Cursing And Healing

Psychic attack, ill-wishing, cursing and malevolence :  it`s an unpleasant and confronting subject and I`d rather not be writing about it but in the context of healing does warrant some clarification.  I don`t claim to know much about cursing or black magic or sustained hate and nor do I want to – it is the antithesis of the path of Light and service – but the topic is pertinent because healing work sets about unearthing and revealing dark energies, thrusting them front and centre in your sphere of Awareness. 

Should a person be holding malevolent energy in their field (and this is rare) a healing session serves to rotate it forward and up and into the Light of consciousness thereby giving a sense of urgency to the resolution of that karmic load, and given that most dis-ease and malaise derives from repressed emotion and repression of truth it can only be beneficial to expose this stuff, to allow contemplation of it.  Healing takes guts.  Embarking on any kind of healing work requires courage to face the past and all its ugly bits.  

My limited understanding of cursing (based on what I`ve gleaned from dealings with clients) is this :  there are different kinds of curses that result in different kinds of challenges but essentially cursing is a very dense, dark and unhelpful consciousness structure.  When projected onto a person it then sits in their energy field.  Sustained hateful thought by another will do it – this is all it takes.  The cursing may have originated in this incarnation or the person may have been born into a bloodline that has carried the cursing for generations.  Another possibility is that the person has brought their cursing forward from a distant lifetime or carried it through multiple incarnations.  The upside is that the malevolence is being uncovered now expressly to be cleared.  

The rigid and compacted structure of the cursing is like a hook or a bind – a metaphysical trap – that inhibits forward movement.  The person encounters trials and tribulations at every turn, finding it difficult to gain any real traction to manifest their dreams and desires.  Their path likely feels constricted, dull and beset with obstacles, and they may feel as though they exist in a constant funk.  

So the person decides to have a healing session.  Afterwards they`ll either experience no discernible difference or alternatively they will feel noticeable benefit and positive change briefly, only to slump back into a hole several days later.  What happens is that the cursing acts as a barrier and so the person is unable to access the healings and new templates and programmes that were downloaded into their field, their subtle bodies and their Chakra system during their Healing session.

The good news is that the higher-dimensional energetic blueprints and high-frequency healing information seeded into their field does not disappear or fade out, instead it all sits there waiting to be accessed. 

Thankfully every cloud has a silver lining and the positive aspect of cursing is that oftentimes the tests it generates prove to be the initiator of tremendous spiritual growth and transfiguration.  Ultimately, Light always, always trumps darkness.   

There are gifted people around who are able to release cursing and other troublesome energies.  I can put you in touch with a person here in Sydney who has the training, knowledge and expertise to clear malevolent energy.  You don`t need to continue bearing that weighty karmic debt.      

With the cursing comes the gift    

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