The 11:11 Portal, The Sacral Chakra & New Light Grids For Connection & Unity

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11th of November 2019

Expanding on the blessings and downloads of last month`s 10:10 portal (10th of October 2019) the new configurations of Light and Love flooding into the earthly plane right now and in preparation for the upcoming 11:11 Gateway (11th of November) are loaded with substantial support for healing the internal realm, achieving unity with the external and bridging polarization.

As radical change sweeps across our planet the Light and frequencies that emerged through the 10:10 aperture bore the resonance of fresh optimism and positivity, allowing new hopefulness and buoyancy to seep into consciousness and bringing a new willingness and energetic sustenance to lean into and examine old emotional trauma.  The 10:10 portal ushered in new resilience and courage, hardiness and vigour to overcome past aversion to dealing with historical pain and old wounding.  Beautifully, the 10:10 Gateway nurtured greater synergy and collaboration between your spiritual and physical power.

As the 11:11 Gateway approaches, I was shown how these recent bursts of Light and Light codes (filaments of intelligent Light) are swiftly falling into a grid formation – a sturdy, closely set latticework of glorious Light.  This structure of Light not only traverses our planet but it also merges with our Light-Bodies and our DNA, and during this time of emotional intensity is providing humanity with a robust matrix of Love, healing and interconnectedness.  It also creates an energetic foundation that is underpinning the next upshift in consciousness and providing a very stable grounding space for a new wave of awakening Souls now ready to come home to their Truth.

A new version of you now emerging

This new network of Light symbolizes vitality and endurance and aligns perfectly with the theme of the 11:11 aperture :  standing in your power.  It brings the opportunity for unification of the Self and all aspects of one`s Being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – into unified coherence and new mastery. 

The presentation of Light that I was shown has a very clear, discernible resonance with the consciousness and magnetics of the Sacral Chakra (below the navel) largely because of the Sacral`s association with the emotional body and the inner realm of our emotions.  The Sacral Chakra is our center of creativity, sensuality, feelings, passion, connection and intimacy – it governs our motivation to seek pleasure and the sensory enjoyment of life.  From this center we seek personal expansion through outward connection to the external world.  Rooted in our Sacral is the feeling of well-being and resilience, and when this center is balanced and clear you`ll enjoy interpersonal connections that are based squarely in nurturing, Love, joy and harmonious interaction.  The shadow aspect of the Sacral is associated with addiction and given that we hold emotional trauma here it is where our deepest vulnerabilities reside.  While patterns and behaviours of high control are actually lived and expressed through the Throat Chakra. they originate in the Sacral Chakra. 

In Sanskrit, the Sacral Chakra is known as Svadhisthana 

– literally ‘one’s own abode’

The Sacral is associated with the element of water and the attributes of flow and adaptability.  The new influxes and patterning of Light now coming through are promoting more fluidity and flexibility in our partnerships and interactions.  This is achieved through altered, upgraded programming around external connection that is based in purity, absolutely free of distortion and manipulation.  These latest gifts of Light are dismantling unconscious addiction to the binary, judgmental mind and are dissolving blame.

The lesson of the Sacral Chakra is Honour One Another and the new grid of Light signifies fresh excitement and warmth, stimulating enthusiasm, fun and vibrancy all imbuing your external one-to-one connections as it brings a fuller sense of contentment and satisfaction with life.  The Light of the 11:11 offers a life-affirming pull back into coherence :  it is fostering new willingness to step into the vulnerability associated with old wounding, trauma and pain ;  it is nurturing greater emotional stamina to bounce back from disappointment and grief.

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