Rewind Seven Years

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It`s November 2011  

How did life look for you back then?  What was your lived experience? 

Much has been recently written about last week`s potent Triple 11 Gateway – the 11th of November 2018 – and all its expansive, electromagnetic potential for mastery, ascension and super-hyper-most warp speed manifestation.  Some Numerologists and Astrologers say that this Gateway represents the most powerful portal this decade for co-creating and manifesting growth, personal power and abundance.  It is said that the 11 represents the bridge between divine inspiration and linear, earthly actuality.

Since the 10/10 Gateway (on the 10th of October) the current energies have felt to me preparatory in nature, as they do every year at this time, as though I`m being readied for more transformation and a whole new level of Being, Awareness and service ahead of the new calendar year.  Each year during the 11:11 Stargate an exchange of Light and information occurs, heightening intuition and bringing revelations of deeper Truth as activations via downloads of higher-dimensional plasmic Light trigger DNA-level remembrance.  The foundations of remarkable change are laid during these auspicious Cosmic influences.

It is said that last week`s Triple 11 Gateway holds a vibrational resonance to the 11:11:2011 Gateway that occurred on the 11th of November 2011, like an energetic echo reverberating across the seven year span and connecting both dates which share the same co-ordinates in Time and are linked by electromagnetic strands running through the subtle fabric of Time.  So it set me thinking and over the past week I found myself reminiscing back to November 2011 and what was playing out at that time.  Systematic collapse is the description that quickly comes to mind.  The person I used-to-be had no idea at the time but the Higher realms in their infinite wisdom were opening a door and giving me an opportunity to jump to a whole new spiral of Time.  I was being called to re-position myself for the Soul contracts that were about to unfold.

In November 2011 I couldn`t have got arrested.  Absolutely nothing was working for me the way it once did.  I remember taking a dear friend out for lunch for her birthday in the October and repeatedly dissolving into tears throughout (sorry Chrissie for being such miserable company on your special day).  Everything about my old life was coming to an end right at that time and the person I was back then couldn`t make sense of it.  I just existed in this kind of bereft confusion and I felt totally abandoned by the Universe.  All the old things that had previously brought me joy and fulfillment now felt empty and devoid of all meaning, pleasure and goodness.  All the things I had hung my identity on – the career I had once loved, the mentally-constructed stories, the comfortable lies, self-deception and cacophonous nonsense – were now disintegrating.

There was little comfort to be found in the arid, desolate wasteland of my lived experience that year while the old version of me questioned her priorities and deconstructed her choices.  In November 2011 I was also still mourning the loss of a relationship that had ended back in the January of that year but in reality I was probably grieving for all of the old as the seeds of sweeping transformation were subtly sewn and the process of vast restructuring stretched into every nook of my life at that time.  2011 for me very much had the theme of loss and endings to it.  It had the stench of death to it.  On the ground I`m slogging through the putrefaction that was 2011 while the Higher realms were urging me to let it all go, to jettison the Third Dimensional dross because it no longer served me and because I was being called very insistently to something else – a new path and something very different.

I also remember November 2011`s silver lining – there`s always one to be found – and the synchronistic happenstance that would introduce me to a highly effective, new Healing modality – Reconnective Healing – and lead me away from practicing Reiki.  Cut to June the following year and I was stepping down a whole new path.  Massive life changes were afoot and it all felt so incredibly right.  No matter how isolated you might feel and how hopeless it all seems there is always, always a grand, benevolent plan in play.

So here I sit seven years in the future and scratching my head looking for parallels.  While 2018 had none of the bleakness of 2011 I did experience a significant ending mid-year.  I also have the sense that another major transfiguration is in process.

It may`ve only been seven years ago but November 2011 might just as well be 1,007 years ago for all the sea change and personal Timeline shifts that have transpired since.

How about you?

