Solstice Contemplation In The Midst Of Radical Change

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“Light begets light”   – Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll

Dramatic, revolutionary change is playing out right now, both at the quantum level and for the collective and it`s due in large part to the beautiful new harmonic that began anchoring on Earth/Gaia at the March Equinox 2019.  This is very much a Heart-based energetic – loving, peaceful, stable and spacious – and is intrinsically fluid as it holds the resonance of tranquility, trust, neutrality, flow and pure, heart-lead, empowered connection.  And its coherence just keeps building.

So much has been happening for so many over the past six months that it has been breathtaking to witness the breadth and depth of healing and metamorphosis occurring.  At the quantum level this sweeping tide of change is working to align you with the new configurations of Light and Love now immersing our planet and attuning you to Earth/Gaia`s modified magnetic fields.  The downloads of advanced, vibrational information are giving you the ability to mutably roll with the flow instead of hanging on to, and being limited by your past and the old stories you may`ve hung your identity on.  The starseeded new harmonic is helping you move out of resistance to what is, bringing you into closer alignment with the creative present moment.

Gaia`s new, upshifted energy holds the codes of ancient Lemurian wisdom and heart-centered, co-operative, harmonious existence.  These codes or filaments of intelligent, plasmic Light are dissolving the judgmental, binary mind – the good-bad, wrong-right, us-them mindset – and this restructuring of consciousness is freeing you from the constraints of ego-based belief, separateness and the tendency to think in absolutes.

Gaia`s vibration actually increased on the 4:4 Gateway (4th of April) and the recalibrated electromagnetics of our planet are altering the nature of Time which is speeding up, expanding, bending and compressing.  The higher-dimensional frequencies of the new harmonic allow Time to respond to our heightened creativity giving us the super-cool ability to create multiple outcomes at specific points in the fabric of Time-space.

In summary, since December 2018 many have experienced :

  • the swift clearing and riddance of old, redundant karmic patterns from the Earth Star Chakra including generational, familial Depression and patterns of addiction
  • the purging of long-held trauma from the Base Chakra and lifting of Depression
  • the release of Control-based patterns from the Throat Chakra
  • the Sacred Masculine energetic making alterations to the limbic brain which houses our emotional life, calming the fight-or-flight response
  • modifications to the axiatonal network and the quantum electromagnetic field
  • upgrades of the Chakras into higher vibratory resonance and unified coherence
  • the reseeding of the Heart Chakra with ancient Lemurian codes of Heart-lead connection, harmony, co-operation, empathy, compassion and simplicity
  • Third Eye activations and upgrades that work to clear outdated beliefs and perceptions PLUS attunement to the 5-D (and higher) energy of the New Earth paradigm
  • the purification of the Astral body and upgrade to the Celestial body
  • the modification and reordering of archetypal patterns
  • activation of, and alignment with the ascended 13 Chakra system 
  • the transmutation of fear into illumined faith and divine trust.

For many, the sting of old pain has been neutralized, divesting it of its emotional charge and its power to trigger reaction.  A clearer state of consciousness is now being accessed as perceptions have altered and spiritual unease is purged.

Stories of fracturing relationship abound right now as the purity of the Love frequency crystallizes in many the realization that any connection burdened by a set of conditions, transactional trade-offs, power plays, manipulation, projection and agenda is not Love but merely gamesmanship, control and illusion.

A topic coming up in many conversations lately is the mood of annoyance and there`s good reason for this :  not only are we being hit with a greater amount of electrical energy but the advanced Light geometries of the new harmonic are forcing truth to the surface.  Anger is a revealer of truth because emotion doesn`t lie.  Short-term, contained anger in my experience can be useful because anger compels – it galvanized me into action.  Anger clarifies and refines, and it sharpened my focus.  Anger helped me redraw my boundaries and define what I was no longer prepared to tolerate.  Fact is, we are all being called toward our highest, most creative path and anything not aligned with that path will start to feel prickly and unpleasant.

