Lightworker Versus Lightworker

When it comes to complementary therapies, if there​`​s one thing that makes me uncomfortable it`s when your practitioner starts criticizing other Healing modalities, Lightworkers and healers.  Many years ago I encountered a couple of practitioners who would readily dismiss other modalities and it never sat well with me.  They denigrated everything else out there as though it was inferior, implying that their modality was the absolute last word in Healing and complementary health care.

It just doesn`t feel like Love to me, to be judging and denouncing other modalities and practitioners, because it`s plainly at odds with the energetic of the post-2012 New Earth where Soul dominates and Heart energy leads.  Unity, harmony, Love, understanding and co-operation characterize our sparkling, new 5-D Earth as more and more individuals awaken to their Truth and regain their wholeness.

I`m sorry, but to attack the practices of other Healers smacks of ego and service-to-self, both of which are the hallmarks of the now-crumbling fear-based Third dimensional Earth.  It smells of dissonance, separation and the old, competitive dog-eat-dog world.

I`m sorry, but it`s uncool to be condemning other Healing modalities in the absence of direct first-hand experience and it is discrepant with the notion of Free Will that is the distinctive feature of our planet.  Being disrespectful of others in the Lightworker community disrespects the choices of all because individuals are drawn to what feels right for them.

There is no wrong or right, no black or white, no binary thinking in the New Earth.  Ego is relegated to the lower Chakras in the 5-D energetic, allowing the innate wisdom of the Heart and Higher Heart to elevate the Heart-Mind connectionThe supreme guiding force is the Law of Resonance and going with what feels right.  As the body`s axiatonal lines are altered and the Chakra system evolves into a coherent, higher vibratory rate, choice is in fact transcended.  In the New Earth, feeling your way through life is the true way to roll.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.

I once heard a teacher of Reiki disdainfully observe that “there`s all this new stuff coming out now” and I remember thinking that maybe it`s because ​we`ve reached the point where we`re ready for it.  Does the Healing community really need to be clawing at itself?  Must we feel the need to be in competition with each other?  Suffice to say, I never went back to that teacher or those judgmental practitioners – it just felt to me like they still had a bit of work to do on themselves.

That I felt compelled to write this piece is a drag.  To the naysayers…

don`t knock it `til you`ve tried it.

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