Prehistoric Energy Is Returning

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An Upsurge In Heart Energy

The resurgence of ancient consciousness on our planet is gathering pace. The disruption and wide-scale shake-out caused by the covid event has had the benefit of bringing many back into alignment with starseeded wisdom and the remembrance of Higher truths. The shift towards a simpler path and a more spiritual existence has quickened this year for we are in the process of going right back to the beginning, with more of us now seeking esoteric information to re-establish kinaesthetic connection with the celestial.

In previous articles I have talked about the (re)activation of Atlantean aspects being germane to this time but equally relevant now is Lemurian consciousness and the qualities that characterized Lemurian Being. Lemuria was an ancient civilisation that predated Atlantis and which existed where Hawaii is today. Lemurians exemplified the Divine Feminine principle : they were peaceful, highly intuitive, cooperative and benevolent – they lived a Heart-oriented existence and they co-existed harmoniously. Importantly, they had the ability to project themselves through different dimensions by altering their frequency and the Light in their bodies. Lemurian Being and awareness expresses itself in deep compassion and understanding, patience and kindness.

Heart recalibration : replicating the codes of Lemurian wisdom

The covid event has brought much grief, loss and despair however, counter-intuitive as it may sound these experiences often trigger activation of the Heart Chakra and reawakening of Heart energy. Those who`ve been walking the spiritual path for some time are likely to undergo further expansion of the Heart center in the coming weeks/months and Spirit graced me with this process last week. I experienced an intense physical sensation of pressure in my Heart Chakra, Higher Heart and physical Heart and spreading up to my collar bones. These symptoms were a clear indication that extension and growth were occurring and I had the sense that the electromagnetic field of the Heart center was being amplified and adjusted up to a new frequency. This modification will serve to strengthen the connection and interaction between the Heart and the Higher Self creating greater liaison and understanding between the two. The intuitive Heart-Mind connection strengthens once the Heart opens, in turn heightening awareness of your own creative essence and divinity.

This process will move you into an elevated state of higher consciousness that is accessed and lived as first-hand actual experience because it facilitates a greater flow of Light and information between your physical and subtle bodies, especially the etheric body which surrounds the physical vessel. This progression creates more coherence between the subtle and the physical : it allows more of your Soul essence to migrate through to the physical vessel and an increased amount of crystalline Light into your physical being. The physical body is then able to replicate the etheric layer that surrounds it. What has laid the groundwork for this lovely unified coherence between the bodies is the reconfiguration in the lower Chakras because that restructuring created union between the mind and the emotions.  

Beautifully, this exalted recalibration of Heart energy is, via the altered electromagnetics of the Light-Body, feeding information into and benefitting not only the latticework of crystalline grids that traverse Earth – in turn accelerating the healing occurring on this planet – but also the galactic grid systems. Heart energy is driving the evolution of consciousness on our planet because Heart energy animates and informs the nature and quality of your daily lived experience. The custodian of wisdom that is limitless and infinite the Heart is the curator of deep knowing and trust because the power of forgiveness and release resides there. The Heart center presides over the process of Healing because all transfiguration and liberation begins within it.

(Note : according to Kryon the Pleiadeans came to Earth and seeded these changes around 200,000 years ago. They altered our DNA, sped up our evolution and brought in information that was spiritual, all by virtue of the fact that they had already undergone the evolution of consciousness throughout the Pleiades cluster. And it was during the age of Lemuria that the Pleiadeans came. So, what is taking place on our planet now is being observed with great interest by our Star families for our evolution is generating consequential change throughout the cosmos)

Those walking the path of spirituality, awakening and ascension are being guided toward much greater creational responsibility for we are creating at the Universal level of 8th Dimensional Solar consciousness but this comes with an obligation to maintain the purest intent.

Purification – Universal Love and Harmony – Freedom

As always there`s an abundance of support on offer to us from the divine Cosmic Heart and our Star families. In the lead-up to this weekend`s 10:10 portal (the 10th of October) several downloads of colourful Light presentations came through, bringing healing at this time when retrograde planetary influences are encouraging across-the-board re-evaluation and an all-embracing reassessment of every area of our lives.

If the following resonates and feels like a good fit you might like to introduce these colours into your meditation and spiritual practice, working with them however you feel guided to :

firstly, bring in vivid white Light. I was shown a cool blue-white, like fresh snow under bright moonlight, presenting as a shaft in an upward trajectory. White represents illumination and knowledge, purity and cleanliness, completion and wholeness, consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. White is associated with the divine.

Then bring in magenta pink, representing universal love at its highest vibration. Magenta is the colour of harmony : it promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation while fostering acceptance, tolerance, support and patience. This colour initiates co-creational change and transformation. The magenta also presented as a shaft of light in an upward trajectory.

Follow this up with vibrant violet light : this is pure cosmic energy. The highest vibration in the visible colour spectrum violet supports meditation, expands awareness and raises consciousness. It represents wisdom, inspiration, divine transmutation, liberation and freedom while unifying the physical and the spiritual.

Finally and most importantly come back to the magenta, visualizing a thick layer of this colour surrounding your physical body, effectively infusing your etheric body with the healing magenta.

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