Third Eye Upgrades and Greater Universal Service in the Age Of Aquarius

March 2021 Equinox gateway :  a consciousness reboot.

Since last December`s Solstice the exalted Age of Aquarius has continued to anchor and stabilize in mass-consciousness and as the Aquarian frequency blends more fully with our Light-Bodies (and with the crystalline grid systems too) Earth`s new golden Age is better able to come into palpable and real expression.  Excitingly, this month`s magical Equinox represents another key threshold moment for humanity as the veils between the physical and spiritual thin and the interface between you and the Love/Light of creative Source refines and expands.  These astrological portals or openings bring influential starseeded galactic transmissions that support healing and enable accelerated awakening and growth, and these blessings will be amplified in the Aquarian Age.       

At the March Equinox (occurring here in Sydney on 20th of March at 8.37pm) the sun crosses the celestial equator to enter the sky’s northern hemisphere and at this moment Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally and so night and day are roughly equal in length.  At Equinox the Earth’s terminator line – the demarcation between day and night – becomes atypically vertical as it connects the north and south poles.

With more individuals actively healing historical wounding, trauma and violations (and clearing generational density and karmic load from their bloodline) the ascension of consciousness on our planet gathers pace.  An incidental benefit of this cathartic process is that psychic and intuitive energy is able to come forward, express and flourish.

Check out the following article for more information on the Third Eye Chakra and its alignment with Fifth Dimensional consciousness.  Though written several years ago it remains relevant in 2021 and beyond : 

Third Eye Transformation : Modification For The 5D New Earth Matrix

 The crystalline grid system of interconnectedness

Your intention to retrieve the lost pieces of Soul – reclaiming your Truth, your wholeness and your sovereignty in the process – nurtures a stronger affiliation and lived coalescence with Heart Chakra energy, and living from the Heart is a hallmark of 5-D consciousness.  Your Light quotient increases and your expanded Light-body and consciousness extend outward, connecting you with intelligent convergence points of Awareness that exist in The Field.  This allows you to hook into the glistening network of crystalline Light and knowledge that traverses and penetrates Earth and which spans the galaxies and the cosmos.  At this point you become simultaneously non-locational and multi-locational whilst playing an active role in the rise of humanity and our planet. 

(note :  the crystalline grid systems of remembrance enable the reciprocal exchange of Light and love, psychic information and knowledge (via our subtle bodies) to ultimately support the evolution of consciousness on our planet) 

 An Equinox vision of indigo

Leading up to this month`s Equinox a transmission of vibrant, intense indigo light came through, presenting as a sphere (representing the Third Eye Ajna Chakra and the infinite nature of consciousness).  The broader vision (or download of intelligent Light from the Cosmic Heart) instructively showed how the frequency of Universal love in its highest vibration (expressing as harmony, compassion, kindness, cooperation) facilitates greater communion with pure cosmic energy – an energy that is alchemical and transmutational and which initiates freedom and liberation from all limitation including old beliefs and outdated perceptions.  Belief and perception reside in the Third Eye.      

A deeply spiritual colour, indigo stimulates intuition, boosts and refines perception and deepens inner knowing.  It expands Awareness and supports meditation, opening pathways to higher dimensional planes and states of altered consciousness.  Associated with fairness indigo resonates with the New Age and Service to Other.  It unifies the right and left cerebral hemispheres and helps you transcend polarity.  This colour deepens abstract, symbolic thought (which begins at the Throat), helping you gain appreciation of the grander Divine plan and the concept that all is as it should be.  

If it feels like a good fit you might like to introduce the indigo into your meditation and spiritual practice, drawing it down through your core but taking more time at the Third Eye, flooding this centre in the celestial indigo.  You`ll likely notice welcome benefits like heightened senses, undistorted perception, moments of pin-sharp clarity and insight – all gifts of a clear, unclouded Third Eye Chakra.  Your Third Eye governs your ability to discern Truth and cut through all illusion and falsehood. 

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