Renaissance is June`s theme

June offers us a welcome breather and the upcoming Winter Solstice is a lovely time for meditation and contemplation, to go within and reflect as we honour the longest night of the year.  Solstice marks the start of a new direction and for us here in the south a return to the Light ;  the Solstice gateway reminds us that no matter how dark the night, the Light will always return.  A period of adversity, personal crisis, fade and diminution is always the precursor of renewal, growth and expansion.  None of us gets to enjoy the latter without first enduring the former.

Light a candle at Solstice and tap into its blessings.  Move into the space of your Heart, allow deep gratitude to immerse your Heart center and wait for intuitive insights to follow.  Ask yourself :  does your path feel expansive, light and creatively satisfying?  Or does it feel contracted, joyless and lacking?  Ask Spirit what it is you need to know.

Solstice brings the opportunity to move into oneness with the dark and the Light.  In that union you`ll find your wholeness, your empowerment and your sovereignty.

In Sydney, June Solstice 2019 is at 1:54 am on Saturday the 22nd.

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The 5:5 Gateway Brings Deepening Love, Stability And Calm

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5th of May 2019

Last Sunday the 5:5 Gateway graced us all with an influx of plasmic, intelligent Light of an otherworldly colour that almost defies description, as if there was a whole other dimension to it.  I was shown a wave of sparkling sapphire blue blended with emerald green – a calming hue, bright and vibrant as though electrically-charged yet with an intense depth that felt as infinite as the Cosmos.  (the image above bears no resemblance to what was presented last Sunday, just that it depicts a burst of striking colour)

This most recent wave of Light had the feel of augmented Heart Chakra energy, as though amplifying the new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection that began anchoring on Earth/Gaia at the March Equinox 2019.  This latest gift of Light has come through now to stabilize April`s upshift in energy, helping the new harmonic to assimilate into the crystalline grid systems surrounding Earth/Gaia and to merge seamlessly with our Light-Bodies.

Light is information and colour is language and the advanced Light geometries of the 5:5 Gateway represent intelligent transmissions from the Galactic core.  They convey benevolence and teachings as they inform and upgrade our personal energy matrix, our quantum field.  The sapphire blue bears the frequency of tranquility, trust and safe, peaceful stability while the healing power of the emerald green holds the vibratory resonance of Love, renewal and growth as it soothes and balances.

This latest download of breathtaking, higher-dimensional Light deepens the resonance and reiterates the message of the starseeded new harmonic as the electromagnetic field of the Heart supplants the egoic mind.  Peaceful, joyous, unconditional Love and empowered, heart-oriented connection now have much greater value in the New Earth paradigm as relationship withers in the absence of the Love frequency.  Another feature of the new harmonic is the dismantling of the binary mind as the old thought forms of good-bad, wrong-right, us-them disintegrate.

The Angelic message of the 5:5 Gateway tells us that huge change is afoot with more to come.  The 5 is reassuring us we have loads of assistance from the Higher realms as we move through this transition, and it gently reminds us to quit expending our energy on people and events from the past so that we are fully able to move forward creatively.

This latest configuration and frequency of Light has a spacious, abundant feel to it with yet greater ease of flow.  It is helping us to accommodate all the change in play right now so that we may quietly thrive in peace and trust.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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Base Chakra Clearing & The Purging Of Trauma

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Warp speed release of trauma has been front and center during Healing sessions throughout April and what`s interesting is that this is occurring in parallel with the recent energetic shift we`ve all experienced.  The new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection that began anchoring on Earth at the March Equinox 2019 is revealing a clear feature :  it is facilitating super-fast transfiguration.

Amplified by the increase in Earth`s vibration on the 4:4 Gateway (4th of April 2019) this influx of beautiful and loving Heart-oriented energy bears a revolutionary Light geometry that enables accelerated Healing and it appears to be fast-tracking the Healing process of those who are just now awakening.  The release of old pain and wounding is a requisite step in this journey of evolution and growth so that you are fully able to align with the higher vibratory resonance of the post-2012 New Earth.

Trauma is defined as shock, upheaval, distress, stress, strain, pain, anguish, suffering, upset, agony, misery, sorrow, grief, heartbreak, torture, torment, damage, hurt, wounding, injury, violence and abuse.

