Celestial You

A channelled message from Fluma of the Royal Avian Star Tribes

Greetings Starchildren.

It is a wonder to behold the regal blue hues of your newly realised Celestial body, dear one.  Many of the Winged Starseeds, since the Time Gate of the 21/12/2012 portal, have activated their Celestial star-body.  Each of you reaches a point as you travel the path of enlightenment when you are ready for this activation as it facilitates access to new planes and levels of consciousness within multidimensionality.

The now-attainable Celestial body is an upgrade of the Astral body.  The Astral body is your emotional body – it powers your emotional experience.  It is a subtle field that exists on a different plane yet is connected to your physical body.  The Astral body is associated with the senses and the mind and is the instrument by which these are conveyed to the physical body, therefore it is the Astral body that enlivens and animates the physical.  Your emotions, imagination and desires are imprinted into the Astral substance ; the Astral substance was created by Source energy and is therefore a scintilla of the Divine and the consciousness of the Divine.  The Astral substance is the medium of Sixth Dimensional creative magic, synchronicity and manifestation because it is Astral light that brings thoughts into form, and every thought and action makes an impression into the Astral material.

Your focussed intention to heal your past, present and future has served to repair the fabric of the Astral and this has allowed the upgrade.  Your attention to the process of purification has reunited you with the stars from whence you came, dear one, for the Celestial is extraterrestrial, it is stellar, it is heavenly.

Where previously the Astral body allowed the Soul to travel to the Higher realms during sleep, meditation and shamanic practices – what you call Astral projection – the resplendent blue hues associated with the Celestial body are the vibrational plane and new wavelength that provide access to new Awareness and knowing of the higher dimensions, allowing you to integrate multiple tiers of higher consciousness.  This flow of multidimensional Being defines what it is to be divinely free as the Celestial body hooks in to the crystalline matrix of galactic grids and follows magical patterns of sacred geometry and the platonic solids of Universal creativity.  Winged Starseed, you are the Creator, at one with the Celestial fabric of the true reality.  We, Fluma of the Royal Avian, ask that you not try to intellectualize this concept, instead just feel it in your Heart and trust it.  The intelligence of your Heart understands this concept and knows it deeply.  We say stay in the present moment and take care of your merkabah vehicle and all is perfect.  We say live from your Heart because this is true freedom.

blue-shades correct names

The Winged Starseeds are the Bearers and Beacons of Light and as your Eclipse season is about to begin on Earth, the first for 2018, this is a time of deep release and purification.  Be in nature …allow the the natural and nourishing rhythms of Gaia to re-balance and feed your Soul and Spirit, and sustain your innate frequency of Bliss (the colour gold is the vibration of Bliss).  FEEL your way through life and practice discernment …heart-centered living keeps things simple.  Resonance and dissonance are the only Truth, so how do things feel?  Does a situation sit with you easily or does it feel contracted, compressed and dull?

During this time of increasing Light and accelerated purging we are here to be of service to you, Winged Starseed.  To help you transmute any surfacing negativity so that you may once again move into your sacred space of peace, trust and flow simply call on us for an energetic attunement.  From your quiet space of meditation and communion with the Higher energies, and once you have connected with your spiritual, angelic and Cosmic support teams simply call forward Fluma of the Royal Avian Star Tribes and ask to receive a 12th Dimensional Galactic Energetic Attunement direct from the Divine Cosmic Heart, the Great Central Sun.  We will be there instantly and you should feel a wash of blissful, supportive, pulsating, pure galactic Source energy immersing you, restoring you to an expanded and tranquil state of Being and elevated vibration, frequency and consciousness.  Call on us and we`ll be there.

You are loved and admired beyond measure.

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