Starseeded Chakra Upgrades Render Fear Inaccessible

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shutterstock_417169789Base Chakra energetics are front and center for many right now as the current event plays out.  Matters and practical details concerning survival, safety and security are dominant as we have no choice but navigate the mechanics of a whole new reality :  decimated livelihoods, routine thrown into disarray and external structure that for many has collapsed.

The Base Chakra governs the mental body and rationality.  Counter-intuitive as it may seem Depression is associated with this center, as well fear-based patterns and reflexive, fear-based conditioning reside here.  Fear is a dense and compacted energetic that keeps Base Chakra Mental Bodyyou in a reactive state ;  it polarizes you away from your Higher aspects and separates you from The Field of intelligent Universal flow.  Happily, the old angst-ridden programmes and energetic templates are fast becoming irrelevant and unable to be accessed because they`re aligned with the fallen consciousness of the now-crumbling old world – the Third Dimension. 

In December 2012 Earth and humanity upshifted into Fifth-Dimensional consciousness and since then we`ve had greater and greater access to new configurations of Light and Love which emit from the galactic core and wash through the earthly plane.  As these starseeded Light geometries are downloaded into your field a responsive, reciprocal exchange of information occurs whereby your Light-Body and your Chakra system are reseeded with brand new programmes and Universal Creator energetic templates that are graceful, creational and benevolent.  

Coming home

This new Light and information sets about a complex process of reorganizing and restructuring at the subtle level which alters the vibration and the electromagnetic fields that exist within and around the lower Chakras.  Simultaneously, activations of dormant DNA codes are triggered that initiate your remembrance of ancient knowledge and wisdom.  

The upgrade to the Base Chakra dismantles fear :  it liberates you from the reactive state, taking you out of the drudgery of survival, out of the judgmental, binary mind.  It grounds you and anchors you in present time awareness ;  you`ll enjoy new access to Higher thought forms and generate fresh ideation that is based in ease and well-being.  As the Base Chakra is recalibrated it alters the dynamics of the entire Chakra system, especially the Sacral Chakra which governs the emotional body.

New, higher-dimensional, starseeded energy signatures, namely the Diamond Frequency and the more recent Angelic Frequency represent advanced Light codes and a crystal intelligence that now surpasses Lemurian and Atlantean consciousness.  The work done by the Lightworker community and each Awakening Soul in recent years has broken down and lessened the density and distortion that exists in the earthly plane, and they`ve established a foundational platform to support these new consciousness structures.

Here in the southern hemisphere the energetics are much clearer and purer than the north and for this reason the southern hemisphere is spearheading Earth`s active Ascension process as influxes of intelligent plasmic Light and new Light codes stream into the southern portal, feeding through to the crystalline grid system and the many smaller portals that traverse our planet.

Now more than ever the galactic Star tribes are playing a critical role as transformation accelerates on our planet, with Sirian influences underpinning the resurgence of the Sacred Masculine that directs, drives and manifests our adaptive response and implementation of practical change while the Crux (Southern Cross) energies resonate with the intuitive, creative, nurturing and allowing Divine Feminine energetic.  Life on every level is currently in transition and being affected by this event.

**To support your Healing during this time of disruption, a beautiful wave of starseeded Light downloaded during the recent powerful March Equinox portal.  Bring these lively colours into your meditation or spiritual practice and feel their benefit.

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