The Laws Of Resonance Reign Supreme Right Now

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The spiralling flow of Time quickens

Last week I posted a piece about timelines and how, for many right now old timelimes are expiring as new Time Spirals are being initiated.

(Note :  the flow of Time moves in a circular spiralling pattern, it is not linear)

The current event is acting as a choice point and a catalyst for expanding perception and profound growth.  In parallel with the prevailing death-creation energy, Earth`s vibration increased yet again in the week following Easter because much density, especially fear-based conditioning and resistance has shifted out of mass-consciousness.  Many are now in the process of dropping what they no longer need as fresh potential and new realities open up.

Current circumstances have altered significantly our relationship with Time and the quality of our interaction with Time`s energy.  Paradoxically, the slower pace of life these days contrasts with a spiralling flow of Time that is quickening and winding tighter as human consciousness shifts and levels up.  Time`s circular forces work to separate and clarify, sharpening perception and highlighting all that is resonant and feels right and all that doesn`t.  Centrifugal forces dictate that connective bonds will weaken in dissonance and strengthen in resonance.

Covid Series Law of AttractionThe tightening spiral of Time has a purifying effect :  it amplifies all distortion, perversion, manipulation and illusion yet simultaneously fortifies all that is Love and truth.  The Law of Resonance has many individuals now shifting their focus and losing connection with the old and what I`m loving about this event is that many people are finding their true level as they navigate it.  The silver lining!

The relevance of the Chakras

The current event is propelling Heart Chakra energy forward and allowing us to align with its creativity and wisdom.  Pure Heart energy is more available now thanks to theCovid Series Heart Chakra recalibrations that have occurred in the lower Chakras particularly since October 2019. New Light frequencies and starseeded Light geometries emit from the galactic core and wash through the earthly plane :  these creational templates download into the Chakras, modifying the dynamics of the Chakra system and the electromagnetic fields within the Light-Body.

Covid Series Solar PlexusAltering the vibration and spin of the Base and Sacral centers in turn positively impacts the functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra – this is your center of sovereign empowerment, self-belief and self-worth.  In the lower levels of consciousness that defined the old Third Dimensional Earth the authority of the Solar Plexus was distorted and diminished :  at the dense 3-D level this center is plagued by defensiveness and coloured by the fear-based survival programmes dominating the Base Chakra and the emotional reactivity of the Sacral.  The 3-D Solar Plexus then is doomed to hold a sullied, impure perception of Self and an identity based in inferiority and deficiency.

When you alter the quality of the ideation (Base Chakra) and harmonize the emotion (Sacral Chakra) you neutralize and eliminate the defensive reaction (Solar Plexus).

Restructuring in the lower three Chakras has allowed the Heart Chakra`s power to burst forth and flourish.  Now as human consciousness evolves into 5-D and higher, Heart energy is no longer cut off and dissociated from the Chakra system.

**To support your Healing during this time of disruption, a beautiful wave of starseeded Light downloaded during the recent powerful March Equinox portal. Bring these lively colours into your meditation or spiritual practice and feel their benefit.

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