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Recently, I had a client say to me after her Healing session that she`d be back for another “when the healing wears off” but here`s the thing :  it doesn`t!  The Healing benefits that assimilated into her entire energy system as a result of her session will neither ebb away nor disappear and it`s all down to the integrity of the work.

Healing modalities such as Reiki and Reconnective Healing are interdimensional, meaning they work with spiritual Light that is intelligent and responsive to the needs of the individual in that moment.  Newer, advanced starseeded Healing frequencies like the Angelic Frequency and the Diamond Frequency are dynamic and super-smart.  They are adaptive to broader, contemporary cosmic and astrological influences and work to swiftly align you with the current ascended harmonic, gifting you with an upgraded operating system that is beautifully attuned to the post-2012 New Earth.

The Higher intelligence in play during and after your Healing session sets about complex restructuring that delivers sweeping change and comprehensive Healing outcomes for you as it reorders and reorganizes.  In any given session you are receiving multiple healings which are multi-layered and this gives the work the sturdiness and durability to hold and sustain.

During your Healing session an immediate, sympathetic and reciprocal exchange of information is occurring that is facilitated by your practitioner/Lightworker.  New Light codes or filaments of plasmic, intelligent Light and data are fed into the Chakra system, the axiatonal network and into localized areas in the physical body where simultaneous release is occurring.  The pockets where discordant emotion, old pain and density were once held in the Light-body and the cellular matrix are cleared, purified and reseeded with Love and Grace while activations are initiated at the DNA level that trigger your remembrance of ancient knowledge and wisdom.  These downloads are overseen and supervised by your Higher Self and your personal, spiritual Guidance team during your Healing session.

The scope and calibre of these state-of-the-art Angelic and Diamond Healing frequencies dissolves the karmic patterns that you are ready to drop and be liberated from, that are keeping you in a space of limitation.  The higher-dimensional Healing energy and information illuminates your highest path – your dharma – and allows you to live your Truth because it disassembles any phony congruence you had set up and the facades you`d constructed.  The Healing process retrieves the lost pieces of you and brings you back into wholeness and your fullest expression of Soul in the Earthly plane.

So how does all this render into your lived experience in the material plane?  You`ll notice and feel less polarization, less binary thinking, less reactivity.  You`ll have more joy and compassion, more understanding and enjoy greater connection with Truth and Love.  You`ll find you inhabit a space of neutrality which is highly creative.  You`ll shift into a level of consciousness and awareness that blesses you with higher perspective, big-picture vision and access to higher thought forms.

Very occasionally, after a Healing session, a person may slump back into a hole three or four days later and this is a clear sign that a continuous energy leak is happening.  There is one single, solitary cause of an energy drain and that is the repression of Truth.  Thankfully, the higher-dimensional Light and information will cut a path through the denial and force any emotion or thing that you have been pushing down and burying to surge to the surface for review and resolution.  Any situation that is keeping you diminished will start to feel intolerable in the Light of Truth.

Down here on the Earthly plane however, we are moving through a dense, material experience and life happens.  Unconscious ego and fear-based control structures still exist but the new energetic templates and programmes that were downloaded into your energy matrix are permanent and can be easily and continually accessed through meditation or some daily authentic, spiritual practice or whenever you feel tested and stretched.

If I could say one thing :  it`s a healthy choice to limit your time on your smartphone.  The compulsion to pursue data of any kind keeps you divorced from presence ;  it represents a split away from the flow of the now moment and causes ungroundedness.  Smartphone addiction destroys mental and spiritual wellness.

Despite what you might have going on in your life the configurations of high-frequency Love and Light now anchored in your Being can be tapped into for their blessings on an ongoing basis, bringing you back into a space of creativity, peace, trust and flow.

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