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March 2020 Equinox Energy Gateway  

The mighty March 2020 Equinox portal climaxed here in Sydney last Friday afternoon, the 20th of March at 2:49pm, and it ushered in a beautiful wave of starseeded Light to support your Healing during this time of disruption.

Equinox represents equilibrium.  It is a time to honour the symmetry – the proportional and divine balance – between the oppositional aspects of Self.  The lesson of the Equinox stargate is to honour both the Light and the shadow, the sweet and the sour, the physical and the metaphysical, the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves.

Equinox symbolizes a turning point in the solar cycle and here in the south it heralds the season of release and discardment.  At the very moment the sun crosses the equator to the northern hemisphere a flood of new crystalline light bathes our planet as the axial tilt of Earth in its rotational orbit aligns perfectly with the sun.  Momentarily, at Equinox the hours of dark and light are almost equal.  During these auspicious energy gateways warp speed transformation and accelerated growth are possible.

The Light that presented at last week`s Equinox resembled a sparkling blanket of diamond-like colour – a comforting overlay of intense and vibrant emerald green and sapphire blue.

(Note : the image above doesn`t do justice to the luminosity and depth of the colour I was shown but hopefully might assist with your visualization)   

Your electromagnetic field responds to these influxes of higher-dimensional Light and as they merge with your Light-Body this intelligent Light modifies your DNA, your emotions and your thought forms and it balances mood.  Your DNA is a receiver and transmitter of information and it is updating itself constantly, and when we`re in a state of optimal balance and vibration we enjoy good health and inner harmony.

The frequency of fear

The fear that is currently being whipped up is electrically influencing the brain.  Intrinsically, every thought and emotion is frequency and the frequency of fear is pervasive.  You interact with that frequency as it moves through the collective.  Your brain decodes and transmits information electrically and its messages to the cells are communicated electrically but fear scrambles your electrical fields – it muddles your internal communication system and it negatively influences your perceptions.

Light is information and colour is language 

During your meditation or simply from a space of stillness and quietude invite the guidance and wisdom of the Higher realms as you create coherence between the heart, mind and spirit.  With focussed intent consciously tune into and connect with the Light and information of the March 2020 Equinox (be specific here because all previous Energy Gateways can be accessed at any time) and allow the emerald green and sapphire blue colours to immerse your Light Body and physical body.  Ask Spirit to assist you if need be.  Open out and kinaesthetically feel the Light frequencies and blessings.

Moving into loving communion with last Friday`s Equinox energy alters the interplay between you and the subtle realm, upgrading the quality of the reciprocal, perpetual exchange of information.  This ultimately benefits the collective.  Some daily spiritual practice also helps you stay grounded and anchored in present time.

The emerald green of the Equinox download is a powerful healing colour :  it symbolizes balance and harmony and because green resonates with the Heart Chakra it represents Love.  This colour opens the Heart, stabilizes heart energy, heals grief and emotional discord, strengthens the lungs and creates equilibrium in the Heart-Mind connection.  The Heart afterall is the point at which we transcend need and issues governing life and connection in the material plane and where we align more closely with our spirituality.

The emerald green is transmuting fear into Love at this time of disruption.  Fear and Love are mutually exclusive emotions – it is not possible to experience both simultaneously.  Green`s healing energy is also soothing and calming.  Compassionate and generous, green encourages nurture of Self and nurture of others.  Green is expansive :  it represents growth, renewal and rebirth and it restores our sense of well being.  Green is associated with hope.

The sapphire blue of the Equinox download blue identifies with Spirit :  it comes through at this time to support and deepen contemplation, devotion and spiritual practice.  Blue`s wisdom and Higher intelligence invites a philosophical perspective while it brings on serenity and peacefulness.  It reduces stress and can lower the pulse rate.

Sapphire blue is the colour of perseverance.  Authoritative and orderly, blue holds the vibrational resonance of trust and stability while encouraging a sense of safety.  It also helps us voice our Truth and communicate our needs.

Radical change is in progress across our planet but the latest configuration of Light and Love reassures us that we have a truckload of assistance from the Higher realms as we navigate our path through this watershed moment.

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