Throat Chakra Energy Comes To The Fore

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“Surrender to what is.  Let go of what was.  Have faith in what will be.”

–  Sonia Ricotti

Covid Series Throat & AcceptanceEnergetically, there are powerful dynamics in play as the current event unfolds.  Subtle forces are working synergistically to initiate enormous change and growth at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels.  Personally, it`s been lovely to see and feel just how quickly the initial resistance and reflexive reaction yielded and morphed into acceptance.  I`m sure you`ve noticed it too – faces and demeanours have softened as strangers seem more willing and ready to exchange a smile or a little light-hearted banter as we all wait on the street for our takeaway coffees (and in Sydney`s slightly uptight Eastern suburbs that`s saying something!).  It`s as if the dead weight of unconscious defensive conditioning and guardedness has melted away along with all the old diversions and illusion.  People find their true level in an event like this.

Last week I wrote about Base Chakra issues taking center stage but also Throat Chakra energy is presently active and expressing both its Light and shadow aspects.  The Throat center governs choice and our ability to make decisions – it is our center of Will, destiny Covid Series Throat Chakraand manifestation and where the unformed comes into form.  Distortion and discord in the Throat Chakra materialize as control and an obsessive need to manipulate and direct people, relationships and events, however the profound lesson of the Throat Chakra is surrender :  surrendering personal Will to Divine Will.  The Throat Chakra is the point at which we access the Spiritual path and move into Awakening – here, personal renaissance begins and conscious awareness rouses.

Back in March when rates of diagnosis here in Sydney began climbing and we could sense the ground shifting beneath our feet, the dark aspect of Throat energy was evident in the panic-buying and hoarding.  This is a primordial, hardwired response :  to control and manage our resources as circumstances spiral beyond our control and the certainty of daily routine feels increasingly threatened.

Since October 2019 starseeded recalibrations have been occurring in the lower Chakras which have altered the vibration and spin of the Base and Sacral centers, consequently more of that higher-dimensional energy and intelligence is available to the entire Chakra system.  This is impacting every facet of our Being.  Right now in practical, linear terms it is helping us adapt with agility, to quickly come to the realization that it is futile to struggle against the monumental shifts and to acknowledge that control is an illusion.

“Surrender is not a weakness, it is a strength. It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme – to the cosmic unfolding.”

–  Mooji

Covid Series Throat & SurrenderSurrender is defined as capitulation but it`s a whole lot more than that.  Surrender is your willingness to accept right now the circumstances as they are.  It`s your ability to sink into your immediate experience and what you might be feeling.  Surrender brings relief as we relinquish the idea that we have any authority to make the external reality different.  In truth, surrender is the only practical option.

The beauty of surrender is that it grants us unfettered access to the present moment.  Surrender allows us to align with Universal wisdom and flow ;  pure, enlightened Throat Chakra energy allows us to tap readily into solution energy.

Surrender is Grace and opportunity.  It is a beautiful, spacious, gentle energetic resonant with the vibration of freedom and peace.

**To support your Healing during this time of disruption, a beautiful wave of starseeded Light downloaded during the recent powerful March Equinox portal.  Bring these lively colours into your meditation or spiritual practice and feel their benefit.

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