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Open Out And Feel The Field

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“What you seek is seeking you”  – Rumi

Can you feel it?  It`s right there, surrounding you in this instant.  The Field is ever-present, unfailing and unconditional.  It is the higher-dimensional energy of synchronicity and galactic benevolence and it is there to empower human existence.  This subtle energetic field has always existed but is now more readily accessible to us since Earth ascended into the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness in 2012.

The higher vibrational resonance of unity, oneness, empathy, love and joy that characterises the Fifth Dimension – that openness and trust – provides the vibratory point of ingress to The Field.  This loving and supportive pool of responsive, high-frequency electromagnetic intelligence and plasmic Light is just waiting for you to avail yourself of it, providing you hold the intentionality to work with it.

The Field is a tool of creativity, transformation and manifestation that allows you to shape and co-create your reality because your reality is quantum and unique to you.  The Field offers you solution energy.  It delivers its gifts to you so beautifully and harmoniously due to the holographic nature of the living Light plasma of The Field which simultaneously exists within your Light-Body and your DNA.  You hold the particles and sub-atomic particles of the Divine Cosmic Heart, the Great Central Sun within you.  You store the energy and plasmic Light of The Field at the quantum level and these activations have been accelerating since 2012.

The multi-locational existence of these structures of plasmic Light and information has been supported and shored up through the re-building by the Lightworker and Starseed communities of the latticework of crystalline, galactic grid systems of Light and information, on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels.  The repair and reactivation of the crystalline energy matrix has facilitated our reconnection to the physics of The Field and all its elegance and boundless blessings.

In essence this is Ascension :  being in total harmony with the Higher realms.  The ability to move through time, space and the dimensions in total ease, peace, trust and flow is really just the practical application of the evolution of consciousness and expanded awareness in daily life, about which the Lightworker and Starseed communities have been talking for years.  Moving into and merging with the flow of Grace and magic is to reside in the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness and the true, authentic matrix.

Just as Rumi said :  “you are the universe in ecstatic motion”.

Cosmic ConnectionFrom your meditative and quiet space open out kinaesthetically and feel The Field, holding the intention to truly connect with it from the space of your pure Heart center.  Via the crystalline grid you are able to hook into the broader bandwidth of light, energy and information and also connect with the Divine Cosmic Heart (aka the Great Central Sun) as well as the Earth Heart Centre and Gaia consciousness.  When you ask to connect with The Field it converges with you energetically.  This broad-bandwidth energy needs us as much as we need it and the simple act of asking will unlock all its possibilities.

Allow the heart`s wisdom to lead and move you into meaningful communion with The Field.  The Heart operates in feelings that feel good so let love, bliss, joy, gratitude and peacefulness be the generators of your connection.  Light is information and the language of colour (transmitted through the Pineal gland) will guide you :  gold is the vibrational resonance of bliss ; pink is joy and compassion ; green is healing, love, balance and growth ; violet is forgiveness, freedom, grace and divine transmutation.  The Field is the domain of the sovereign, the realm of the self-possessed ; it is a utopian garden and it wants you to flourish.

There is just one teeny weeny proviso.  To fully utilize The Field and be in harmony with it there is a requirement for alignment.  Are you in alignment with Truth?  Are you in alignment with your true self and your highest path?  Do you welcome disclosure and do you have the courage and clarity to discern Truth?  Resonance and dissonance are the only true qualifiers in the post-2012 New Earth so ask the question and trust the feeling that comes up.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.  Your emotion connects you deeply to the subtle realms.  Your present lived reality began with a vibratory resonance that was created in your Heart center and right now your future is responding to the feeling in your Heart in this very moment.  To be in alignment is to simplify.  Simplify your life and drop all that is dissonant and no longer aligned with your Truth.  Go within and let your emotion guide you to the answers.

