Bogart & Bacall`s Healing Effect

This shot holds me spellbound, I love it so.  I`m currently having a large print framed for my new home and someone recently asked me what it was about this image that I found so arresting.  Where do I begin?  If Healing is equilibrium, inner harmony and coherence then I am Healing whenever I linger over this photograph.  To me, it has everything.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by SNAP/Rex/REX USA (792986fu) FILM STILLS OF ‘TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT’

The therapeutic effect of this image lies in its ability to pull me right into the present moment and because of the wash of peace that envelopes me as I gaze at it, as though I`m vicariously experiencing their rapture.  Beyond the palpable heat and urgency radiating off this pair this picture speaks to me of absolute presence.  There`s a timelessness to it because linear time does not exist within the frame – for these two right at this moment there`s no past and no future.  To my eyes and my heart-mind both she and he are in an expansive space of total availability to the now moment and all its vulnerability, creativity and unlimited potential.  This image could well be a pictorial representation of Eckhart Tolle`s `The Power Of Now`.  Looking at this pair I see heart energy clearly leading.  I see a deep knowing.  I see complete and unquestioning trust and a total absence of fear and doubt.  I see absolute surrender.  I see the remembrance of wholeness.  I see pure truth and it is sublime.

The gorgeous bit and the thing most special as I savour this shot is that we are privy to Bogart and Bacall`s fledgling love affair, one that would become a great Hollywood love story.  They famously fell in love on the set of this movie, 1944`s `To Have and Have Not`.  They aren`t feigning attraction for this photo – this is no masquerade for the camera.  The blazing passion of their embrace, their swoon of bliss – we know it is authentic.  Both she and he are home.

I also love the perpendicular line of her thick tresses, as though grounding the pair and somehow anchoring them in the physical plane, drawing them back down to earth from their lofty, loved-up limerence.

In this picture I`m​ seeing the representation of balanced creation.  I see symmetry in this sexy pair – a divine union of the demonstrated energetics of Masculine and Feminine, the contrary yet complementary and interconnected characteristics of yin and yang.  I`m witnessing a unity between the paradoxical.  The divine Feminine aspect within each calls to the sacred Masculine within the other so that there is no separation, instead a merge into unified wholeness.  The slow, deliberate, singular focus of the Masculine blends with the energized, brisk complexity of the Feminine.  His action meets her passivity, a fusing of intent with openness.  His divine Will, his commanding focus and drive toward manifestation mingles and melds with her flowing receptivity, creativity, understanding and ease.  She values and nurtures him and he supports her, giving her structure and stability.  It is an organic completion and deeply healing.

To me, this shot symbolizes the sheer beauty of truth and the curative power of Love.

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