Powerlessness : The Genesis Of Endometriosis

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”   

– Albert Einstein

A year ago, in March 2018, I found myself at a Yellow Ribbon Endometriosis Awareness event in Sydney during which the guest speaker, a renowned Sydney-based Gynaecologist, stated that the medical community has no idea what causes this debilitating dis-ease, nor why some women develop it while others don`t.

Emotion.  Emotion.  Emotion.  That was the word running through my mind incessantly while the mixed panel of doctors and sufferers were discussing that night all the nastiness of endometriosis.

The more women I speak with, the more women I see for Healing sessions, the more certain I am that the origin of endometriosis – its root cause – is a deeply ingrained sense of powerlessness, especially when experienced through a woman`s formative years.  The women I speak with who have either a current experience of endometriosis or a history of it, all answer with an unequivocal and resounding “yes” when I ask :  was there ever a time in your life when you felt completely powerless?  Always they answer without hesitation, without any doubt.

Forming an intention to drill down into the emotion, to get to the nub of the issue is the point where your Healing starts.  Working with a counsellor or psychotherapist to deconstruct the emotion, to understand where it has come from is the first step to resolving the inner disharmony that has lead to endometriosis.

An ideal complement to the psychological work is a Healing modality that works with inter-dimensional energy (or intelligent, spiritual Light) such as Reiki and Reconnective Healing as well as the new, advanced, starseeded Diamond and Angelic Healing frequencies.  The higher-dimensional intelligence of these modalities clears the stored emotion from the Astral body, from the Chakra system and from the physical body`s cellular matrix.  They work to dismantle and release the old programmes, patterns and conditioning, dispelling the self-sabotaging thought-form and the outdated perceptions, disassembling the complexity and the layers of disharmony.  They transfigure distortion into Truth.  These modalities also help the system reorder and reorganize itself back into homeostasis, balance and ease, and clients feed back to me that they notice a discernible diminution of physical symptoms specifically the easing of menstrual pain and abdominal discomfort after their Healing session.

The Sacral Chakra (beneath the navel) is our center of creativity and pleasure and it is through the Sacral that we manage our individual power and issues around money, sex and sensuality, influence, control, self-defence and competition, so it`s hardly surprising that an entrenched sense of powerlessness would manifest in physical dis-ease in this region of the body.  The element associated with the Sacral Chakra is water which happens to be the element of the emotions, the subconscious and the psyche.  The water element is characterized by flow and mutability but when a person is racked with a sense of powerlessness life`s natural current is to a degree, obstructed.

Powerlessness feels to me like a tangle of stuff :  sadness, frustration, fatalism, pessimism, cynicism and resignation but it`s the shame around the powerlessness that is probably most damaging.  The energetic of shame is a very dense vibration ;  it is a heavy, compressed energy.  The illusion of powerlessness pervades and taints every connection – both internal and external – making life feel leaden and difficult and slow.  The sense of powerlessness distorts your perception of pretty much everything because, in your mind at least, you were never really in the race, never a contender.

Endometriosis feels to me like a physical manifestation of a deep-seated sense of lack – the perceived lack of personal currency, lack of regard by others, lack of status, lack of importance, lack of relevance, lack of influence, lack of the power and ability to produce a desired effect or to control an outcome you desperately needed. 

To me, endometriosis feels like a percussive reverberation of the powerlessness echoing through the reproductive tract, the jarring dissonance of the emotion howling through the Sacral Chakra, pounding the uterine, pealing through the endometrium and blasting the cells.  Every expression of consciousness we experience – every single thought, feeling and intention – is held in our subtle bodies but eventually does descend into the physical body to be stored in the cells.

So you`re not convinced that emotion has anything to do with endometriosis or any other dis-ease for that matter?  Then you only need to consider the work of Dr Masaru Emoto and his famous experiments in which water was subjected to specific thoughts, words and intent.  Droplets of the water were then frozen and photographed and examined using a dark field microscope.  His studies clearly demonstrate how the physical structure of water reacts to consciousness and frequency, or human vibrational energy.  The droplets exposed to loving, peaceful, life-affirming sounds and thoughts comprised beautiful, geometric crystal structures resembling the platonic solids – they exhibited a harmonious symmetry.  By contrast, the droplets of water subjected to words and thoughts of negativity, hostility and discord formed structures that were chaotic, disfigured and warped.  Check it out for yourself on Youtube.

The quality of our thoughts and our inner-dialogue absolutely effects the molecular structure of the water in our body and changes its physical structure.

Imagine the effect your ideation and self-talk has on the water that makes up roughly 60 – 70% of your mature human body.  It`s huge!

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