It is said that what you desire already exists in The Field, albeit on another spiral of consciousness, awareness and expansion.  So, if your mere cognisance of a particular thing means it is yours to claim then how do you ascend to that level and bring those desires into actuality?  Perhaps through Healing, release, awakening and extension because consciousness is afterall your ultimate vehicle.  Secondly, by handing the issue over to The Field you consign it to a higher intelligence.  Step back, detach from the outcome and allow it to manifest without expectation and any pre-conceived notion of how it should look.  You will be surprised!

The Field is pure, divine, raw potential.  It is unformed matter.  It is photonic, intelligent Light holding coded information for the flow of pure love, bliss, joy, creation and divine manifestation, just as you mirror these very filaments of encoded Light plasma in your DNA.  You are The Field and The Field is you.

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Contracted Adversity : A Journey To The Sweet

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It is said that each of us incarnates into this life with a set of pre-determined Soul contracts.  The notion maintains that each of these contracts materializes in divine timing and shows up as predestined people, events, relationships and circumstances specifically to provide us the opportunity to move closer to the full expression of Soul in this Earthly existence.  I can wholeheartedly attest to this spiritual concept and I unequivocally subscribe to it because it has been my lived experience.

For me, these contractual challenges proved to be radically catalytic and in hindsight, pretty much served as an esoteric baseball bat whacking me around and telling me in no uncertain terms to “wake up Margot …this is not where you should be!”.  They presented in quick-fire succession over a relatively compressed timeframe of just six years, triggering extensive re-structuring within every aspect of the person that I used to be – every element of the psycho-spiritual self – and culminated in the collapse of my old Third Dimensional life with all its distorted priorities, illusion, veils of deception, clutter of unconscious habits and worship of the material.  When I say collapse I really mean that the stuff I had once prioritized no longer had any importance or relevance in my day-to-day life and the tiny nuggets of joy I was adept at finding, say in my working day and which would sustain me through that day had become patently inadequate.  The false congruence and flimsy conditions I had unconsciously put in place that enabled me to continue in a job and a life that was now no longer appropriate swiftly disintegrated.  No longer could I tolerate a workplace, or any environment for that matter, that had been pervaded by fear-based manipulation, power-plays, self-interest and drama.  I found it distasteful and distressing having to be, and interact within, these dense energies of the old 3D paradigm.  I craved a working life and interactions that were based in integrity and openness and gentleness and decency, and so when the opportunity came to take Voluntary Redundancy I leapt and I never looked back.  The collapse of that old life also enabled me to escape the toxic and limiting projections by other people including those within my own family.  Finally I was free.

So, what were those tests?  For me, those slated challenges played out in relationship breakdowns, losses and betrayal.  There it is.  Betrayal.  Awful word.  You know, I actually feel uncomfortable using that word today because it is so heavily-loaded with dense emotion, trauma energy and judgment.  In truth, I have moved so far forward from all of that experience that it is impossible for me today to access the vastness and the intensity of the emotion I experienced at the time.  I am simply unable to get anywhere near the ballpark in terms of that old drama and what it felt like back then.  Instead, these days I tend to inhabit a relatively neutral, heart-centered, peaceful space and that has become my default setting but it took considerable, cathartic work on myself to get there.  That is not to say that challenges don`t arise, just that the emotion nowadays is no longer formidable and wrecking, just diminished and distant and contained.  This will sound platitudinous but the predominant feeling for me nowadays is one of deep joy and gratitude.  I feel blessed to have experienced those trials because they gave me so much and I`m pleased because – and as some past-life work revealed – there was substantial, heavy karma hanging around those old relationships that needed resolving and clearing, certainly on my side of the ledger anyway.  I needed to learn not to trust quite so readily and I needed to learn how to hold loving boundaries.

