Earth`s Increased Vibration, Aquarian Energy & Crown Chakra Upgrades

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Unwavering trust in life

In perfect sync with the influxes of new Light and starseeded information that emitted from the Galactic core and washed through the earthly plane during the 2:2 Aquarius Gateway (2nd of Feb), February 2020 has been noteworthy for the gorgeous work happening in the Crown Chakra.  It`s fascinating because there was another upshift in Earth`s vibration in late January and coincidentally, during that week I began noticing patent, pronounced clearing and reorganization occurring in the Crown center during Healing sessions (alongside multiple other Healings taking place).

(NOTE :  as Earth`s vibration increases expect to see and feel more density unlocking and breaking up.  There will be radical clearing occurring both at the quantum level (you) and for the collective as more of `the old` loosens and vibrates out.  Expect also to see a ramp-up in activism, disruption and external chaos).

The new configurations of Light hitting Earth and our Light-Bodies are sequential, progressive and act as a springboard for the next pattern of Light to emerge.  Earlier waves of Light that came through were reconstructive and they initiated release and restructuring in the Base and Sacral Chakras and more recently the Solar Plexus center.  Significantly, that work paved the way for the Crown Chakra upgrade. 

These Crown Chakra modifications have a distinct and sweet correlation with Aquarian energy – humanitarian, life-giving, revolutionary, innovative, collaborative, fair-minded and forward-thinking – qualities that are the hallmark of a healthy, balanced and undistorted 7th Chakra.  The Crown governs your capacity for kindliness, social conscience, selflessness, big-picture vision and a wide perspective, spirituality and devotion, faith and inspiration.  This center influences your ability to trust in the flow life and it shapes your values and personal moral code.

These healings are also clearing any distortion and infiltration of the Crown Chakra that can sometimes occur when you`re in the company of a domineering presence or a pushy personality throwing their energy around.

Your Crown Chakra is the point at which you transcend the limitations of your physical body, your ego and the density of the material plane.  It is the point where Spirit is liberated and Time and timelessness merge, where you attain a sense of wholeness and completion.

This Crown Chakra work is reconciling polarities within you ; it is healing separation from Soul and bringing you into unity with the Universal.  It beautifully complements the crystalline grid of Higher-Heart energy now enveloping Earth and which also presented during the recent 2:2 Aquarius Gateway.  This new matrix of high-frequency Light and information is nothing less than an intelligent network of compassionate, harmonious connection and unconditional Love that is supporting humanity through this time of profound change.

There`s a deep peace that accompanies the innate knowing that all creation is interconnected, that you are One with the Divine and attuned to Cosmic wisdom and the Universal order that underlies all existence.  You`re able to live in gratitude, faith and trust rather than exist in fear, anxiety and survival mode.

The Crown Chakra is both a receiver and transmitter of Soul energy and consciousness, receiving vital life force into the Light-Body and Chakra system while simultaneously transmitting personal consciousness that unites with and informs the collective pool of Awareness.

Interesting too that this Crown Chakra work is happening at a time when the new generation of Indigo children makes its voice heard.  The Indigo are the Earth warriors drawn to activism, protest and marches as they demand change, justice and fair treatment of our planet, her resources, her ecosystems and her people.

Intriguing times indeed.

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