Evoking Atlantean Aspects

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Activating the codes of self-determination

For a host of reasons on a multitude of levels the current event is acting as a choice point, catalyzing wholesale awakening, growth and transformation.  As many quietly question and even resist the dominant covid narrative it is rousing the remembrance of ancient wisdom and the knowing of your very inception as a direct Source incarnation.  Dormant codes (information) carried in your DNA are being activated and as they come online these filaments of intelligent, plasmic Light then upload energetic templates and programmes into your Light-Body and Chakra system.

The perfect, enlightened aspects of Atlantean consciousness feel to be increasingly relevant and appropriate to this time as we all navigate the current disruption.  The Greek philosopher Plato (born approx 427 BC) told how Atlantis had existed some 9,000 years before his own time and that its story had been passed down by poets, priests and others.  According to Plato Atlantis was a highly advanced, prehistoric civilization that existed in the mid-Atlantic Ocean just outside the “Pillars of Hercules,” the two rocks that mark the entrance to the Straits of Gibraltar.  It is said that Atlantis existed for a millennium before its islands sunk.     


Originally, the inhabitants of Atlantis were spiritual and moral.  Atlantean Being very much resonated with kingliness – natural leaders who lead by example Atlanteans were autonomous and bowed to no one.  They were self-reliant, analytical and great problem-solvers.      

Atlanteans were industrious, technologically advanced and capable of tremendous innovation.  They strove for progress and betterment, believing every avenue of endeavour could be improved upon.  Atlanteans were curious and enjoyed a broad intellect :  they coveted knowledge and were devoted to learning.  The history of Atlantis was successful for achieving advances in science, the arts and wizardry.

Atlanteans had unfailing belief in their own abilities and could reason with and influence others, and in the post-2012 New Earth the compassionate teachers and way showers who seek to guide others into a 5-D (and higher) existence likely hold an echo of these positive, illumined Atlantean traits.

(Note :  it is believed that Atlanteans were eventually corrupted, becoming greedy, arrogant, exploitative and technologically unethical and their descent into the shadow heralded the fall of consciousness on Earth.  However, the contemporary resurgence of the pure and perfect aspects of Atlantean consciousness is having the added benefit of healing ancient Atlantean timelines and incarnational lines of darkness and polarity.  In healing the past we heal our future.)

The Laws of Resonance are a powerful force in the current circumstances as old timelines expire.  Many now are finding their tribe, seeking out their true community as they negotiate jarring dichotomies, extricating themselves from outdated, now-dissonant energy and the overbearing fear-based narrative.

As information is weaponised and statistics massaged question authority and in so doing, claim back your dominion.  Follow your own counsel :  your inner voice knows the Truth and speaks it to you.

**To support you during this time of disruption, a beautiful wave of starseeded Light downloaded during the recent powerful March Equinox portal.  Bring these lively colours into your meditation or spiritual practice and feel their benefit.

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