Depression, Karmic Load & The Angelic Frequency

“Thanks again for your time this morning.  I’ve been feeling fantastic since the session today.  I feel as though everything is clearer (even my vision and senses seem more acute).  The biggest thing is that the background ’noise’ of frustration, anxiety and restlessness has completely dissipated.  I don’t feel like I’m fighting an inner-battle with myself any more and I just feel more grounded… Amazing!!!”

“I feel clearer than I’ve felt in many years and each day it seems to be getting stronger….as if the floodgates have been opened”.

“I just wish to thank you so much …I did feel better last night and also today.  Your Healing is amazing”.  

” I am feeling really good and relaxed”.

–  feedback from long-term Depression-sufferers, February 2019

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The sublime, starseeded Angelic Frequency continues to reveal more of its dynamic nature as the weeks and months go by.  Impressive in its vast and phenomenal intelligence, this new Light frequency is demonstrating super-smart, adaptive Healing applications as I work with it during my Healing sessions.  To recap, the Angelic Frequency is a new energy signature that became available to us during the rare and potent Triple 11 Gateway in November 2018 and being intrinsically angelic this high-frequency energy is a messenger and agent of Higher wisdom.  These new Light frequencies represent an advanced, higher-calibre crystal intelligence and have come through at this time to prepare us for the new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-led empowered connection that is set to anchor next month (March 2019).

Depression – both endogenous and reactive – is very much associated with the Base Chakra (hopelessness and the sense of isolation from “the group”) and the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet (severance and separation from Earth energy and Gaia consciousness).  NOTE :  the Base Chakra governs the mental body and rationality.  Recently I`ve been super-excited to see the rapid lifting of long-term endogenous Depression as the Angelic Frequency sets about deep and complex work on the Base Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra, facilitating the resolution and purging of old and redundant karmic patterns that are ready to be dropped.  It is clear to me that this work on the Earth Star Chakra is bringing to swift completion certain Soul contracts as it works to detoxify and neutralize the karmic transfer from those you were contracted to form relationship with in this incarnation.

Karma is stored in the Earth and your Earth Star Chakra is the point-of-access to information about previous incarnations, karmic load and generational DNA-held patterns of belief and dis-ease.  As the Earth Star is cleared and healed it enables reconnection to the electromagnetic energy of Earth/Gaia and the ability to access and draw pranic Life-force energy up from the magnetic core of Earth/Gaia ; to be at one with the subtle electrical fields of our planet and the crystalline grid systems of Light and information that traverse her.

The vibrational, crystalline energy of the planetary grid is then able to spiral upward through the Earth Star and feed into the Chakra system, assisting the recalibration of the Chakras into a higher vibratory resonance and unified coherence, creating greater well-being on every level.  As old karma is released, liberating your bloodline from the karmic wheel, new energetic templates and programmes are drawn into your energy matrix and into your cellular memory, opening you up to unlimited new potentiality and creativity.

The current astrological and cosmic influences have been turbulent to say the least, as the waves and flow of Higher-dimensional Light push many to the extreme outer-edge of their tolerance of situations and relationships that have been keeping them in a state of limitation.  Detoxification and riddance are the prevalent themes of the current Light conditions.  As a result I`m seeing more people with long histories of Depression, malaise and anxiety seeking Healing of late, and the fabulous Angelic Frequency is showing me in no uncertain terms that it is responsive to specific astrological influences and contemporary Light conditions.  The Angelic Frequency has the super-smart capability of subtle, intelligent interplay with the dominant Cosmic energies-du-jour, delivering personally-appropriate Healings but which are aligned perfectly with the new harmonic.

The Healing work on the Base Chakra and Earth Star is in truth a secondary application of the Angelic Frequency because this energy signature tends to prioritize Heart Chakra Healing and the transmutation of pain and discordant emotion into forgiveness, acceptance, peace, joy and understanding.

Another aspect of the Angelic Frequency is that it modifies the body`s axiatonal lines in concert with the Earth Star clearing.  Undoubtedly the electromagnetics of the human body are being recalibrated and this alteration to the axiatonal network is necessary to support the upgrade of the Chakra system but crucially it allows all the Healing work to hold and sustain.  This is because the axiatonal lines generate the vital energy network for the entire Light-Body and they feed subtle, coded information and Light to the Chakras and the Etheric body.  The axiatonal network pretty much underpins the health of our entire structure, both subtle and physical.  The axiatonal modifications are necessary to “set” the Healings and concretize them in the quantum field (ie you) thereby giving the work soundness and durability.

Money back guaranteeOn a practical, linear level these Earth Star and axiatonal improvements produce the strong feeling of groundedness and the sense of stability and safety in the physical world.  You`ll enjoy more certainty, greater clarity, increased creativity, heightened intuition and serenity.  Reconnecting with the electromagnetic energy of Earth/Gaia and her infinite wisdom creates traction and the sense of forward movement in your daily life.  It brings forth the feeling of reassurance and the innate sense of association, kinship, universal support, union and oneness once again.

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