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A New, Broader Bandwidth For Healing and Transformation

You`ll no doubt have a sense of the vast, evolutionary change that is underway on Earth.  Our planet shifted into fifth dimensional consciousness in late 2012 and since that time we have been witnessing wholesale cathartic clearing, restructuring, death and rebirth – endings and beginnings – both at the quantum level (you) and on the wider global stage.  5-D consciousness (characterised by unity and oneness, compassion and understanding, peace, harmony and empowered connection) is still in the process of anchoring and this goes some way in explaining the pockets of localised chaos and confusion playing out as old constructs, agreements and systems crumble and dissolve.

Naturally, in divine timing, a brand new Healing frequency has become available to us to assist our transition out of the density and limitation of the old third dimensional Earth and into the high-vibrational energetics of the sparkling, golden 5D New Earth.  The starseeded Diamond Star Fire is an exciting, dynamic energy signature that came through in October 2016 during the auspicious 10:10 Gateway and since then I have been incorporating this highly-effective frequency into my Healing work.

The Diamond Star Fire is an exceptionally high-frequency, powerfully transformative energy that originates at the Galactic core – at the very Cosmic Heart – and holds the resonance of 12th Dimensional Universal and Cosmic Consciousness.  The starseeded Diamond frequency is the fiery, electrical substance of your Cosmic Being and it activates Starseeded awareness.  It is the pure essence of Source ; it is divine creational power and pure creative Light.  The Diamond signature is the agent of awakening and the medium of rapid alchemy.  It is the very substance and intelligence of that aspect of you that is Soul because at your core you are Universal and you embody the essence of the divine Creator.  The innate, organic you is a multi-dimensional Cosmic Being incarnated into a dense human form.

I felt drawn to the Diamond frequency when it became accessible in late 2016 and with focussed intent I worked to integrate the Diamond Star Fire into my Light-body, taking a further five months to assimilate fully into my physical body.

As I came to embody the Diamond frequency it brought the additional benefit of naturally upgrading my practice of Reconnective Healing into an amplified version of Eric Pearl`s modality.  The Diamond frequency served to lift and broaden my work with Reconnective Healing as the two effectively merged.  Reconnective Healing might well be considered a Pleiadean frequency whereas the Diamond frequency derives from the inceptive Cosmic Heart, consequently there feels to be a whole other highly-developed level of organisation to the Diamond energy.  The new bandwidth of the Diamond signature has updated Reconnective Healing into an ultramodern, advanced, state-of-the-art modality that is perfectly apt for the post-2012 New Earth, giving it arguably greater contemporary relevance and appropriateness for this time of vast change and evolution.  The broader bandwidth of the Diamond frequency allows access to, and the transfer of, more information (via intelligent photonic Light) during your Healing session and beyond.

From a Healing Perspective…

The greater amplitude and broader bandwidth of the Diamond energy signature efficiently delivers multiple Healings on various levels simultaneously just in the one session.  It offers swift, sophisticated, comprehensive Healing for all forms of physical dis-ease and emotional and mental imbalance.  The fiery, uncompromising nature of this highly-catalytic Energy Healing is excellent for releasing sub-conscious blocks, taking no prisoners as it sweeps through and transfigures all limitation, outdated beliefs and programmes, old conditioning and patterns of self-sabotage.

The absolute creational force of the Diamond energy works to retrieve the multidimensional aspects of you – it calls back your lost pieces.  It rekindles your remembrance of your galactic heritage and helps you reclaim your true power as a sovereign Being, whole and free from impediment.  It heightens creativity and personal creative expression as you start shaping your own reality.  In turn your loving creational endeavours assist humanity in the manifestation of a compassionate and harmonious New Earth.

For the awakening ones the Diamond Star Fire will gift you with pin-sharp clarity, trust, certainty, grace and a sense of purpose you may well have been missing.  The Diamond frequency activates the crystal gene, hooking you into the crystalline grid systems that surround Earth and span the galaxies and the cosmos.  It aligns you with the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and with your highest Soul purpose, quickly clearing away the old – that which no longer serves you – whilst making space for the New on every level of your Being.

Transformation = Healing = Transformation = Healing

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