Control-Based Patterns Are Up For Review

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I`​ve been awed by the prioritization of the Throat Chakra during Healing sessions this month (May 2019) and naturally, the deep clearing work occurring in this energy center is in perfect alignment with the beautiful new harmonic we`re all now living in.  The essence of this ascended energetic which began anchoring on Earth at the March Equinox 2019 is fluidity and neutrality and importantly, the recent emphasis on Throat Chakra-release is really opening up the Heart-Mind connection and allowing stronger resonance with the new configurations of Light and Love now immersing Earth, and attunement to her modified magnetic fields.

The Throat Chakra governs our ability to make decisions ; we make all our choices from this energy center.  It is our center of Will, expression, manifestation and destiny and our means of exchanging ideas through language.  We express and live our personal honour code from this Chakra and feelings of guilt, betrayal, shame and dishonour are held here.  Our journey into spiritual awakening begins at the Throat Chakra because the lesson of this energy center is surrender – to BE the peace of surrender, to BE the quiet strength in yielding to the wisdom of Divine Will.

Unsurprisingly, distortion and darkness in Throat Chakra energy expresses as a fixation with control and the compulsion to manipulate and direct people and events.  While patterns and behaviours of high control actualize and are lived through the Throat center they originate in the Sacral Chakra.  It is said that controlling people are highly-principled, impatient and that anger lies beneath their need for control but Healing modalities like Reiki and Reconnective Healing and the new, advanced, Starseeded Angelic and Diamond Healing frequencies set about dismantling the defensive conditioning and dissolving the internal discord of angst and vulnerability by releasing pain and discordant emotion from the Heart Chakra, clearing outdated beliefs and perceptions from the Third Eye and transmuting negativity imprinted on the Astral body.

Throat Chakra healing softens the driven, perfectionistic patterns and ushers in a personal renaissance through greater openness to change, access to higher thought forms and symbolic, abstract thinking plus the fresh ability to see wider view-points.  It moves you closer to a space of just letting it be and letting others do their thing.

The obsessive need to control relationships and events is at odds with the new harmonic which has a spacious, easy, loving and abundant feel to it.  Control-based patterns are a dense, rigid, unrelenting consciousness structure that is incompatible with the recalibrated electromagnetics of our planet.  Finding power through micromanaging people and details will meet with resistance and rejection as those who have previously acquiesced and capitulated now find their voice, no longer prepared to live their life according to someone else`s needs.  We are all being called to convey our truth and authenticity and the new harmonic helps us do this from a highly creative platform of loving, peaceful neutrality.

Heart resonance is king 

This lovely work on the Throat Chakra strengthens the Heart-Mind connection, allowing the beautiful and infinite wisdom of Heart energy to feed upward unimpeded to inform, temper and nuance the workings of the mind.  Throat Chakra healing brings you into union with the new harmonic, allowing you to avail yourself of the grace, ease and stable elegance of this new energetic that resonates with tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection.

Fracturing relationship

A recurring theme in so many conversations lately is conflict and breach :  long-standing friendships, intimate relationships and even family bonds breaking apart.  The new harmonic is based in pure, Heart-oriented energy so it follows that any connection that does not bear even the faintest echo of the purity of the Love frequency will begin to founder.  Relationship that is coloured by the distortions of agenda, manipulation, projection, greed and game-playing belongs to a dying paradigm and is dissonant to the post-2012 New Earth – dense, perverse relationship is not supported by the new energetic.

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