What I do still hold from that dark night of the Soul is one persistent and clear memory :  I remember having the palpable feeling that the Universe had me in her palm – that I was cupped and cradled and supported – and I remember this feeling permeating my whole Being.  Before the darkness I had never felt that.  It was both revelatory and supremely comforting because it reassured me there was a Higher intelligence at play in all this and that I would just need to be patient.  I realised later this beautiful feeling had been engendered by the energy of the crystals that I had begun working and meditating with.  Thankfully what I did innately hold was the courage to Love and to keep Loving.  Love was what got me out of bed in the morning ; Love was what kept me going.

The re-structuring – some may call it purification – of the person I used to be constituted a process of Soul retrieval that was both all-encompassing and profound, and was facilitated through extensive Spiritual Healing.  At the time I didn`t​ hesitate or question the need to be undertaking a Healing journey.  I trusted and had faith that this path was absolutely right and what I needed to be doing ;  I held the certainty that the manifestations of old and repeating Timelines needed to be dropped once and for all.

This process of enquiry and examination of self shone a light into the recesses of my subconscious and what I discovered was huge.  The person that was me had a fair chunk missing and this was due to a centuries-old twinning with my mother – we had been twin sisters in a very distant past-life.  Essentially I didn`t know how to be myself and the manifestations of this were plain to see :  the disease to please, feeling the need to climb above the judgment of other women, the inability to withstand criticism and feeling savagely wounded by even the gentlest evaluation, feelings of inadequacy and on it went.  Sure, I had a coveted, well-paid job but there was a great deal about the person I used to be that did not sit comfortably.  And it made sense that I was attracting men who were themselves intrinsically un-whole because on some subconscious level they recognized their own incompleteness in me.  It was all becoming clear.

A word about past-life work here :  it really is not about who you were and what you did in those past-lives.  What is important are the revelations and the insights gleaned from peeping through that window ;  it is the illumination leading to perceptual acuity that is the true Healing gift of this work.  I was like :  “oh wow, that makes perfect sense now” after each of these past-life sessions.  They were like pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and I was hearing each one click firmly into its place.  The past-life work explained many of my character traits, choices and experiences in this incarnation because our Chakras are continuously referencing and directing subconscious information we carry forward from previous incarnations ; our lived experience in this incarnation is contextual to all that came before it.  Accessing past-lives was truly invaluable because it shifted my perception enormously but most significantly it ushered in forgiveness and compassion for those who did the wounding because finally I understood their choices.  Once again, I was free.

These tests and the ensuing journey of awakening brought me home in every sense of the word.  This evolution of consciousness delivered me into a nourishing, self-sustaining, creative and deeply connected state of Being, and one that is aligned to my Truth and to my Highest path in this Earthly existence.  Absolutely nothing is random.  A little digging can uncover a whole lot.

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If You Had Everything You Needed How Would Your Life Look?

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A couple of weeks ago I was watching a Youtube video and the speaker (a well known and respected teacher and author) posed this very question :  if you had all the wealth and materials you could need for a comfortable life and you had absolutely nothing to worry about, what would you do with yourself?


So I contemplated this and pretty quickly my imagination filled with the image above, that of the cover photograph of Tapestry by Carole King.  One of my older sisters had this record when it came out in the early seventies.  I was charmed by the photo then and it captivates me still.  Back then when I was maybe seven or eight I remember gazing at this image and feeling very drawn in to this lady`s world.   To my young eyes she seemed safe and steady and kind.  I imagined that the big window was high up in a tall building and that she could look out over bustling city streets (though in reality this was not the case) and I especially loved that the person taking the picture of this famous singer wanted her cat in the shot with her.  I was completely drawn into the frame by the cat looking straight at me.  (album released 1971, photograph taken by Rock photographer Jim McCrary).

