Clearing & Upgrading The Earth Star Chakra

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Some gorgeous work on the Earth Star Chakra has been occurring recently during Healing sessions but importantly it is incidental to the Heart Chakra upgrade and the healing and elevation of the Heart-Mind connection.  It`s all down to the starseeded Angelic Frequency working its sexy sophisticated magic in conjunction with current astrological influences, especially the December 2018 Solstice Stargate and now the January/February 2019 Eclipse season with its theme of detoxification and riddance.

This modification to the Earth Star Chakra is necessary to anchor the wider upgrade of your Chakra system including the recalibration of axiatonal lines that exist within and beyond your Light-Body.  It is needed to balance your attunement to the new electromagnetics and higher vibratory resonance of the 5-D post-2012 New Earth, and to stabilize the activation of the Higher Chakras that exist beyond the Soul Star as you align with the advanced 13-Chakra-system and deeper connection to the Universal and unified All Is One.  You are being primed to receive, hold and transmit a greater amount of 5-D (and higher) crystalline energy through your Light-Body as the glorious fractal aspect of you that is multidimensional and cosmic undergoes further customizing.

earth star chakraLocated 12 – 18 inches beneath the feet and connected via a triangulation with the smaller Chakras in the feet, the Earth Star Chakra hooks you into the planetary grid system of vibrational crystalline energy and the subtle magnetic fields of Earth/Gaia, giving you the ability to access and draw pranic life-force energy from the magnetic core of Earth and aligning you with Gaia consciousness, the spiritual essence of our planet.  The Earth Star grounds your entire expanded Chakra system and it is your centre of Oneness ;  it simultaneously connects you to the collective consciousness of humanity and the infinite All That Is.

As more of your Kundalini energy awakens and spirals upward from the base of your spine you are able to draw more magnetic energy through the Earth Star and up into the Chakra system, unifying the Chakras which now operate at an elevated vibratory rate that is resonant with the Higher dimensions of consciousness, and importantly creating greater well-being on every level.

As we purify, heal and evolve so does Earth/Gaia

This energetic upgrade of the Earth Star Chakra brings you into communion and harmony with the sacred healing energy and wisdom of Gaia because it facilitates an unimpeded sweeter exchange of subtle information between she and you as your Light-Body anchors more firmly into your Earth Star.  Your Earth Star allows the Light of the Higher realms to integrate and merge with the crystalline grids of Gaia.  Flowing from this you`ll sense the presence of greater synchronicity and benevolent magic in daily life, and quicker manifestation and speedy progression as you linearize and render the higher-dimensional Light frequencies of The Field into material form.  You`ll remain strongly grounded and have a greater recognition of your innate gifts and your Soul mission whilst enjoying a wide perspective and big-picture vision, a tranquil mind, and the feeling of security and stability in the physical world.

It is said that karma is stored in the Earth and that the Earth Star Chakra holds your Akashic record ;  your Earth Star is the point-of-access to information about previous incarnations, karmic load and generational DNA-held patterns of belief and dis-ease, including addiction and Depression The healing of your Earth Star is helping to purge and resolve not only your own karmic load, it is working to liberate your bloodline from the karmic wheel while also assisting collective humanity as well.

Depression – both endogenous and reactive – is associated with the Base Chakra and the Earth Star and I routinely notice deep work occurring in these two energy centres during Healing sessions for Depression-sufferers.

I have the sense too that this work on the Earth Star is expediting the completion of certain Soul contracts as it helps to detoxify and neutralize the karmic transfer from those you were contracted to form relationship with in this incarnation.  Sustained ill-wishing and psychic attack by others can negatively impact the Earth Star as does physical trauma, violence and severe shock.  As old karma is released new energetic templates and programmes are drawn into your energy matrix and into your cellular memory, triggering remembrance of your wholeness and your ancient power, in turn allowing you to skip to a brand new Timeline rich in fresh potential.

What I love about Earth Star Healing is that it ushers you into a beautifully neutral and non-reactive state of Being – a space in which you transcend the need for choice and just simply Be.  Spontaneously and instinctively you exist in divine coherence with Gaia and the Higher realms as Soul prevails and Heart energy leads.  It’s perfect.

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