There are varying interpretations of trauma and where its energetic record is held in the body but in my experience as I facilitate Healings it is the Base Chakra that discloses the subtle stamp of distress and this makes sense when you consider that the Base center governs primodial issues associated with survival, safety, security and stability in the material world.  It is through the Base Chakra that we feel the sense of temporal groundedness – feeling solidly anchored in our physical body and grounded into Earth`s magnetic core.  A healthy, open and clear Base Chakra sustains our overall vitality and blesses us with a sense of certainty and self-sustaining constancy within ourselves.  This energy center governs our foundational connection to the tribes that support our life here in the material plane and our feeling of connectedness to “the group”.  Unsurprisingly, Depression – both endogenous and reactive – has its roots in the Base Chakra (with some referral in the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet) and auto-immune disorders are also associated with Base Chakra-held density.

The lingering energetic repercussions of our biography imprint themselves on our subtle bodies, particularly the Astral body which is in continuous dialogue with the Chakra system via a reciprocal exchange of pranic Life-Force energy, each informing the other.  The Astral body is a subtle field that exists on a different plane yet is connected to the physical body ;  your emotions, imagination and desires are imprinted into the Astral substance.  The Astral body delivers the energy that powers your emotions, giving your lived experience linearity and personal context, and each emotion you experience has its own frequency.

Clearing the energetic impression of trauma from the Base Chakra and the Astral body allows the memory of the traumatic experience to recede and diminish so that it becomes just one part of your autobiographical narrative instead of having the persisting, immersive feel of a present-time event.  The Healing allows new energetic templates and programmes to download into your energy matrix and this reseeding of new information via plasmic, intelligent Light brings distance and separation from the traumatic event, giving you fresh access to an expanded space of neutrality.  The Healing reverses the cognitive narrowing, dismantles the behavioural patterns of constriction and avoidance and eliminates the perpetual rub against Time.  These subtle shifts transform your lived reality so that you are no longer confined by the memory and by the emotion.  You`ll find you are more available to the present moment.

Intrinsically, Reiki and Reconnective Healing are interdimensional energy or intelligent, spiritual Light and they have the smart ability to clear from the Astral body the energetic imprints of the trauma.  New, advanced energy signatures like the starseeded Angelic and Diamond Healing Frequencies are highly responsive to your quantum field as they set about deconstructing the layers of the trauma, dissolving the emotional imprint and ridding from cellular memory the traumatic event, whether it was a direct, first-hand experience of physical violence and shock or vicarious distress and suffering.

The broader bandwidth of the Angelic and Diamond Healing frequencies facilitates the swift alchemy of the Astral body as the old imprints of wounding and pain dissolve and disappear from the Astral substance thereby enabling more of your Light-Body to blend through the Astral and ultimately ground into the physical vessel, bringing the sense of liberation and greater well-being on every level. 

This catharsis in fact softens your energetic structure and the cool part is that your new-found ease of flow is strongly resonant with Earth`s new harmonic.  Purging the trauma allows for greater fluidity as you co-create your own lived reality.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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On The Rise

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April 2019

The transfiguration in progress makes this a very special month ; we`re in major transition right now as humanity and Earth/Gaia expand into the next level of shift.  This is the glorious pay off for the epic detoxification – the purging of karmic load, redundant patterns and old conditioning – that occurred in the three months leading up to March Equinox 2019.  Congratulate yourself because this time of profound growth and quantum evolution is your reward for the completion of certain Soul contracts, the release of long-held pain and all the courageous self-enquiry that this journey demands.  That process of catharsis allows you to take full advantage of the starseeded new harmonic that is now anchoring in the post-2012 New Earth paradigm.

It is said that the entire Cosmos is in metamorphosis right now and we are receiving many downloads of advanced vibrational information, so much so that Earth`s vibration actually increased on and shortly after the 4:4 Gateway** (the 4th of April 2019).  New configurations of higher-dimensional, intelligent Light are surging into our dense, Earthly plane to merge with our Light-Bodies, our DNA and existing consciousness structures here in the material world.  The advanced Light geometries that are coming in now carry a common theme :  truth, truth and more truth.

