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Your Vehicle Of Ascension

The Light-Body is the Soul aspect of you that is pure Love.  It is your vehicle of consciousness and it transcends location, time-space and the dimensions.  Divine Love activates and sustains the Light-Body and as you awaken and shift into greater Awareness the Light-Body responds and expands to encompass the Astral body.  Your Light-Body is a geometric framework of higher-dimensional Light that holds various structures of Light within it such as the Chakras and the crystalline Merkabah, and it includes the living Light field of plasma (filaments or strands of Light) in the DNA.  These microcosmic fractals of Light in the DNA mirror those existing in the greater macrocosm and they align you with multidimensional consciousness.  The activated Light-Body is an electromagnetic field that connects your multidimensional and multi-locational aspects to the crystalline grid systems and the divine Cosmic Heart ;  it facilitates your process of ascension and remembrance of your starseeded galactic heritage.


Activation of the Light-Body quickens the merge between the Ego-Self and your Higher Self and it reunites you with Source.  It creates a beautiful grounding space that allows Soul to descend into and reside within the physical body as opposed to sitting above it.  Much more of you is subtle than physical and Light-Body activation allows a greater portion of your meta-physical Self to anchor within your physical body.  As well, Light-Body activation initiates modifications to your physiology as every cell is lifted into a higher vibratory rate, reorganising atomic and sub-atomic particles and awakening dormant codes and memory carried within the DNA.  You can activate your Light-Body simply by working with the energy of loving Intention.

Light Is Information

A quick google search on the topic offers many techniques for Light-Body activation which can be achieved pretty much instantly by incorporating meditation, visualisation, breath work and focussed intention.  Maintaining the activated Light-Body does require regular spiritual practice, one that is devoted to expanding awareness, healing the wounds of the past and moving into forgiveness, neutrality and compassion.  An authentic practice of absolute Love purifies body, mind and spirit – Love has the power to transfigure random, chaotic, confused thought forms into coherent, symmetrical fractals of Light.

An activated Light-Body facilitates the infusion of greater amounts of Light and information into the subtle and physical bodies, ultimately diminishing the authority of the unconscious mind as ego relinquishes to the Heart the licence to lead.  You are joy personified as you move into meaningful communion with the Higher realms and feel a sense of oneness with The All That Is.

Meditation = Alchemy

During meditation, breath work and other sincere spiritual practice the Light-Body draws into and blends with the Astral body which sits outside the physical body (it is said that the two are connected at the navel), however before light can be embodied by matter it needs a space to ground in and this is created by working with the Higher energy of the subtle realms.  Creating a high-vibrational sacred space for meditation and spiritual practice allows for deep and profound metaphysical and transformational work to occur.  It also allows the Light-Body to receive and integrate downloads of incoming higher dimensional photonic Light – intelligent Light – as you move through energy gateways like Equinox and Solstice.

Negative experiences, wounding, violations and trauma leave an imprint or energetic record (known as samskaras) in the Astral body however your focussed intention to heal the past and the present actively repairs the fabric of the Astral.  It is said that we carry forward accumulated samskaras from past lives as well as generating new ones in this incarnation and these subtle impressions cause the Astral substance to harden and densify which impedes the Light-Body from merging with and illuminating the Astral.  However, meditation/spiritual practice in a sacred space grounds the light through the Astral, raising the vibration of the Astral body and helping the samskaras to soften and dissolve.

Healing modalities like Reconnective Healing, Reiki and the new advanced, starseeded Angelic and Diamond Frequencies are interdimensional energy or high-frequency spiritual Light – they have the power to clear and alchemize the Astral body thereby enabling more of the Light-Body to blend through it and eventually merge with the physical body.  Your Astral body can then ascend and evolve into the Celestial Body.

Celestial You

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Counter-Clockwise : the Prograde Flow of the Divine Feminine

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The Chakras are energy centres that connect our physical body to our subtle bodies, connecting matter to consciousness.  As well as drawing in prana or Universal Life Force these spinning wheels of energy also direct and disgorge subconscious information and although they function independently they are continuously referencing each other, so a blocked or closed Chakra can negatively impact the others.  The Chakras communicate with the physiological and neurological systems within the body, they govern our mental body and our emotions and they store Akashic past-life data.

Here`s a brief overview of each of the seven major Chakras and the significance of each.

Base Chakra (base of the spine/perineum) :  governs family and survival issues, general vitality and tribal consciousness ie our feeling of connection to `the group`, our sense of responsibility and loyalty to that group and how we see ourselves fitting into it.  Be it to our benefit or our detriment it is through the Base Chakra that we allow community energy, group thought-forms and the tribal mind to dominate our own.  Whether we feel safe, secure and stable in the physical world and in our personal connections are Base Chakra issues.  Through this Chakra we are anchored to our physical environment, feeling grounded and a sense of connection with Earth.

Sacral Chakra (below the navel) :  this is our centre of creativity, pleasure and emotional resilience and also the centre through which we connect OUTWARDS to the external world.  Where the Base Chakra`s resonance is with group power the Sacral governs the way we manage and use our individual power ie issues concerning money, sex, sensuality, competition, authority, influence, control, beauty and attractiveness.  Our ability to generate income and manage money is governed by the Sacral Chakra.  We give our power away to our addictions through this centre and it is the seat of our deepest vulnerabilities.

