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It`s November 2011  

How did life look for you back then?  What was your lived experience? 

Much has been recently written about last week`s potent Triple 11 Gateway – the 11th of November 2018 – and all its expansive, electromagnetic potential for mastery, ascension and super-hyper-most warp speed manifestation.  Some Numerologists and Astrologers say that this Gateway represents the most powerful portal this decade for co-creating and manifesting growth, personal power and abundance.  It is said that the 11 represents the bridge between divine inspiration and linear, earthly actuality.

Since the 10/10 Gateway (on the 10th of October) the current energies have felt to me preparatory in nature, as they do every year at this time, as though I`m being readied for more transformation and a whole new level of Being, Awareness and service ahead of the new calendar year.  Each year during the 11:11 Stargate an exchange of Light and information occurs, heightening intuition and bringing revelations of deeper Truth as activations via downloads of higher-dimensional plasmic Light trigger DNA-level remembrance.  The foundations of remarkable change are laid during these auspicious Cosmic influences.

It is said that last week`s Triple 11 Gateway holds a vibrational resonance to the 11:11:2011 Gateway that occurred on the 11th of November 2011, like an energetic echo reverberating across the seven year span and connecting both dates which share the same co-ordinates in Time and are linked by electromagnetic strands running through the subtle fabric of Time.  So it set me thinking and over the past week I found myself reminiscing back to November 2011 and what was playing out at that time.  Systematic collapse is the description that quickly comes to mind.  The person I used-to-be had no idea at the time but the Higher realms in their infinite wisdom were opening a door and giving me an opportunity to jump to a whole new spiral of Time.  I was being called to re-position myself for the Soul contracts that were about to unfold.

In November 2011 I couldn`t have got arrested.  Absolutely nothing was working for me the way it once did.  I remember taking a dear friend out for lunch for her birthday in the October and repeatedly dissolving into tears throughout (sorry Chrissie for being such miserable company on your special day).  Everything about my old life was coming to an end right at that time and the person I was back then couldn`t make sense of it.  I just existed in this kind of bereft confusion and I felt totally abandoned by the Universe.  All the old things that had previously brought me joy and fulfillment now felt empty and devoid of all meaning, pleasure and goodness.  All the things I had hung my identity on – the career I had once loved, the mentally-constructed stories, the comfortable lies, self-deception and cacophonous nonsense – were now disintegrating.

There was little comfort to be found in the arid, desolate wasteland of my lived experience that year while the old version of me questioned her priorities and deconstructed her choices.  In November 2011 I was also still mourning the loss of a relationship that had ended back in the January of that year but in reality I was probably grieving for all of the old as the seeds of sweeping transformation were subtly sewn and the process of vast restructuring stretched into every nook of my life at that time.  2011 for me very much had the theme of loss and endings to it.  It had the stench of death to it.  On the ground I`m slogging through the putrefaction that was 2011 while the Higher realms were urging me to let it all go, to jettison the Third Dimensional dross because it no longer served me and because I was being called very insistently to something else – a new path and something very different.

I also remember November 2011`s silver lining – there`s always one to be found – and the synchronistic happenstance that would introduce me to a highly effective, new Healing modality – Reconnective Healing – and lead me away from practicing Reiki.  Cut to June the following year and I was stepping down a whole new path.  Massive life changes were afoot and it all felt so incredibly right.  No matter how isolated you might feel and how hopeless it all seems there is always, always a grand, benevolent plan in play.

So here I sit seven years in the future and scratching my head looking for parallels.  While 2018 had none of the bleakness of 2011 I did experience a significant ending mid-year.  I also have the sense that another major transfiguration is in process.

It may`ve only been seven years ago but November 2011 might just as well be 1,007 years ago for all the sea change and personal Timeline shifts that have transpired since.

How about you?

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