The Post-Healing Flu

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So you`ve had a Healing session only to come down with a heavy cold (or any other sickness for that matter) a few days later, but there`s a sound reason why you`ve been sat squarely on your caboose.  Counter-intuitive though it may seem these flu-like symptoms are a very positive sign and are a direct response by the body to your intention to heal.  The physical manifestation of sickness post-session – referred to as a Healing crisis – indicates wholesale cleansing from every level of your Being.  Extensive changes to your energetic structure are underway and the illness is symptomatic of the system reorganizing itself and coming back into balance and equilibrium.  It is the catharsis your Heart and Soul cried out for.  A post-Healing flu is asking you in no uncertain terms to stop and be present, to be fully available to the now moment and what might be coming up for you in the wake of your Healing session.  The illness is imploring you to start being kind to yourself.

The post-Healing flu, though occurring very rarely, does seem to happen for a particular “type”, usually female, typically high-achieving Type A personalities :  the lady who is excessively goal-driven, who possesses a laser-like focus, highly competitive, prone to impatience and is harshly critical of herself and others.  I myself am well acquainted with her for she is the woman I used to be.

The uncomfortable Truth

Oftentimes the Truth is flat out uncomfortable but if you`re honest did you really give yourself the time to fully honour your emotions as you weathered your private defeats?  Or, as we do in Western culture, did you reflexively move into survival mode and deny those emotions, pushing them down in the interests of carrying on, stoically moving through it all and gliding quickly on to the next thing.  If you`ve ever lacked compassion for yourself, found it difficult to forgive yourself, if you`ve routinely denied your Truth, if you consistently buried your disappointments, your grief and your losses, your pain, your shame, your betrayals and your wounding then your Healing session will set about retrieving the energetic frequency of these experiences, bringing it to the surface for review and resolution to enable forgiveness, acceptance and allowance, understanding and peace.

The process of release is not always elegant and tidy nor is it always linear and orderly as you move through the purging of old, long-held emotion and pain from deep within the cellular matrix.  The rigid patterns, particularly fear and fear-based conditioning and sequences of tight control are dismantling and dissolving.  Anything that is not Love is breaking down and vibrating out.  Release represents major transformation and growth.

The repression of Truth is a health-destroyer.  Not only does it cause an energy drain, it creates complex and leveraged layers of discord and disharmony within the mind and emotions that eventually drop down into the physical body and manifest as dis-ease.

A post-Healing flu tells me there`s a much-needed softening underway in the internal relationship with Self – softening the brittle edges, softening the stiff defenses and the unconscious survival mechanisms.  In progress is a lessening of the harshness, a pacifying of the anger towards self, a tempering of the old conditioned responses, moderating the inner dialogue, neutralizing the self-judgment, allaying the concern, mitigating the (perceived) mistakes.  A post-Healing flu is opening the Heart while taking the rest to pieces.

Healing modalities like Reiki and Reconnective Healing that work with inter-dimensional energy and intelligent spiritual Light, and the new advanced starseeded Diamond and Angelic Frequencies set about deep and complex work to reorder and reorganize, to disassemble old patterns and programmes that no longer serve you, that keep you in a space of limitation.  All the internal noise and the jumble of unconscious habits are dissolving, in turn creating a shift in energetic frequency and vibration that transmutes density into purity, and judgment (of Self) into Love.

If I could say one thing :  try to avoid taking cold and flu medications and allow the body to do its intuitive, corrective work through the clearing process.  These medications “trap” an energetic residue of the infection in the cellular matrix and prevent the illness clearing completely, as though an energetic echo of the sickness becomes locked in cellular memory.  Allow the body the time to heal naturally.

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