**The number 4 is significant and timely because it is reminding us that we have much assistance from the Angels and the Higher realms at this time and each of us is able to call upon them for support and guidance as we feel the need.  Angel Number 4 is an indication that your Angels are offering you love, encouragement, inner-strength and clarity, empowering you to do what you need to stay in serenity, trust and flow during this time of ascension.  The number 4 promotes the practical application of Higher wisdom.

New Light codes or filaments of Light are emitting from the Galactic core and these waves of coded Light information enter our plane through a system of crystalline grids and portals, including the large Southern Portal.  The Earthly Lightworker community has been working to create a sacred and stable Grounding space here on Earth that enables humanity as a collective to hold increasingly frequent and intense influxes of high-frequency Light and information, benefitting us all with a rate of growth and expansion that is exponential.

During April I have been shown repeating patterns of Light that represent the ascended Sacred Masculine principle and these present to me as a vibrant, electrically-charged magenta colour.  What is clear is that more of the Sacred Masculine energetic (emitting from Sirius) is coming through at this time to harmonize and unify with the Divine Feminine (flowing from Crux aka the Southern Cross) as he brings the gifts of Loving Responsibility, Divine Will, Inspired Action, Perfect Manifestation and Illumined Faith.  His is not a patriarchal energy but the resonance of gentle love and quiet determination as he provides and protects.

These new compositions of Light are revealing a template of information that is allowing the Sacred Masculine to make alterations to the brain`s limbic system, adjusting the way you process emotion and the manner in which you respond to motivational stimuli.  Not only does your limbic system house your emotional life but the limbic brain, which includes the amygdala – the once-named “fear center” – influences the autonomic nervous system.  These limbic modifications are working to calm the fight-or-flight response and are assisting the transmutation of fear into neutrality and new understanding.  This is symbolic because what is happening at the microcosmic level is also playing out for the collective with the shifting of fear out of tribal consciousness ie the group mind.

Alignment with the progressive 12-Chakra-system

Also evident during my Healing sessions this month is some exquisite work on the 8th and 9th Chakras above the Crown.  Being the access point to spiritual advancement  these transpersonal Chakras are your bridge between personal consciousness and the Universal mind, opening you up to the higher dimensions and spaces of ascended consciousness, facilitating your connection and ultimate merge with the Divine Cosmic Heart and the All is One.  The activation of these higher Chakras allows you to eclipse the quantum human experience and move into multi-dimensionality.  At these levels you have the ability to transcend time and space if you so desire, to jump timelines and co-create your new Time Spiral.  Activation of the 9th Chakra allows you to joyously surrender to the flow of Spirit and Divine Will ;  it facilitates your unification with The Field and all its blessings and synchronistic benevolence.  Coincidentally, these gifts are emblematic of the incoming harmonic with its resonance of Divine Love, peacefulness, trust, flow and heart-lead empowered connection.

Altering archetypes

Archetypal patterning is held in the 8th Chakra and archetypal energy informs our psycho-spiritual development.  Carl Jung understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns that are inherited potentials which actualize when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behaviour.  Whilst facilitating Healing sessions this month I received information that archetypal patterns are being updated and possibly reshuffled as some of your archetypes recede while others become dominant and to me this makes perfect sense given the severance of karmic ties that has been happening of late.  What no longer serves you is vibrating out.  Author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss says that we each have 12 archetypes and some examples of archetypal energies are :  Hero, Queen, Caregiver, Perfect Mother, Rebel, Joker, Whore, Child, Trickster, Wise Old Man, Wounded Healer, Priestess, Hermit and the Victim.

You are returning to your pristine, original blueprint but what`s exciting is that these complex quantum changes are in turn impacting the wider collective, ushering in greater openness to change, access to new thought forms and the fresh ability to see wider view-points.  Expect sharper discernment of Truth as the distortions of ego fall away.  Fabrications that you are still maintaining will falter and crumble in these Light conditions.

Be in allowance and yield.  Stay in the flow of the sacred and take refuge in your inner sanctum, creating microcosmic stability in the midst of the waves.  This helps the Light-Body to integrate the new Light frequencies and upgraded information.  Make time for solitude and pay attention to the messages and guidance you are receiving.  What is your intuition telling you?