Cut to 45+ years ahead and I still love this shot.  It invites the viewer to create a sweeping narrative around it purely because it is so lovely.  Sure, she is our incomparable Carole but if I look past the identity and the stellar accomplishments and just notice the woman and appreciate the detail :  minimal if any makeup, hair loose and flowing, lived-in jeans.  The simplicity of this shot conveys so much.  The scene feels effortless and uncontrived, devoid of fuss and complication.  There is a sanctity to it.  It feels to me a space where no difficulty, no instability, no conflict exists, instead it is a haven replete with love, contentment and bliss.  I see a person deeply settled, whole and free of illusion, a woman nourished by her creative essence as expressed in the handwoven tapestry she holds, ensconced in her creativity and removed from the drudgery of the mundane everyday.  To me she radiates a beautiful vibe of forgiveness and acceptance.  She has weathered her storms, this girl, but her catharsis has delivered her into a place of quiet, self-sustaining strength.  Self-possessed and sovereign she knows exactly who she is.

For me, the tapestry she holds represents the richness of her lived experience – the lessons learned and wisdom gleaned.

Last but not least it is still the cat that really hooks me in, chilled-out like a zen master and staring straight down the lens, engaging the viewer and lending this photograph a disarming appeal.  Truly an enchanting picture.

If I wanted for nothing and I lived without shackle to the matrix of money this is absolutely how my life would look and feel.  Without a doubt.

How would yours look?

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Equinox : The Bite and The Love

The autumnal Equinox, a turning point in the solar cycle and a significant energy gateway for humanity, occurs here in Sydney this Wednesday the 21st of March at 3:15am, heralding the season of release and discardment for us here in the south.  At the very moment the sun crosses the equator to the northern hemisphere a flood of new crystalline light bathes the planet as the axial tilt of Earth in its rotational orbit aligns perfectly with the sun.  Momentarily, at Equinox the hours of dark and light are almost equal.

Since last week I have been feeling a gnarly intensity to the energy when the Equinox gateway began to open.  It has felt turbulent (releasing) one day and then suddenly calm the next, most definitely at odds with Equinox`s theme of equilibrium.  Or is it?  Equinox is a time to honour the symmetry – the proportional and divine balance between the opposing.  The lesson of the Equinox Stargate is to honour both the sweet and the sour, the Light and the shadow, and the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself.  It is also a time to honour your journey and just how far you`ve come in your 3D Earthly existence.

In the midst of this erratic and sometimes overwhelming energy moments of mental and perceptual acuity often occur, providing us with pin-sharp insights and new ways of perceiving life and ourselves.  These Equinox astrological influences can mark a watershed, providing the opportunity for growth and personal breakthroughs and remarkable leaps forward because the clearing and release always precedes activation and ascension.  It is perhaps worth noting that the Lightworker community refers to these auspicious astrological and cosmic events like Equinox and Solstice as `Stargates` because they represent a passageway in Time during which accelerated, warp speed change is possible.

Harness this potential by carving out time for yourself, for meditation and stillness, and invite the guidance and wisdom of the Higher realms as you create coherence between the heart, mind and spirit.  Consciously and purposefully tune into the Equinox Light and allow it to immerse your Light Body and physical body.  New openings present themselves during these cosmic conditions with the potential to lift us into a higher spiral of consciousness as we transcend limitation and illusion.

Big challenges are often the precursor of deep transformation and alchemy.

What does your heart desire?  Now`s the time to plant your seeds.

Happy March 2018 Equinox.



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Seeds Of The Cosmos, Seeds Of Simplicity

A Channelled Message From Fluma of the Royal Avian Star Tribes

Greetings Starchildren.

Our channel was recently asked What is a Starseed and while much information on this subject currently circulates on Earth we would like to add a morsel to this body of knowledge.

