New Crystalline Grids For Higher-Heart Activation

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February 2020 :  Echoes of Lemuria

Earth`s vibration increased yet again during the last week of January and accordingly the sky is alive right now with much transformative cosmic Light activity.  Hot on the heels of the first wave of Light that came through the  2:2 Aquarius Gateway (2nd of February) a second wave presented and this one corresponds to the Higher Heart Chakra – your center of compassion and ego-less unconditional Love.  Through the Higher Heart you define your sense of purpose and live your personal Truth with passion, conviction and joie de vivre.

These influxes of high-frequency cosmic Light and starseeded Light codes (information downloads via filaments of intelligent Light) merge with your Light-Body and your DNA, and the current upshift in evolutionary change is the lovely pay-off for all the foundational healing work that has been occurring in the lower Chakras since early October 2019.  The reorganization in the Base, Sacral and more recently the Solar Plexus Chakras has seen the clearing of irregularities and old distortions caused by past wounding and inherited karmic load.  These recalibrations have facilitated the deep clearing of trauma, complex pain and wounding, the immediate lifting of Depression and quelling of anxiety, and they are assisting the healing of autoimmune disorders.

Each new configuration of Light that enters the earthly plane is sequential, progressive and acts as a springboard for the next pattern of Light to emerge.  The first wave of Light to come through the 2:2 Aquarius Gateway tied-in with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is developing your fundamental power, that being a healthy self-esteem, confidence, trust and autonomy.  It also nurtures the gifts of pin-sharp clarity, instinctual knowing and bright cheerfulness.

Activation of the crystalline aspect within

The latest wave is the third consecutive structure of Light to present in a glistening grid formation, this one symbolizing initiation into Higher-Heart energy and opening into compassion, understanding and empathy.  The Higher-Heart is also known as the Ascended Heart and activating the electromagnetic field of this center brings initiation into new intelligence, new knowing and higher thought forms because the Higher Heart is the gateway to the Divine infinite mind.

What`s really cool is that these vibrational frequencies hark back to Lemuria, an ancient civilisation that predated Atlantis and which existed where Hawaii is today.  They have a clear association with advanced Lemurian consciousness and the codes of your very inception as a direct Source incarnation.  The Lemurians were peaceful, highly intuitive, cooperative and benevolent – they lived a Heart-oriented existence and they co-existed harmoniously.  Importantly, they had the ability to project themselves through different dimensions by altering their frequency and the Light in their bodies.

The grid formation of Light connects and supports.  It represents a network of interconnectedness through congruous relationship.  It is a crystalline matrix of Light and information that is supporting the group dynamic and the vast spiritual power of Earth`s burgeoning 5-D Heart-based community – those residing in and living from the space of the Heart – as each individual aligning with pure Heart energy acts as a spark for others.

The new grid of Higher-Heart energy traversing Earth symbolizes an energetic latticework of intuitive and insightful understanding, of nurturing and hope.  It holds the resonance of lightheartedness, kindness and gentle, loving energy.  It fosters thoughtfulness, sympathy and acceptance and it presents now to counterbalance the increased electrical energy that is hitting our Light-bodies at this time, helping to balance out and neutralize the anger, the overwhelm, the fear and frictional energy that is prevalent in the collective right now.  It has a calming effect on our nervous systems as it reassures, comforts, evens out the erratic and encourages self-nurture and the nurture of others.  An open and clear Higher Heart nourishes spiritual growth and profound inner transformation.

This is a matrix of pure Soul energy, of Universal coherence, and there`s a sweetness and innocence to it that is free of complication.  That simplicity will help slow humanity down, synchronizing us all with natural time as opposed to contrived clock time, the slowness giving you the ability to stretch and expand time, ironically allowing for greater creational output.

Tripping the Thymus gland

Energetically, the Higher Heart is linked to the Thymus gland which governs the lymphatic system and supports your immune response.  During adulthood the Thymus reduces its production of T-cells and goes into atrophy.  What`s interesting is that hormonal changes triggered by external stressors such as psychological crises and trauma can hasten the ageing of the Thymus, and it is said that the Higher-Heart holds a record of traumatic, painful events however the reconstructive work on the lower Chakras facilitates the activation and rejuvenation of the Thymus gland.  Unreal!  Heal your past, clear your baggage and grow younger as a result.

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