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Drama, fear and control

Do you smell it too?  All this contrivance has a reeking stench to it.  The saturation coverage by mainstream media and its use of wartime language, the manufactured angst, dissemination of erroneous information and now the resultant restrictions placed on the populace – the whole thing feels decidedly like the last gasp of the old world.  WeCovid Control are witnessing the death throes of an archaic, aggressive, patriarchal Third Dimensional cabal and its desperate, final, brazen attempt to drag us all back into fear, separation and the duality-consciousness that polarizes us away from Soul and our Higher aspects.  Recall how easy it was 19 years ago to peddle the fear, to frighten, control and manipulate people because so many were on edge and existing in a reactionary state.

Covid Fear

The fear and drama hanging in the air are not mine and neither are they yours, rather those frequencies exist in the collective consciousness and you might experience a varying degree of interaction with them.  Fear and drama have no point of ingress into my sphere of awareness and no bearing on my day-to-day lived experience, instead what I initially felt was resentment at the oppressive measures being implemented.  I was being held hostage by fascist-like authoritarianism and I didn`t like it one bit.   

The crushing, overblown response by government here in Sydney is laughable as heavy-handed police chase people off the beaches and out of the parks but those outdoorsy, sun-loving, sovereign freethinkers ought to be applauded because, in the thick of this event they are intent on choosing their own experience.  Importantly, they know what their bodies need :  the sunshine providing all-important immune-boosting, Depression-busting Vitamin D, and relaxing in nature helps them feel more grounded as they anchor back into present time and into their lower Chakras.  These empowered individuals are choosing to stay above the reactive state.  The Establishment however can`t have individuals thinking for themselves lest it loses control of the narrative.   

Fact is, plenty of people are questioning the narrative that we`re all being force-fed.  Over the past 19 years a huge shift in consciousness has occurred and an ever-increasing fraternity of awakened, spiritual individuals and truthseekers now spreads across our planet.  Surrounding Earth also is a grid of high-frequency crystalline Light, a foundational platform that now holds in place structures of consciousness that are superior to the original Creator templates that existed in the age of Lemuria and at the time of Atlantis.  These energetics are impregnable and impervious to infiltration.  The Lightworker community has worked tirelessly to achieve this and each awakening individual serves not only to augment these structures of higher-dimensional consciousness and Light but to also act as a beacon for others.

Your Light quotient has increased – you are simply holding more Light – and this has accelerated since 2012.  The influxes of intelligent Light washing through the earthly plane bring massive downloads of information which upgrade our Light-Bodies and Chakra system, dismantling the default-setting of fear, lifting you out of mundane survival and defensive conditioning and bringing you back into joyful ease and well-being.

The awake and the aware truly are living the Light, the wisdom and inherent knowing, giving it practical linear application in their daily lived experience.  This network of activated Heart-lights expands and becomes exponential as each new awakening Soul triggers more awakening Souls.  

This event marks a turning point and a defining moment for Earth and humanity.    

**To support your Healing during this time of disruption, a beautiful wave of starseeded Light downloaded during the recent powerful March Equinox portal.  Bring these lively colours into your meditation or spiritual practice and feel their benefit.

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