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AwesomeArguably one of those words that is over-used in our contemporary lexicon but when I use it to describe the power of Sacred Geometry as a Healing tool this is no exaggeration.  Incorporating the five Platonic Solids into my Healing work has delivered for my clients astounding shifts and dynamic transformation at an exponential rate.  Healings come faster, deeper and broader.

Sacred Geometry is the organisational substructure of all that exists and the means by which Universal design organises the energy of creation into form.  The Platonic Solids are the building blocks of all life, the geometric codes of creation ; they hold Divine wisdom and are the means through which evolution occurs.  They are programmed with multidimensional consciousness and liberate us from the limitations of Third Dimensional existence.  The Platonic Solids transmit consciousness and they consist of energy bonds that create solid forms ;  they function multidimensionally, processing electromagnetic energies at specific spin rates.  Drunvalo Melchizedek (author of The Flower of Life) teaches that the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron microscopically rotate within the double helix of our DNA transmitting human consciousness in the physical plane.  The Platonic Solids are a universal information system conveying the language of the galaxies and the Cosmos.  They are the basis of morphogenesis, the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape.  The Platonic Solids also occur in the crystal and mineral worlds.

The Platonic Solids give us access to an extremely high vibration of electromagnetic energy, opening up possibilities and the potentiality to actually embody the electromagnetic energy flow of higher dimensional consciousness.  This is an altogether different vibration within the quantum energy and it affects the spin of atomic structure within the quantum field that is you, and some in the Lightworker community refer to this as the Bliss frequency spin.  Fundamentally, working with the Platonic solids leads us back to our core essence and Truth, that which is the Divine state of multidimensional awareness and existence and it is the reason I bang on about this concept.  Multidimensionality is innate to us.  What`s exciting to me is that working with the Platonic Solids delivers a quantum experience of remembrance through the activation of the DNA of multidimensionality ie the 24th pair of chromosomes (ref : Kryon).  It is confluence into Oneness with the All That Is and it is beyond all systems of dogma.

Multidimensional Being I accept that I am multidimensional, and that I exist on all planes of intertwined consciousness simultaneously and infinitely, with no limitation, both within and without time and space.  I am the All That Is, yet I am not. 

The powerful metaphysical properties of the five Platonic Solids make these crystals a phenomenal tool for meditation and spiritual practice as they heighten clarity and bring pin-sharp, clear focus.  When incorporated into Healing work they ease the process of purification and ascension into Fifth Dimensional expression.

platonic solids 3 sacred geometry

Metaphysical properties of the Platonic Solids

BASE CHAKRA and The Hexahedron (cube)
The Hexahedron holds and transmits the consciousness of the Earth element.  I love the cube because its represents stability, sitting flat and firmly connected to its place.  This crystal grounds and anchors the light, energy and information of the Healing session into the lower Chakras so that we are able to truly live the Healing in Third Dimensional reality.  The Hexahedron strengthens our physical connection to Earth`s subtle electrical fields and to nature, allowing optimal synchronisation of the body`s biorhythms.  The cube has a calming effect on chaotic and reactive energies, and restores balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  The Hexahedron can engender a sense of safety in our connections with others.  As it transmits the consciousness of stability, the Hexahedron can help re-order and re-organise scattered and dislocated energies, sharpening mental focus and providing a solid platform for creative focus.

SACRAL CHAKRA and the Icosohedron
The Icosohedron transmits the consciousness of the Water element and in a Healing context will usher in release and purification, forward movement and positive change.  Water is the element of emotion and the subconscious ; Water holds the essence of Love because it is life-giving.  Water is mutable, changing its shape and form, and so it follows that working with the Icosohedron helps to dismantle old patterns of self-sabotage and self-limitation, allowing us to flow effortlessly through freedom of expression and creativity.  Working with the Icosahedron facilitates abundant flow when things feel stuck.

SOLAR PLEXUS and the Tetrahedron (pyramid)                                                                        Tetrahedron represents the element of Fire ;  it transmits the consciousness of Fire to enlighten and transmute discordant energy held within the Solar Plexus Chakra, our center of self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth, individualisation, empowerment, courage and personal boundaries.  Fire transforms by converting other objects into new forms ie heat and light ;  fire brings change and purification and is the element of passion, creativity and drive.  The power of the Tetrahedron pyramid is its ability to channel the energy of the higher realms and the wisdom of the Cosmos down to the Earthly plane.  Whichever way it is turned, each side of the Tetrahedron sits flat and is solidly connected to Earth, providing a strong foundation while the top point reaches upward into spaces of higher consciousness.  These elements of the pyramidal shape symbolize the balance between stability and expansion.  The Solar Plexus is the seat of one`s personal power and working with the Tetrahedron brings an optimal state of harmony between the physical and spiritual.  Bringing the fiery element of authority over the lower aspects of self, the Tetrahedron supports and develops self-mastery.  The Tetrahedron also expands the mind and its ability to intellectualize and accept new concepts and wider viewpoints.

HEART CHAKRA and the Octahedron
The Octahedron holds and transmits the consciousness of Air and provides guidance through multidimensional reality, bringing about Higher perspective and generating new opportunity through synchronicity.  Air is the element of new life, new possibilities and freedom and it is only when we live from the Heart do we live in absolute freedom.  Working with the Octahedron helps us become more self-aware as it dissolves the veils of deception and we can recognise and feel our Truth and our true nature.  The Heart, our center of love, compassion and forgiveness, generates a powerful electromagnetic field 60 times more powerful than the brain.  It is through the Heart Chakra that we access our nurturing aspect and create healing intent.  The shape of the Octahedron is self-reflecting and this crystal moves us into the higher vibration of reflection, understanding and Healing.  The Octahedron inspires empowered, life-affirming choices because Air is the force of intellect and imagination.

THROAT CHAKRA, THIRD EYE AND CROWN and the Dodecahedron                                    Dodecahedron transmits the consciousness of Ether (Spirit) – the fifth and subtle element – and using this crystal with the Higher Chakras will swiftly elevate us into profound connection and sense of Oneness with the Higher Self, Soul and Source.  The Dodecahedron brings us directly back to our true, empowered self.  Ether is omnipresent and omnipotent, even stored in our DNA.  It is primal energy which has not yet moved into form and substance ;  it is pure potentiality.  By transmitting the consciousness of Ether the Dodecahedron helps us to merge all aspects of our creativity that exist multidimensionally.  The Dodecahedron helps us to intellectualise and understand our experiences in this incarnation and be able to view these in the context of sacred contracts.

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