The Light Arts : Working With Earth`s Southern Portal

May 2021 – remembrance and participation 

It`s a thrilling time right now, for us and our planet.  It feels like there`s a great deal of ripe potential and untold possibilities just sitting in The Field at present, just kind of hanging in the air, and it`s all about to realize and come into form.  Now that the very fine Age of Aquarius has come into being the ranks of Earth`s Lightworker community are swelling as greater numbers of people awaken and begin creating for themselves sparkling new Timelines (in truth these are Time Spirals as the flow of Time is circular).  Your process of awakening and activation has resulted in tremendous expansion, opening you up to new information, new concepts, abstract thought and new knowing, and this journey back to remembrance brings the opportunity to take part and play an active role in Earth`s ascension and the rise of consciousness on our planet – in essence to be of greater Universal service.  

If your Higher Self and your intuition have led you to this article then you are ready to reclaim your prototypal power, to reignite the vital spark that you carried thousands of years ago, to retrieve ancient knowledge.  The Light-bearers of the New Earth are being called to new duties and service that will culminate in greater understanding and appreciation of their galactic heritage and their links with the stars and constellations.  Various celestial bodies and systems each play their part in the Universal order while also fulfilling a specific and unique role in informing and shaping Earth`s ascension. 

The southern hemisphere is driving the rise of consciousness

Our trusty Southern Cross – the constellation Crux – is Earth`s dependable wing-lady for the Light codes, frequencies and vibrations emitting from this constellation are strongly resonant with the Divine Feminine harmonic.  Our beloved Crux is integral to the resurrection and rise of the Feminine principle on Earth and its restoration to divine balance and harmonious co-existence with the Sacred Masculine aspect.  Photonic galactic Light or starseeded galactic transmissions stream in via a network of crystalline grids that span the galaxies and the cosmos and which traverse and penetrate Earth.  This Light is intelligent, inceptive and provides a formative principle, conveying information to multiple convergence points but also to us via our Light-Bodies and Pineal gland gateway.

Check out the following article for more detail on the Divine Feminine aspect.    

CRUX and The Divine Feminine

Crux consciousness and Being teaches us the value in simplicity ;  it teaches the importance of nurturing and creating greater connectedness with the view to bridging difference, fostering compassionate empathic interface between different groups.  Crux Being brings the wisdom of cohesiveness and co-operation to ensure that all needs within the group are satisfied and harmonized.  Significantly, Crux presence and consciousness began returning to Earth around 7000 years ago (5000 BC) but this time it was in a healing context for this was after the fall of consciousness (the fall having occurred during the time of Atlantis).  Crux were tasked with making ancient knowledge and wisdom accessible to the fallen mass-consciousness, thereby assisting the collective to regain and utilize benevolent information and material. 

Interestingly, many individuals with Crux heritage reincarnate into earthly lives that are located in New Zealand, Australia and South America :  as conduits and channels for cosmic transmissions these southern Lightworker communities are acting as stabilisers for the new Light codes, frequencies and electrical energy coming through.    

The crucial Southern portal

CRUX Light flows directly into Earth`s Southern portal – a critical gateway or crystalline transmission line located not at the South pole but at the northern boundary of the Southern Ocean between New Zealand and South America near the 60th parallel south.  Subsequently Crux consciousness flows into and informs the crystalline grid systems and into Earth`s strata and chakras, with the portal facilitating a direct line of transmission to Mt Shasta in northern California (Earth`s Base Chakra), then to Lake Titicaca between Bolivia and Peru (the 2nd Chakra) and on to Uluru in central Australia (Earth`s Solar Plexus Chakra).  The Southern portal is a vital energy gateway that connects Earth with other dimensions and locations, with our Star families, with Galactic Consciousness and with the Cosmic Heart, and it is the love and service of Earth`s Lightworker community that ultimately gives the portal`s function and sentience a practical linear application in our daily life.  

Many if not all Lightworkers around the globe are serving Earth`s ascension and the paradigm shift underway by reinterpreting and reformatting the elemental Light substance and the raw data emitting from the Cosmic Heart and the stars, and they do so via their Light-bodies and electromagnetic field, converting the primal original Light into a usable, integrable form.  For example, I am receiving coded Light from Crux but its dimensionality and frequency require that my subtle bodies decipher and reconfigure that Light in order to give it broader application.  Others are then able to respond appropriately to this Light, knowing how to work with it to initiate their own healing, expansion and transfiguration. 

Another benefit is that this is assisting many to ground in a higher dimension while staying attuned to galactic flow.  Most exciting indeed! 

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