Solar Plexus (above the navel) :  this is our centre of self-esteem, courage, confidence, dignity and self-respect.  Through this energy centre we achieve a strong sense of personal identity and empowerment.  We draw and hold our loving boundaries from this Chakra and it is where we initially form our honour code.  We clarify our sense of integrity and project an authentic expression of self through a healthy, clear Solar Plexus.  We hold our centre through this Chakra – it is where we stay true to our Self.  It also governs the energy of our `gut instinct`.

These three lower Chakras essentially govern our instinctual responses and our lived experience in the dense, physical earthly plane.  We manage necessity through these three energy centres and through the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus we project outwardly and connect to the external.

Heart :  governs our ability to love and to accept love, and our availability to forming a healthy, loving relationship.  We experience the emotions of joy, gratitude, devotion and forgiveness through this centre, but also hate, jealousy and resentment.  As author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss says, this Chakra has absolute authority to create or destroy because it is so powerful.

Throat :  we make all our choices through this Chakra. It is our centre of expression, manifestation and destiny and our means of exchanging ideas through language.  We demonstrate/express our honour code from this centre.  Feelings of guilt and dishonour will be held here.  Our process of spiritual awakening begins in this centre.

Third Eye Chakra (centre of the forehead) :  this is our centre of intuition and intellect and the power of this centre is wisdom.  It governs our intuitive guidance and our ability to trust that inner voice.  The link above takes you to a piece I wrote about the Third Eye Chakra and its significance in the New Earth reality and in the context of Healing.  We co-create our reality from this energy centre.

Crown (top of the head) :  the spiralling flow of Universal life force or prana enters our Chakra system and our physical body through this centre, gifting us with a sense of connection and oneness with Spirit and `the Divine`, and coalescence with The All That Is.  It is through this centre and the Third Eye that we access the higher realms and higher dimensional planes, and attain spiritual illumination.

The resurgent Divine Feminine aspect

Older healing techniques once held that the Chakras, when open and healthy should spin in a clockwise direction but my persistent feeling is that this is an outdated belief and arguably no longer appropriate in the post-2012 New Earth 5D paradigm.  When I check the spin of the Chakras at the completion of a Healing session (using my blue agate crystal pendulum) they are rotating counter-clockwise and this indicates clearly that they are attuned to, and congruous with the new and emergent Divine Feminine harmonic.  When the Chakras are spinning counter-clockwise this tells me that they are perfectly aligned with galactic flow and Higher celestial energies, and to me this is a thing of beauty because our core essence is after all Universal.  We ourselves are a microcosm of the galaxies and the stars.

counter clockwise

For example, the directional spin of our Solar System is counter-clockwise, which astronomers refer to as prograde rotation.  If we could view it from above we would observe that almost all the bodies in the Solar System have motions that are counter-clockwise.  The Sun rotates on its axis in a counter-clockwise direction. The Earth also rotates on its axis in a counter-clockwise direction and the Earth revolves around the Sun in a counter-clockwise direction.  All the other large planets, and most of the asteroids also orbit the Sun in a counter-clockwise direction (a few comets orbit in a clockwise direction).  Most of the planets rotate about their own axes in a counter-clockwise direction.

Another example :  according to a study catalogued the rotational direction of 15,158 spiral galaxies with data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and found that galaxies have a preferred direction of rotation – counter-clockwise!

The natural flow of the Divine Feminine harmonic – anchoring on Earth since around 2005 and steadily amplifying – is a counter-clockwise movement and the sacred geometry of the Merkabah energy field is evidence of this.  Looking at the star tetrahedron in the image below – this is the sacred geometry of the Merkabah light field – it consists of two tetrahedrons and these work to harmonize male and female energy.  The top tetrahedron represents the masculine electrical/thought energy and it spins clockwise.  The bottom tetrahedron represents the feminine magnetic/emotion energy and spins counter-clockwise.  The Merkabah is the transportation vehicle of the Human Light-Body, facilitating interdimensional and interstellar travel and allowing access to multidimensional consciousness.  The power of this supreme energy field that surrounds our auric field is immense and is a powerful tool for ascension.

merkabah image green and pink

Credit :  the above image was posted on Youtube by iamastartraveler

I really loved the colours in this illustration of the Merkabah (in the image above).  The vivid magenta pink and fluorescent emerald green often present to me during meditation – magenta representing the male, emerald representing the female – and moreso since we passed through 2017`s Diamond Emerald gateway (August) which gave us access to 12th Dimensional consciousness and new information.  As our Awareness expands previously unseen colours become visible.

In nature counter-clockwise patterns can be seen in the flow of ocean gyres which are large systems of circular ocean currents formed by global wind patterns and forces created by Earth’s rotation.  Ocean gyres in the masculine Northern hemisphere rotate clockwise and gyres in the Southern hemisphere rotate counter-clockwise, because the Southern Hemisphere embodies the feminine aspect of Earth.

I love a counter-clockwise Chakra vortex because it tells me that that energy centre is in total harmony with galactic Intelligence and it`s in perfect sync with Earth`s new post-2012 operating system ie the Fifth Dimension and the emergent Divine Feminine harmonic.  The Feminine is the energy of allowing rather than striving.  It is openness and receptivity, unity and compassion, healing and wholeness, ease, flow and above all it is kindness.  The Divine Feminine is intuitive and creational – it is Being as opposed to the Masculine (Doing) which directs and manifests.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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