12 Chakra System

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The Post-Healing Flu

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You`ll never get more than you can handle

So you`ve had a Healing session only to come down with a heavy cold a few days later but there`s a sound reason why you`ve been sat squarely on your caboose.  Counter-intuitive though it may seem these flu-like symptoms are a very positive sign and are a direct response by the body to your intention to heal.  The physical manifestation of sickness post-session – referred to as a Healing crisis – indicates wholesale cleansing from every level of your Being.  Extensive changes to your energetic structure are underway and the illness is symptomatic of the system reorganizing itself and coming back into balance and equilibrium.  It is the catharsis your Heart and Soul cried out for.  A post-Healing flu is asking you in no uncertain terms to stop and be present, to be fully available to the now moment and what might be coming up for you in the wake of your Healing session.  The illness is imploring you to start being kind to yourself.

The post-Healing flu, though occurring very rarely, does seem to happen for a particular “type”, usually female, typically high-achieving Type A personalities :  the lady who is excessively goal-driven, who possesses a laser-like focus, highly competitive, prone to impatience and is harshly critical of herself and others.  I myself am well acquainted with her for she is the woman I used to be.

The uncomfortable Truth

Oftentimes, the Truth is flat-out uncomfortable but if you are honest with yourself did you really give yourself the time to fully honour your emotions as you weathered your private defeats?  Or, as we do in Western culture, did you reflexively move into survival mode and deny those emotions, pushing them down in the interests of carrying on, stoically moving through it all and gliding quickly on to the next thing?  If you`ve ever lacked compassion for yourself, found it difficult to forgive yourself, if you`ve routinely denied your Truth, if you consistently buried your disappointments, your grief and your losses, your pain, your shame, your betrayals and your wounding then your Healing session will retrieve the energetic resonance of these experiences and bring it to the surface for review and resolution, to enable forgiveness and acceptance, peace and understanding.

The process of release is not always elegant and tidy nor is it always linear and orderly as you move through the purging of old, long-held emotion and pain from deep within the cellular matrix.  The rigid patterns, particularly fear and fear-based conditioning and sequences of tight control are dismantling and dissolving.  Anything that is not Love is breaking down and vibrating out.  Release represents major transformation and growth.

The repression of Truth is a health-destroyer.  Not only does it cause an energy drain, it creates complex layers of discord and disharmony within the mind and emotions that eventually drop down into the physical body and manifest in dis-ease.

A post-Healing flu tells me there`s a much-needed softening underway in the internal relationship with Self – softening the brittle edges, softening the stiff defenses and the unconscious survival mechanisms.  In progress is a lessening of the harshness, a pacifying of the anger towards self, a tempering of the old conditioned responses, moderating the inner dialogue, neutralizing the self-judgment, allaying the concern, mitigating the (perceived) mistakes.  A post-Healing flu is opening the Heart while taking the rest to pieces.

Healing modalities like Reiki and Reconnective Healing that work with inter-dimensional energy and intelligent, spiritual Light, and the new, advanced, starseeded Diamond and Angelic Frequencies set about deep and complex work to reorder and reorganize, to disassemble old patterns and programmes that no longer serve you, that keep you in a space of limitation.  All the internal noise and the jumble of unconscious habits is dissolving, in turn creating a shift in energetic frequency and vibration that transmutes density into purity, judgment (of Self) into Love.

If I could say one thing :  try to avoid taking cold and flu medications and allow the body to do its intuitive, corrective work through the clearing process.  These medications “trap” an energetic residue of the infection in the cellular matrix and prevent the illness clearing completely, as though an energetic echo of the sickness becomes locked in cellular memory.  Allow the body the time to heal naturally.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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In Praise Of The Sun-Lovers

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“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth” 

― Albert Einstein

“Tanning is skin cells in trauma” booms the stern male voice in the television ad about melanoma.  Hang on a minute, I`m confused.  If the skin is performing an action that it is programmed to do naturally ie producing melanin in response to a specific exposure in order to adapt and protect itself then how can that be traumatic?  I can understand how sunburn is harmful but slow, sensible tanning?  Full marks to the Cancer Institute for scaring the life out of people.


