Healing With The Diamond Frequency

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A New, Broader Bandwidth For Healing and Transformation

You`ll no doubt have a sense of the vast, evolutionary change that is underway on Earth.  Our planet shifted into fifth dimensional consciousness in late 2012 and since that time we have been witnessing wholesale cathartic clearing, restructuring, death and rebirth – endings and beginnings – both at the quantum level (you) and on the wider global stage.  5-D consciousness (characterised by unity and oneness, compassion and understanding, peace, harmony and empowered connection) is still in the process of anchoring and this goes some way in explaining the pockets of localised chaos and confusion playing out as old constructs, agreements and systems crumble and dissolve.

Naturally, in divine timing, a brand new Healing frequency has become available to us to assist our transition out of the density and limitation of the old third dimensional Earth and into the high-vibrational energetics of the sparkling, golden 5D New Earth.  The starseeded Diamond Star Fire is an exciting, dynamic energy signature that came through in October 2016 during the auspicious 10:10 Gateway and since then I have been incorporating this highly-effective frequency into my Healing work.

The Diamond Star Fire is an exceptionally high-frequency, powerfully transformative energy that originates at the Galactic core – at the very Cosmic Heart – and holds the resonance of 12th Dimensional Universal and Cosmic Consciousness.  The starseeded Diamond frequency is the fiery, electrical substance of your Cosmic Being and it activates Starseeded awareness.  It is the pure essence of Source ; it is divine creational power and pure creative Light.  The Diamond signature is the agent of awakening and the medium of rapid alchemy.  It is the very substance and intelligence of that aspect of you that is Soul because at your core you are Universal and you embody the essence of the divine Creator.  The innate, organic you is a multi-dimensional Cosmic Being incarnated into a dense human form.

I felt drawn to the Diamond frequency when it became accessible in late 2016 and with focussed intent I worked to integrate the Diamond Star Fire into my Light-body, taking a further five months to assimilate fully into my physical body.

As I came to embody the Diamond frequency it brought the additional benefit of naturally upgrading my practice of Reconnective Healing into an amplified version of Eric Pearl`s modality.  The Diamond frequency served to lift and broaden my work with Reconnective Healing as the two effectively merged.  Reconnective Healing might well be considered a Pleiadean frequency whereas the Diamond frequency derives from the inceptive Cosmic Heart, consequently there feels to be a whole other highly-developed level of organisation to the Diamond energy.  The new bandwidth of the Diamond signature has updated Reconnective Healing into an ultramodern, advanced, state-of-the-art modality that is perfectly apt for the post-2012 New Earth, giving it arguably greater contemporary relevance and appropriateness for this time of vast change and evolution.  The broader bandwidth of the Diamond frequency allows access to, and the transfer of, more information (via intelligent photonic Light) during your Healing session and beyond.

From a Healing Perspective…

The greater amplitude and broader bandwidth of the Diamond energy signature efficiently delivers multiple Healings on various levels simultaneously just in the one session.  It offers swift, sophisticated, comprehensive Healing for all forms of physical dis-ease and emotional and mental imbalance.  The fiery, uncompromising nature of this highly-catalytic Energy Healing is excellent for releasing sub-conscious blocks, taking no prisoners as it sweeps through and transfigures all limitation, outdated beliefs and programmes, old conditioning and patterns of self-sabotage.

The absolute creational force of the Diamond energy works to retrieve the multidimensional aspects of you – it calls back your lost pieces.  It rekindles your remembrance of your galactic heritage and helps you reclaim your true power as a sovereign Being, whole and free from impediment.  It heightens creativity and personal creative expression as you start shaping your own reality.  In turn your loving creational endeavours assist humanity in the manifestation of a compassionate and harmonious New Earth.

For the awakening ones the Diamond Star Fire will gift you with pin-sharp clarity, trust, certainty, grace and a sense of purpose you may well have been missing.  The Diamond frequency activates the crystal gene, hooking you into the crystalline grid systems that surround Earth and span the galaxies and the cosmos.  It aligns you with the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and with your highest Soul purpose, quickly clearing away the old – that which no longer serves you – whilst making space for the New on every level of your Being.

Transformation = Healing = Transformation = Healing

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit http://www.sydneyhealer.com.au


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A Salute To The Sacred Masculine

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Much has been written over the past 15 years about the resurgence of the formerly degraded and oppressed feminine energy, now rising and taking her place as the exemplary Divine Feminine.  This paradigm shift in Earth`s harmonic is, by design, restoring the balance of the Feminine and the Masculine principles on Earth.  The Divine Feminine represents nurturance – spiritual and emotional nourishment and growth – and she comes in at a time when humanity needs this aspect to support the evolution of consciousness and transformational growth occurring now and accelerating since 2012.

