The Monoliths and Atlantean Playfulness

(above image is the monolith at Compton Beach, Isle of Wight – 7th of December 2020)

December 2020

Nothing is ever random. The curious monolith installations turning up at various locations around the globe feels like a harbinger of the revolutionary astrological and cosmic energies that are showing up this month and on into 2021. Appearing in Utah, Romania, California and the Isle of Wight (so far) these structures have certainly been capturing our imagination but I love the monolith for what it represents : a structure that is solid and stable, self-contained and sovereign while extending up and stretching skyward at the same time, expanding beyond all limitation. To me the monolith is a perfect symbol of the rising consciousness of humanity and the ascension of Earth.

Undoubtedly the appearance of the monoliths has stimulated our imagination, encouraging expansive, speculative thought and inquiry, but equally they reflect the rigidity of unyielding and binary thinking.

Given the contemporary resurgence of ancient energy on Earth there feels to be some Atlantean influence exerting itself on and inspiring the artistic collaboration that birthed these installations. Atlantean being very much resonates with self-determination and kingliness : natural leaders who lead by example Atlanteans were autonomous and bowed to no one. The frequency and consciousness of Atlantis is germane to this time of Awakening for the Atlanteans were curious, enjoyed a broad intellect and were capable of tremendous innovation – they were self-reliant, analytical and great problem-solvers.

Another factor likely in play is the transformative astrology in our skies this month. Saturn (representing foundations and structure, constraints and conformity) and Jupiter (growth and expansion, healing, knowledge and awareness) both enter Aquarius (the sign of humanitarian ideals, social progress, innovation, revolution and freedom) within days of each other and the two planets join up on the day of the Solstice – 21st of December. Astrologers are abuzz because this event is huge and when Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct every 20 years society undergoes significant change.

Meditate in the monolith

Leading into last weekend`s 12:12 Energy Gateway (12th of December) with its gifts of gentleness, unconditional Love and Higher Heart activation a transmission of starseeded photonic Light came through which, to my amazement replicated the monolithic form.  If the following suggestion resonates with you try introducing the Light of the 12:12 into your meditation, kinaesthetically feeling the colours blend with your Light-Body :

Visualise yourself standing within a monolithic frame of intense violet Light : this is pure cosmic energy.  Violet supports and deepens your spiritual practice as it expands awareness and raises consciousness.  This spiritual colour represents wisdom, inspiration, divine transmutation, liberation and freedom.  Violet unifies polarities and it merges the physical with the metaphysical.      

                                                                                                                                                                            Secondly, visualise the violet monolith enveloped in vibrant magenta pink Light.  Representing Universal love at its highest vibration magenta is the colour of harmony :  it promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation while fostering acceptance, tolerance, support and patience. This colour initiates co-creational change and transformation. 

Each successive transmission of starseeded Light is set up by the wave preceding it and so the Light of the 12:12 portal flows sequentially on from last month`s 11:11 Gateway (11th of November) – the pale blue light resonant with the Throat Chakra where the journey into spiritual awakening begins. The pale blue Light of the 11:11 nurtures awareness of the subtle realms and access to higher thought forms for it is a colour that encourages notional, conceptual, abstract thought.

All divinely timed, once again! Enjoy the softness of the 12:12 energy.

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