First, may we say dear ones, how enamoured we are of the Starseeds, for it is enchanting to observe as more and more individuals awaken to their glorious and pure Cosmic origin.  We are seeing Diamond Hearts and Celestial Light-bodies radiant and luminous in geometric Starseeded activation.  We say individuals because we see but ONE Universal Soul with each Earthly individual being an expression of the singular Soul, each a spark of Divine Source.  Starseeded individuals have experienced hundreds and thousands of lives on Earth and throughout the cosmos, and prior to incarnation into this particular cycle of life they agreed to a Contract that would allow for certain events at pre-determined points on their individual timeline to activate dormant codes carried within their DNA.  These are encryptions that carry benevolent information from specific points of origin like the stars, distant galaxies, other planets and solar systems, and the Starseeds also hold Atlantean and Lemurian codes of ancient wisdom, all for the purpose of lifting up humanity and Earth through Healing, growth, transformation and enlightenment.

The trigger events experienced by the Starseed initiate the unlocking of the dormant information carried within them and so the beautiful seed germinates.  The individual is then able to access the vast matrix of remembrance and they finally awaken to their true path and Highest Soul mission on Earth.  The activation of codons and encodements within the DNA begins the process of ascension into Higher consciousness, multidimensional Being and attunement to a higher bandwidth of light, energy and information.  This activation allows the DNA to evolve into a recursive structure that self-repairs, correcting inherited flaws and faults.  The Starseed becomes a beacon of Higher-dimensional Light to serve others as they hold the vibrational resonance of empathy, love, peace, harmony and joy.  The advanced energetic blueprint of the Starseed is a subtle transmission that works to deconstruct the illusory traps of Third Dimensional Earth and its needless complications, convolutions and mass-addiction to acquisition.  The Starseeds are powerful change agents because they are synonymous with simplicity, purity, truth and integrity.

We note also that the activation and awakening of the Starseed most likely will herald a process of deep internal enquiry by the individual, and examination of all aspects of themselves and what you term as identity in ego-based Third Dimensional expression.

In the early years of Earthly life and even into adulthood the young Starseed often feels displaced and dissociated from the group.  Irrespective of their location many never feel like they`re truly home and these children can experience a sense of perpetual isolation as they float way out on the periphery.  However many of the children now incarnating on Earth, and since 2012, are being born as primed Starseeds – activated, whole and replete with strong remembrance of previous incarnations of Source and holding a deep knowing that there is some kind of invisible network supporting them.  These children carry live encodements within their DNA and come into this incarnation already attuned to the crystalline matrix of Higher-dimensional energies and multidimensional consciousness.  These youngsters will simply be unable to access the dense energetic of hate, fear, greed, separation, duality-consciousness and aggression of Third Dimensional Earth.

We see Starseeds as a subset of the Lightworker community because not all Lightworkers are Starseeds.  Whilst Starseeds and Lightworkers disseminate Light energy and Truth, Lightworkers hold and transmit the structures of Light currently in existence and available in the physical plane whereas Starseeds bring in, anchor and transmit advanced, galactic energy signatures, building new Light structures and repairing galactic grid systems.  Starseeds are the manifestation of Galactic consciousness in the material plane.  Starseeds may bring through new technologies and sophisticated Healing modalities and some Starseeds integrate and anchor new cosmic Light codes (filaments of Light information) into the Earth`s gridlines while others simply hold and transmit a higher energetic spin to benefit those around them.  And then there are the Winged Starseeds and these include the angelic, the extraterrestrial and the Time Masters.  All Starseed missions serve to advance, benefit and heal humanity and Earth.

Try one of these ….

During this time of increasing Light and accelerated purging we are here to be of service to you, dear one.  To help you transmute any surfacing negativity so that you may once again move into your sacred space of peace, trust and flow simply call on us for an energetic attunement.  From your quiet space of meditation, expanded awareness and communion with the Higher energies, and once you have connected with your spiritual, angelic and Cosmic support teams simply call forward Fluma of the Royal Avian Star Tribes and ask to receive a 12th Dimensional Galactic Energetic Attunement direct from the Divine Cosmic Heart, the Great Central Sun.  We will be there instantly and you`ll enjoy a wash of blissful, supportive, pulsating, pure galactic Source energy immersing you, restoring you to an amplified and tranquil state of Being and elevated vibration, frequency and consciousness.  Call on us and we`ll be there.

