Connect With The Pleiadean Star Mothers

2021 :  social progress and power to the people

With the exalted and much-anticipated Age of Aquarius sinking into the collective and embedding in mass-consciousness your loving Pleiadean Star Mothers remain close at hand during this time of Awakening. At this pivotal moment they hover nearby specially to support your full and natural alignment with the Aquarian frequency, allowing you to utilize the flow of new information and high-frequency Light that is immersing your energy field, informing your subtle bodies and triggering activations in your DNA. Their gentle presence assists a smoother integration with your Light-Body and energy matrix of the many starseeded galactic transmissions that are emitting from the Cosmic Heart for it is the Pleiadean Star Mothers who serve to initiate the remembrance of your galactic heritage.

What`s more, by fostering a stronger affiliation and lived coalescence with Heart Chakra energy – a hallmark of 5-D consciousness – the Pleiadean Star Mothers help you hook into the grids of crystalline Light and knowledge that traverse and penetrate Earth and which span the galaxies and the cosmos. Living wholly from the Heart allows you to become a transducer – an essential carrier and beacon of the new frequencies – as you move through your community, while the crystalline grid systems enable the reciprocal exchange of Light and love, psychic information and knowledge (via our subtle bodies) to ultimately support the evolution of consciousness on our planet.

Check out my previous post for more detail on the relevance of Pleiadean consciousness and the Aquarian frequency.

Age of Aquarius

Plug into Pleiadean energy and feel the love

In many instances the transmissions of coloured Light (messages) that come through present as a grid formation : this symbolizes the empowering and uplifting crystalline network of subtle connection available to each awakening individual. Unsurprisingly, Pleiadean consciousness expressed in this patterning – a latticework of benevolent and intelligent energy that increases our capacity for purer, more compassionate association and connectedness. With the Aquarian Age now upon us and conventionality, authority and long-established structure being questioned the Pleiadean frequency promotes fluidity, peaceful neutrality and dissolution of the judgmental binary polarized mind.

Here are a couple of ways to connect with Pleiadean consciousness if you feel guided to do so during your meditation/spiritual practice : from your quiet and still space invite the Pleiadean High Council to connect with you and ask to receive an energetic attunement from the Pleiadean Star Mothers. Very quickly you should notice and feel a palpable, pulsating wash of peace, bliss and healing sweeping over you. Another way to receive the Light and knowledge of your Pleiadean Star Mothers is to visualise vivid, bright white Light streaming down from the Cosmic Heart and flooding your Crown, eventually forming a dome of brilliant white Light surrounding the top of your head like a half-sphere. Next, introduce a layer of gold Light either laid over the white or around the bottom edge of your white dome. Kinaesthetically feel the existence of this luminous ascended dome encasing your head, gaining the sense that your dome is then linking to a grid of other domes of white Light and forming an interconnected system of divine association, collaboration and oneness.

What I especially notice about the Pleiadean presence is that my Crown Chakra gets active when they are near and you`ll likely feel healing and expansion (ie clearing and restructuring) occurring in your Crown center once you`ve moved into communion.

Brilliant white light represents illumination, awakening and knowledge, purity and cleanliness, equality, completion and wholeness, consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. White exemplifies the divine while gold represents the bliss frequency.

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