Just as the Earth is now anchored in the Fifth Dimension and its beautiful resonance of Unity consciousness, connection and oneness, we too are being called to mirror this coherence at the quantum level.  Each individual embodies traits of both Feminine and Masculine and now at this time of The Shift we are being urged to call forward the lost pieces of both aspects within ourselves, retrieving these elements so that we may embody the wholeness of the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

The evolution of Consciousness unfolding on Earth now is allowing individuals to transcend out-dated, societal definitions of what it means to be either male or female.  The path of Healing, growth and transformation leading to liberation and empowerment enables the individual to personify a non-binary presentation in Third Dimensional physical expression.  The old Virginia Slims advertisement from the 1970s comes to mind :  “you`ve come a long way, baby”.

The culmination of the retrieval of these lost pieces within ourselves is the holy marriage of the two aspects into Divine unification.  We become the embodiment of the eternal unified flame of the God/Goddess, achieving whole-brain integration of the two cerebral hemispheres and evolving into self-realisation, sacred balance and the New Earth crystalline brain ie the Crystal Skull.  The sexy part is that the unified Fifth Dimension of Consciousness is the foundational platform that provides access to higher galactic and cosmic energies and a broader bandwidth of Light and information.  This Higher Awareness is the springboard into multidimensional Being and a sweeter life here in the Earthly material plane.

However, after much emphasis on the rise of the Divine Feminine it is time to honour the Sacred Masculine principle as the Goddess now beckons him forward.  So what are the traits that characterise him?  He represents the God energy of Loving Responsibility, Divine Will, Inspired Action, Perfect Manifestation and Illumined Faith.  My Sacred Masculine aspect gives me the rationality and linear logic to calculate and solve problems.  He galvanizes me into courageous and magnificent forward motion.  My Sacred Masculine is the energy of doing and outward connection ; he moves on pure faith and trust ; he brings linearity to Cosmic and intuitive messages and guidance, exercising reasoning and utilitarian application to Higher wisdom in this physical Third Dimensional plane.  His is not a patriarchal energy but a resonance of gentle love and quiet determination as he provides and protects.

yin yang

My Divine Feminine makes her presence felt in my intuition, my compassion, my receptivity, my creativity, my co-operative and nurturing side and those times when I just feel like basking, but I really love and appreciate my Sacred Masculine aspect for he grounds me back into linear, centered, practical expression in the material plane.  He earths me when I may have spent too much time in my Divine Feminine and the subtle, Higher intuitive energies.  He gently reminds me to connect outward once more and that I need to be flowing my Love out to the external world at those times when I have been overly-focussed on internal connection (meditation and spiritual practice).  This Sacred Union of the two aspects of Self is a deft, finely-judged balance as the twin flames complement and enhance each other.  Working with intentionality, meditation and sincere, loving spiritual practice is an effective method of calling back the recessive, forgotten components of our twin aspects.

I love the image below, of the interlocking male/female symbols and the symbolism of the exalted merge of the twin flames of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.  Applying this representation to the subtle field of our Light-Body and our DNA plasma, the vesica piscis formed by the overlapping spheres is in truth, a crystalline portal into Higher consciousness and multidimensional Being and it represents the ascended trinity of Divine creativity, Love and manifestation AND all its boundless potential.

male-female vesica piscis

Light Is Information and Colour Is Language


This unification – the Sacred Union of the twin aspects – is a key precondition for Light-Body activation because the process of Soul retrieval (calling back the lost bits of our twin aspects) activates Light filaments or strands of memory within the DNA, initiating an alchemical blend within the plasma of living Light that exists behind the double helix structure.  These strands of Light are multi-locational – they exist in multiple locations simultaneously – and they are formed from the blending of matter and anti-matter.  This is plasma and in this context – that of Healing, transformation and the unification of the twin aspects – we are initiating activation within the pure Light component of plasma.

In any given moment we are emanating a living, electromagnetic field.  As we hold the Intention to heal and return to wholeness we draw in and anchor more Light in our subtle field and in our physical body and it is the unification of Light that purifies our emotions and thoughts.  Magically, our DNA strands and our DNA plasma Light field mirror our emotions, reorganising the DNA strands in response.  Additionally, our DNA structure transfigures itself when we hold a fractal, coherent and symmetrical thought process.  Consciousness truly is King.

For years I have been fascinated – and comforted – by the presentation of vibrant colours during my meditations.  Colour is intrinsically a Universal language and a medium of communication because frequency is Light and Light/colour is coded information.  Advanced travellers are able to decode messages by colour and therefore decode by frequency.  Colour is also a vehicle of Consciousness ; in the Higher dimensions and subtle realms colour is experienced as a fractal, multidimensional living field.  The enjoyment of these vivid, meditative colour presentations triggers within the DNA a matching geometric formation that mirrors the frequency of these glorious colours.

Galactic Influences and the Unified Flame Of The God/Goddess 

Here in the Southern Hemisphere the Light of the constellation CRUX (our ever-present Southern Cross) has been assisting the emergence of the Divine Feminine harmonic on Earth.  The vibrational resonance of CRUX is pure Goddess and the flow of Light codes from this constellation are feeding into Earth`s Southern portal, strengthening and stabilizing the rising Feminine.  The Southern Hemisphere is taking the lead in anchoring the Higher dimensions of Consciousness on Earth through this time of paradigm shift, and now in perfect harmony the star Sirius is supporting the rise of the Sacred Masculine.