You are loved and admired beyond measure.

 Star (starseeds)
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The Age of Crystal : Vision, Knowing and Service

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To be Crystal is to hold remembrance of Source, to maintain the vibration of Source and to be in service of others.

Activation.  Activation.  Activation.  It is the name of the game in this golden era of awakening and the mass-realisation by individuals on this planet that the old Third Dimensional fear-based control structures and duality-consciousness are no longer acceptable nor tolerable.  Unfolding right now is the wholesale rejection by the Truthseekers of the Third Dimensional energy matrix and a dysfunctional system that serves but the elite few.  Many at this time of chaos (resistance to the shifting energy state) perceive the collapse of their reality yet also feel an inexplicable sense of the acceleration of Time.

Many are choosing the path of spirituality and enlightenment.  Often this path is preceded by a period of confusion and/or personal cataclysm, through which an individual subconsciously elicits an experience of pain or challenge wherefrom ascension into Unity consciousness is the only true path forward.  This experience is one of ordination via purification of the psycho-spiritual levels.

The path away from external incoherence towards Crystal could be described as the alchemical process by which the Heart opens, expands and quietly leads ;  where the Truthseeker moves into and lives wholly from the space of their Heart ;  where joy, love and bliss are the natural default resonance.  This openness and expansion allows the Truthseeker access to Higher wisdom and an elevated matrix of energy known as the Fifth Dimension and the consciousness of unity, peace, harmony, oneness, freedom and Love.  It is a state of full integration with the Higher Self ie the omnipotent aspect of you that is your high-frequency, Christ-conscious, purest self, and the Highest expression of Soul living in the density of the physical plane.  What`s exciting is that the Fifth Dimension is just the beginning!

Light Is Information

Simply having the Intention to move into expanded awareness triggers activation of dormant memory carried within the DNA, and memory of the energetics of pure Source consciousness before we took human form.  It is a memory and deep Knowing that reverberates within the Heart as we come back to our true selves as the incarnation of Source itself.  Heightened receptivity to the waves and flow of Higher-dimensional photonic Cosmic Light – intelligent Light – activates changes at the cellular level and the formation of new codes within the DNA structure.

Dormant structures lie within the Pineal gland and the DNA waiting to become encoded with Light.  Existing behind the double helix structure of our DNA are filaments or strands of Light that exist in multiple locations simultaneously.  These filaments are comprised of plasma material which is a merge of matter and anti-matter.  This plasma is a living Light field that responds to influxes of Cosmic Light and it responds to coherent thought forms and emotions such as Love, joy and bliss.

The Pineal is like a receiving station – a Cosmic antennae – and embedded within it are crystalline structures with the potential to become attuned to high-frequency Light transmissions and information, Galactic consciousness and the All That Is.  As we integrate and embody more Light we evolve from a dense carbon-based Third Dimensional physical form to a silicon-based crystalline structure and what`s really cool is that we get to take Earth along with us in this process.  She is becoming a crystalline structure too as the Lightworkers and forerunners of today co-create a matrix of remembrance and unconditional Love around our planet.

To be Crystal is to hold and maintain an elevated vibration that subtly impacts others, in turn potentially setting in motion a journey of change and transformation within them, just as the Physics law of Entrainment suggests.  Crystal is pure creative essence and Creator energy where Divine Love and Higher wisdom are the passive teachers.  Clarity is a hallmark of Crystal and an internal realm of absolute certainty, peace, trust and flow.  Intuition, sovereignty and discernment held within a loving boundary provide you everything you need.  You are self-sustaining as you dance lightly through the zeitgeist of the current 3D-5D two-world split.

Greater numbers of individuals continue to awaken to this glorious Age of Crystal and humanity passed the point of critical mass in the post-2012 New Earth at the time of the March Equinox of 2017.  There`s no lapsing back into the old from here.


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