I celebrate the devoted sun-worshippers gracing the golden sands of Sydney`s beaches and embellishing her parks, the dedicated sunbathers supine in their pleasure as they bask in the life-affirming rays.  I delight in seeing the bronzed gods and goddesses spreadeagled and lolling in carefree repose in the sun`s sustaining warmth.  I love them for their defiance, collectively flipping the bird at the medical establishment and unheeding its dire warnings about sun exposure.  I admire the sun-lovers for their independent minds as they apparently thumb their nose at the institution with its scare campaign.  Far from recoiling from the sun in fear these freethinking, sovereign Souls instinctively know it is good for them.

Flouting the cautionary advice of the medical community, the sun-worshippers seem not to be influenced by the group thoughtform that persistently warns “this is what will happen to you if you do this.  This is how your health will suffer if you make this choice”.  The sun-lovers are clearly taking control of their own story and I love them for it!  Noiselessly they rebel against indoctrination by the system which has been so emphatic and thorough in scaring the population off sun exposure that anyone who still chooses to bathe in its rays is considered a foolish outlier.  It just feels to me that the pendulum has swung too far against sun exposure and that eventually this will be known and acknowledged by the powers that be.

I quietly cheer the tanned-up sun-lovers because they are my tribe.  I am one of them.  Call me a crank but I love being out in the sun over the long Sydney summers.  I love the drowsy, unhurried feel of the summer holidays, the sense of ease in the carefree, languid days that have a kind of expansive, roomy feel, as though so much more is possible.  I love the reassuring masculine solar presence radiating his revitalizing warmth and brightness because it just seems to make every simple little thing that much better.

I always had a bit of trouble buying into the peddled line that the sun was causing cancer, a message that has been drummed into us ad nauseam over the past 30 or more years.  Being a child of the 60s I grew up with the belief that sunshine was health-giving and uplifting and I don`t remember ever swaying from that view.  I wasn`t convinced that solar ultraviolet radiation was solely to blame for causing malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma, instead I wondered if other factors played a role in damaging DNA.  It just seemed way too easy and expedient to scapegoat the sun lest we take personal responsibility for suboptimal lifestyle choices ; lest we get real about our constant exposure to potential carcinogens in this thoroughly modern life.

Around 25 years ago I saw a skin cancer doctor about a couple of funny white growths on my chest which he promptly diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma.  Oh so smugly and with the kind of fixed smirk you see on those ventriloquist dolls he presumed to critique my life-choices while reassuring me that the BCCs could easily be removed.  I got home and decided I `d have a go at getting rid of them myself, but from the inside rather than his external solution.  I simply ramped-up my fresh fruit and vegetable intake and I ate lots of raw english spinach and carrots – not solely, just an increase on my normal servings  – and sure enough, over the next month or so, those unsightly BCCs dried up and disappeared.  I made no other changes – still drank coffee, still had the occasional ciggie (which I was partial to back then).

The body has a natural tendency towards wellness and if we can maintain the ideal blood pH of 7.35 to 7.45 then cancer is unable to grow in an alkaline environment, but alas, I have heard it said that the vast majority of people are walking around in a state of perpetual dehydration and chronic inflammation.  Genetically modified foods reportedly cause inflammation because they are unrecognizable to the body as nourishment.  Alcohol is an irritant to the human system, and cocaine and MDMA acidify the blood as do sedatives and other medications.  It really is a darn inconvenience that all the fun stuff and the pharmaceutical fixes just might be pounding our DNA with continuous hits that trigger those ​cell mutations.  I guess it`s much easier to accept a diagnosis if we can just pin it all on the sun.

I remember when colour televison sets were the new thing in the mid 70s and there were warnings then about the emission of X-Ray radiation from those older style sets, with viewers advised not to sit too close.  Similarly with microwave ovens at the time, with health concerns about leaking microwave radiation.  Then there were reports in the early 2000s saying that sunscreen was potentially carcinogenic due to the nano-technology of the active substances damaging the DNA in skin cells.  Since the early `90s we have seen the huge upsurge in the number of people suffering food allergies and intolerances and it has been theorised that this is due to widespread Vitamin D deficiency.  Could it be that warning people off the sun has actually weakened us?  That it has increased our susceptibility?