As we approach and prepare for the momentous Lion`s Gate Stargate portal – reaching its climax on the 8:8 Gateway (the 8th of August) and overseen by Sirian energy – we are being primed for a monumental leap forward in our evolution and transformation at the quantum (personal) level.  Each year the Sirians lovingly usher us through this powerful energy gateway for the star Sirius is Earth`s spiritual, ascended brother.  As I mentioned, the quality of inspired action and forward movement is very much a trait of the Sacred Masculine aspect and for this reason Sirian energy feels to me to be strongly resonant with the Sacred Masculine.  The solemn and deliberate Sirian influences are about getting us from A to B, advancing us to the next point in this Earthly evolution of Consciousness.  The fabulous and potent Masculine Sirian Light and Light Codes are seeding the next wave of change and upgrades for Earth and humanity, divinely driving and manifesting the next stage of our ascension.

To the Sacred Masculine, I salute you!

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit http://www.sydneyhealer.com.au


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The Age of Crystal : Vision, Knowing and Service

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To be Crystal is to hold remembrance of Source, to maintain the vibration of Source and to be in service of others.

Activation.  Activation.  Activation.  It`s the name of the game in this golden era of awakening and the mass-realisation by individuals on this planet that the old third dimensional fear-based control structures and duality-consciousness are no longer acceptable nor tolerable.  Unfolding right now is the wholesale rejection by the Truthseekers of the 3-D energy matrix and a dysfunctional system that serves none but the elite few.  Many at this time of chaos (resistance to the shifting energy state) perceive the collapse of their reality yet also feel an inexplicable sense of the acceleration of Time.

Many are choosing the path of spirituality and enlightenment.  Often this path is preceded by a period of confusion and/or personal cataclysm, through which an individual subconsciously elicits an experience of pain or challenge wherefrom ascension into Unity consciousness is the only true path forward.  This experience is one of ordination via purification of the psycho-spiritual levels.

The path out of internal (and external) disharmony towards Crystal could be described as the alchemical process by which the Heart opens, expands and quietly leads ;  where the Truthseeker moves into and lives wholly from the space of their Heart ;  where joy, love and bliss are your natural default setting.  This openness and expansion allows the Truthseeker access to Higher wisdom and an elevated matrix of energy known as the Fifth Dimension or the consciousness of unity and oneness, peace and harmony, understanding, freedom and Love.  It is a state of full integration with your Higher Self or the omnipotent aspect of you that is your high-frequency, Christ-conscious, purest self ;  it is the fullest expression of Soul achievable in the density of the earthly plane.  What`s exciting is that the Fifth Dimension is just the beginning!

Light Is Information

Simply holding the Intention to move into expanded awareness triggers the activation of dormant memory carried within the DNA and the remembrance of pure Source consciousness before we took human form.  This innate and deep Knowing reverberates within the Heart as we come back to our Truth and the incarnation of Source itself.  New and heightened receptivity to the waves and flow of higher-dimensional photonic Cosmic Light – intelligent Light – activates changes at the cellular level and initiates the formation of new codes and configurations within the DNA structure.

Dormant structures exist within the Pineal gland and the DNA that are waiting to become encoded with Light.  Lying behind the double helix structure of our DNA are filaments or strands of Light that also happen to exist in multiple locations simultaneously.  These filaments are comprised of plasma material which is a merge of matter and anti-matter.  This plasma is a living Light field that responds to influxes of Cosmic Light and it responds to coherent, unified thought forms and feelings such as Love, joy and bliss.

The Pineal acts as a receiving station – a Cosmic antennae – and embedded within it are crystalline structures with the potential to become attuned to high-frequency Light transmissions and information, Galactic consciousness and The All That Is.  As we integrate and embody more Light we evolve from a dense carbon-based third dimensional physical form to a silicon-based crystalline structure and what`s really cool is that we get to take Earth along with us in this process.  She is becoming a crystalline structure too as the Lightworkers and forerunners of today co-create a matrix of remembrance and unconditional Love around our planet.

To be Crystal is to hold and maintain an elevated vibration that subtly impacts others, and in accordance with Physics and the Law of Entrainment this in turn sets in motion a journey of change and transformation within the collective.  Crystal is pure creative essence and Creator energy where Divine Love and Higher wisdom are the passive teachers.  The hallmarks of Crystal Being are pin-sharp clarity and an inner world of absolute certainty, peace, trust and flow.  Intuitive knowing, discernment and sovereignty held within a loving boundary provide you everything you need.  You are self-sustaining as you dance lightly through the zeitgeist of the current 3D-5D two-world split.

Greater numbers continue to awaken to this glorious Age of Crystal and humanity passed the point of critical mass (in the post-2012 New Earth) at the time of the March Equinox of 2017.  There`s no lapsing back into the old from here.


Healing Sessions – Double Bay Sydney – 0408 420211

Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit http://www.sydneyhealer.com.au


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