Healing Meditation : Bathe In Emerald Light

Timely light codes for healing in 2021 

By very deliberate design we currently find ourselves in a phase of recalibration (electrically and magnetically) as the Aquarian frequency merges with our subtle and physical bodies, helping us align fully with the shiny new Age of Aquarius. For you this could well be acting as a purgative, unearthing and propelling up and into the Light of consciousness old wounding and discordant emotion stored in the body, outdated patterns, mental programmes and defensive conditioning that you are ready to drop.

Notably, last weekend`s March Equinox portal represented a critical moment in the rise of consciousness on our planet and the opportunity to upshift into a new level of Awareness and inner knowing. These influential cosmic gateways bring the opportunity for warp speed release and transfiguration however the process of release is not always elegant nor tidy nor linear. Decades of repressed truth can feel mighty uncomfortable and confronting as it surfaces and clears.

Happily though, we always have stacks of love and support from our Star families and the Higher realms.  Starseeded galactic transmissions of Light and information flowing into the earthly plane from the Cosmic Heart are available to us to help smooth out the bumps and barbs as we navigate this time of Awakening and illumination.  A vibrant, beautiful configuration of Light recently presented and which offers transcendent healing power right down to the DNA level.  It`s worth noting that these downloads of Light need us as much as we need them.  These Light geometries and colour presentations represent a vibrational plane that provides access to ancient wisdom and higher consciousness ;  your electromagnetic field responds to these influxes of higher-dimensional Light which trigger within your DNA a matching geometric formation of Light that mirrors the frequency of these colours.  

Introduce emerald green into your meditation

Emerald Monolith Presentation Jan 2021

The fluorescent emerald green of the recent Light transmission is a powerful healing colour :  it symbolizes balance and harmony, and resonating as it does with the Heart Chakra green represents Love.  This colour opens the Heart, stabilizes heart energy, heals grief and emotional distress. The Heart centre is the point at which we transcend necessity in the material plane and where we align more closely with our spirituality. Green`s healing energy is soothing and calming, compassionate and generous. It is expansive, symbolizing growth, renewal and rebirth. This colour restores our sense of well being. Green transmutes fear into love, allowance and acceptance – acceptance of Self and acceptance of others.

Somewhat relevantly this Light transmission presented as a monolithic form. I love the monolith for what it represents : a structure that is solid and stable, self-contained and sovereign while extending up and stretching skyward at the same time, expanding beyond all limitation. To me the monolith is a perfect symbol of the rising consciousness of humanity and the ascension of Earth. It seems to convey certainty (of Self) and imperviousness to any subversive external forces

Visualise yourself standing within a vivid monolith of dazzling emerald green light. Kinaesthetically sense the brilliance of the emerald green blending with your auric field and through every cell of your body.

Working with colour in your meditation initiates profound alchemy. 

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