What about our continuous exposure to radio frequency radiation and to Wi-Fi which supposedly disrupts and scrambles the human energy field?  Is it harming our DNA?  The fact that Telstra regularly sends out text messages directing me to a link which provides “tips for reducing exposure to RF radiation” indicates that the telcos well suspect there are risks to human health.  According to the American Cancer Society :  “A number of studies have looked at the possible link between cell phones and cancer. Although some studies have shown a possible link, many others have not. The possible link between cell phones and cancer is hard to study for many reasons, including the relatively short time that cell phones have been in widespread use, changes in the technology over time, and difficulty in estimating each person’s exposure”. (website updated Nov 2018).

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organization and part of its remit is to identify causes of cancer. IARC has stated that there is limited evidence that RF radiation causes cancer in animals and humans, and classifies RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.  IARC considers the evidence overall to be “limited” because of the conflicting findings and methodologic limitations in some of the studies.  In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that cellphones are a “Class 2B carcinogen.

Hmmm….it all gives pause for thought.

Get the right amount of sunshine for your skin type

An adequate level of Vitamin D is essential for overall wellness and for healing to occur within the body.  Vitamin D underpins the sturdiness of our physical system and the resilience of our mental health, and its deficiency has a significant negative effect on our quality of life.  vitamin d                                                                                                                                Vitamin D apparently functions like a hormone and each bodily cell has a receptor for it.  It is necessary for healthy cell growth, maintaining a healthy immune system, regulating the nervous system and controlling inflammation.  Adequate Vitamin D helps wounds to heal more quickly and supports recovery post-surgery.  Unsurprisingly, Vitamin D deficiency makes us more susceptible to increased risk of illness and infections, and fatigue and tiredness can be a symptom Vitamin D deficiency.  Depression and low mood is associated with insufficient Vitamin D and some studies have found that supplementing improves mood.  Vitamin D protects against cancer by aggressively attacking tumours.  Vitamin D plays a crucial role in calcium absorption and getting enough of it is important for preserving bone mass as you get older.  D deficiency can lead to Rickets (soft bones) in children.  There is a link between chronic pain and low blood levels of vitamin D, which may be due to the interaction between the vitamin and pain-sensing nerve cells called nociceptors.  Studies have linked insufficient Vitamin D to influenza and schizophrenia.

Ninety per cent of vitamin D is made from sunlight exposure directly on to the skin (not through glass).  Only about 10 per cent of vitamin D comes from food sources such as oily fish, fortified milk and egg yolks.  Vitamin D deficiency is reportedly common but is easy to remedy.

It could be strongly argued that warning people to stay out of the sun is in fact keeping them sicker.  A study done by an Australian University in the early 2000s on melanoma-sufferers showed that moderate sun exposure actually slowed the growth of the melanoma compared to the control group that avoided the sun altogether.

According to the Australian government Department of Health website healthdirect  “A number of diseases have been linked to low vitamin D levels such as increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, severe asthma in children and cancer. Research suggests that vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of a number of different conditions, including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance and multiple sclerosis.  Low vitamin D levels can lead to osteoporosis and increase your risk of falls and fractures (broken bones) if you are over 50”.

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Resentment Was My Prison

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“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”

― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

Heart Healing is proving to be the dominant theme of the recent energy gateways we`ve experienced, especially since the rare Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018, as the need for Heart Chakra clearing has been most evident during Healing sessions and in many conversations with clients of late.  This is significant because the Heart Chakra governs and regulates all emotion-related issues.  Heart Healing is timely as we go into 2019 – the year of renewal, reinvention, joy, authentic expression and long-term creative fulfillment.

The influxes of higher-dimensional plasmic Light and information that have surged through these recent portals have thrusted front and center any long-held harsh emotion, disrupting and disturbing disharmony and density held in the Heart center and giving urgency to the resolution of resentment, anger, sadness and malice.  Cue the hallelujahs because nothing keeps you pinned down and stuck like a closed Heart.

