The Age of Crystal : Vision, Knowing and Service

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To be Crystal is to hold remembrance of Source, to maintain the vibration of Source and to be in service of others.

Activation.  Activation.  Activation.  It is the name of the game in this golden era of awakening and the mass-realisation by individuals on this planet that the old Third Dimensional fear-based control structures and duality-consciousness are no longer acceptable nor tolerable.  Unfolding right now is the wholesale rejection by the Truthseekers of the Third Dimensional energy matrix and a dysfunctional system that serves but the elite few.  Many at this time of chaos (resistance to the shifting energy state) perceive the collapse of their reality yet also feel an inexplicable sense of the acceleration of Time.

Many are choosing the path of spirituality and enlightenment.  Often this path is preceded by a period of confusion and/or personal cataclysm, through which an individual subconsciously elicits an experience of pain or challenge wherefrom ascension into Unity consciousness is the only true path forward.  This experience is one of ordination via purification of the psycho-spiritual levels.

The path away from external incoherence towards Crystal could be described as the alchemical process by which the Heart opens, expands and quietly leads ;  where the Truthseeker moves into and lives wholly from the space of their Heart ;  where joy, love and bliss are the natural default resonance.  This openness and expansion allows the Truthseeker access to Higher wisdom and an elevated matrix of energy known as the Fifth Dimension and the consciousness of unity, peace, harmony, oneness, freedom and Love.  It is a state of full integration with the Higher Self ie the omnipotent aspect of you that is your high-frequency, Christ-conscious, purest self, and the Highest expression of Soul living in the density of the physical plane.  What`s exciting is that the Fifth Dimension is just the beginning!

Light Is Information

Simply having the Intention to move into expanded awareness triggers activation of dormant memory carried within the DNA, and memory of the energetics of pure Source consciousness before we took human form.  It is a memory and deep Knowing that reverberates within the Heart as we come back to our true selves as the incarnation of Source itself.  Heightened receptivity to the waves and flow of Higher-dimensional photonic Cosmic Light – intelligent Light – activates changes at the cellular level and the formation of new codes within the DNA structure.

Dormant structures lie within the Pineal gland and the DNA waiting to become encoded with Light.  Existing behind the double helix structure of our DNA are filaments or strands of Light that exist in multiple locations simultaneously.  These filaments are comprised of plasma material which is a merge of matter and anti-matter.  This plasma is a living Light field that responds to influxes of Cosmic Light and it responds to coherent thought forms and emotions such as Love, joy and bliss.

The Pineal is like a receiving station – a Cosmic antennae – and embedded within it are crystalline structures with the potential to become attuned to high-frequency Light transmissions and information, Galactic consciousness and the All That Is.  As we integrate and embody more Light we evolve from a dense carbon-based Third Dimensional physical form to a silicon-based crystalline structure and what`s really cool is that we get to take Earth along with us in this process.  She is becoming a crystalline structure too as the Lightworkers and forerunners of today co-create a matrix of remembrance and unconditional Love around our planet.

To be Crystal is to hold and maintain an elevated vibration that subtly impacts others, in turn potentially setting in motion a journey of change and transformation within them, just as the Physics law of Entrainment suggests.  Crystal is pure creative essence and Creator energy where Divine Love and Higher wisdom are the passive teachers.  Clarity is a hallmark of Crystal and an internal realm of absolute certainty, peace, trust and flow.  Intuition, sovereignty and discernment held within a loving boundary provide you everything you need.  You are self-sustaining as you dance lightly through the zeitgeist of the current 3D-5D two-world split.

Greater numbers of individuals continue to awaken to this glorious Age of Crystal and humanity passed the point of critical mass in the post-2012 New Earth at the time of the March Equinox of 2017.  There`s no lapsing back into the old from here.


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