earth.  These portals are energy gateways that connect Earth with other dimensions, with the stars and with our neighbours and it is the love and service of the Lightworker community on Earth that keeps these portals open.

The Southern Hemisphere is leading the process of Earth`s ascension because the energetic frequency here in the south is higher than that of the northern hemisphere and therefore more conducive to transformation.  Hardly surprising when you consider that roughly 90 percent of the human population lives in the Northern Hemisphere and the vast majority of land mass is also found in the north.  The Southern Hemisphere which is 90% ocean maintains a clearer, finer vibration because here in the South we`re more sparsely populated, have less industrialization and notably less pollution.  The Southern Hemisphere is a less dense, more receptive matrix for the galactic energies, and our beloved CRUX to work with.  The south embodies the Divine Feminine aspect of Earth, the north the Sacred Masculine.

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