The Angelic Frequency alchemizes the dross into gold

The mellow, gentle energy signature of the newly-available Angelic Frequency is working its advanced, superior Healing magic on the Heart center as it encodes data and Light resonant with divine Love.  As I facilitate Healings I`m feeling an expansive and sublime opening of the Heart Chakra and the wholesale purging of historic sadness and discordant emotion especially the inability to forgive, being released from the subtle body and from deep within the cellular matrix.  The Angelic Frequency swiftly neutralizes the stinging emotional charge of the old wounding and divests the negative emotion of its destructive power.  Rancour and dissonance stored in the Heart center is alchemically transmuted by these smart, Light frequencies into forgiveness and understanding.

Heart Chakra Healing moves you into a space of true compassion and empathy and it brings the realization, indeed epiphany, of just how pivotal forgiveness is.  Bitterness is a shackle that keeps you pinned down and unable to move forward but the day you find forgiveness is the day you are free.  The journey into awakening and greater awareness helps you to forgive yourself first and foremost as the practice of self-Love brings inner harmony and connection to the Heart`s innate wisdom and guidance.  Suddenly there is no more confusion, only certainty and trust.  An open and pure Heart not only nurtures coherence and equilibrium between body, mind and spirit, it allows you to inhabit a fertile, creational space and progresses you forward.

The Angelic Frequency prioritizes Heart Healing but it also creates an elevated, rarefied vibratory coherence between all seven of the major Chakras.  As this high-frequency energy signature heals and fine-tunes your empathic, energetic sensitivity (Sacral Chakra) it delivers you into a space of compassion and understanding, for empathy is the access point to a space of neutrality.  The Angelic Frequency attunes you to the higher dimensions of consciousness and gives you better access to present time.  You`ll find you are more solidly grounded in the now moment which is highly creative.  The Healing enables you to detach from the event that generated the discordant emotion, somehow broadening and de-personalizing the context of the wounding experience thereby altering your perception of it.  You have severance from the past and that shift brings clarity.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”

― Rumi

I speak from experience when I say that the inability to forgive is like doing time.  It is a prison of your own making.  It is akin to being held inside a correctional facility only there is no correction, no rehabilitation, just continuing recidivism against yourself as the festering, cleaving emotion persists and persists.  I liken it to a prison because the indignation keeps you locked in the past.  The person I used to be back then would hold on to the violations done by others, and chide myself for never being sharp enough to come back at the betrayers and the unkind with some withering Churchillian retort.

For as long as you hold the vexation and grievance it is a poisonous energetic that ages the body and distorts your truth while it shackles you to mentally-constructed stories about past events.  In and of itself, resentment represents a major energy leak which, over time is very detrimental to your spiritual and physical health.  You`re less available to the now moment because that mental programme running in the background gives you a default setting back to the injustice and so the old story takes over yet again and comes to define you.  The heaviness is on you like a Russian greatcoat and moments of joy and presence are sporadic and fleeting.  The resentment colours the way you interact with life and prevents you from gaining any real traction in life because the full potential of the future cannot be accessed.  The future you do have is greatly diminished by your resistance to what is.  Energetically, you inhabit a contracted, compressed, dense space and worse still, the acrimony keeps you separate – separate from your wholeness, separate from truth, separate from The Field of Universal flow and Grace, and separate from Love.

Thank heaven for Reiki and Reconnective Healing because the inter-dimensional energy and spiritual Light of these modalities helped my then-unconscious self to access and inhabit a vastly expanded space of peace, compassion and greater awareness and my daily practice of meditation allowed me to sustain that space.  The Healing work shifted me out of my head and allowed me to move back down into my Heart center and back into immersion in the infinite wisdom of Heart energy.

Past-life work was invaluable too because it helped me to understand that the violators had little or no choice.  It is way too easy to argue that everyone has a choice.  Fact is, karmic load and Soul contracts dictate that there is just a small amount of leeway granted in this incarnation for freedom of choice ; just a narrow latitude given for the process of self-enquiry and the opportunity to jump to a whole new spiral of Time that many won`t take because Healing requires guts and resolve.  Delving into past incarnations brought me to the realization that the decisions of others actually had very little to do with me.  Quelle libèration! 

At the risk of sounding nauseatingly trite I am really glad I had those experiences because they gave me so much and represented opportunities for real growth and meaningful change.  The jarring, incongruous inner voice yelling in my ear was the catalyst for sweeping transformation and restructuring on every level.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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