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Your Vehicle Of Ascension

The Light-Body is the Soul aspect of you that is pure Love.  It is your vehicle of consciousness and it transcends location, time-space and the dimensions.  Divine Love activates and sustains the Light-Body and as you awaken and shift into greater Awareness the Light-Body responds and expands to encompass the Astral body.  Your Light-Body is a geometric framework of higher-dimensional Light that holds various structures of Light within it such as the Chakras and the crystalline Merkabah, and it includes the living Light field of plasma (filaments or strands of Light) in the DNA.  These microcosmic fractals of Light in the DNA mirror those existing in the greater macrocosm and they align you with multidimensional consciousness.  The activated Light-Body is an electromagnetic field that connects your multidimensional and multi-locational aspects to the crystalline grid systems and the divine Cosmic Heart ;  it facilitates your process of ascension and remembrance of your starseeded galactic heritage.


Activation of the Light-Body quickens the merge between the Ego-Self and your Higher Self and it reunites you with Source.  It creates a beautiful grounding space that allows Soul to descend into and reside within the physical body as opposed to sitting above it.  Much more of you is subtle than physical and Light-Body activation allows a greater portion of your meta-physical Self to anchor within your physical body.  As well, Light-Body activation initiates modifications to your physiology as every cell is lifted into a higher vibratory rate, reorganising atomic and sub-atomic particles and awakening dormant codes and memory carried within the DNA.  You can activate your Light-Body simply by working with the energy of loving Intention.

Light Is Information

A quick google search on the topic offers many techniques for Light-Body activation which can be achieved pretty much instantly by incorporating meditation, visualisation, breath work and focussed intention.  Maintaining the activated Light-Body does require regular spiritual practice, one that is devoted to expanding awareness, healing the wounds of the past and moving into forgiveness, neutrality and compassion.  An authentic practice of absolute Love purifies body, mind and spirit – Love has the power to transfigure random, chaotic, confused thought forms into coherent, symmetrical fractals of Light.

An activated Light-Body facilitates the infusion of greater amounts of Light and information into the subtle and physical bodies, ultimately diminishing the authority of the unconscious mind as ego relinquishes to the Heart the licence to lead.  You are joy personified as you move into meaningful communion with the Higher realms and feel a sense of oneness with The All That Is.

Meditation = Alchemy

During meditation, breath work and other sincere spiritual practice the Light-Body draws into and blends with the Astral body which sits outside the physical body (it is said that the two are connected at the navel), however before light can be embodied by matter it needs a space to ground in and this is created by working with the Higher energy of the subtle realms.  Creating a high-vibrational sacred space for meditation and spiritual practice allows for deep and profound metaphysical and transformational work to occur.  It also allows the Light-Body to receive and integrate downloads of incoming higher dimensional photonic Light – intelligent Light – as you move through energy gateways like Equinox and Solstice.

Negative experiences, wounding, violations and trauma leave an imprint or energetic record (known as samskaras) in the Astral body however your focussed intention to heal the past and the present actively repairs the fabric of the Astral.  It is said that we carry forward accumulated samskaras from past lives as well as generating new ones in this incarnation and these subtle impressions cause the Astral substance to harden and densify which impedes the Light-Body from merging with and illuminating the Astral.  However, meditation/spiritual practice in a sacred space grounds the light through the Astral, raising the vibration of the Astral body and helping the samskaras to soften and dissolve.

Healing modalities like Reconnective Healing, Reiki and the new advanced, starseeded Angelic and Diamond Frequencies are interdimensional energy or high-frequency spiritual Light – they have the power to clear and alchemize the Astral body thereby enabling more of the Light-Body to blend through it and eventually merge with the physical body.  Your Astral body can then ascend and evolve into the Celestial Body.

Celestial You

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