Old Timelines Expire While Present Time Stretches

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By slowing us all down the current event has had the effect of altering our relationship with Time.  What`s cool is that the supporting framework for this was set up in August 2019.

At the time of the Lion`s Gate stargate last year – the 8:8 portal on the 8th of August 2019 – new Light codes or creational templates came through which conveyed teachings that urged humanity to ease up and come into alignment with natural time and Universal flow.  This is a rhythm that is much slower and more deliberate than mechanical 3-D clock time.

In the 5-D post-2012 New Earth we are being called to reside in the space of the Heart – to live fully in Heart energy – and a defining characteristic of 5-D Heart-centered existence is a pace of life that is much slower and simpler.  The current event is propelling Heart energy forward, supplanting the once-dominant mental body (Base Chakra) and distorted ego energy (Solar Plexus).  As a result old, outdated timelines that were generated by the very limited mental body are now expiring and rapidly becoming obsolete just as brand new Timelines that are ripe with fresh potential are birthing.  Many individuals are now shifting their focus and losing connection with the old and it`s all down to the mighty Law of Resonance.  The initiation of new Timelines is happening at the national and geopolitical levels too.

The Heart in it`s infinite wisdom has no concept of Time ;  Heart Chakra energy is beyond Time because it operates in the eternal, infinite present moment.  An open Heart is the timeless and pure vibration of creation.  Heart energy exemplifies the flow of Creative Intelligence because it allows you to stretch Time in order to create the space and latitude in any given moment to launch multiple creational endeavours.

(Note :  this ability to expand and bend time is a hallmark of the Light codes and knowledge emanating from the constellation Draco, however this is but one element of the constant stream of galactic and cosmic assistance we are receiving)

Time-Space moves through you, not the opposite and because you are creative essence at your core you`re working with the energy of Time via the powerful and integral energy of intentionality.  

Covid Series New Timelines #2With each new idea that you conceive and develop a new Timeline is initiated which bears its own distinctive electromagnetic field.  This lends the timeline a magnetic resonance or energetic stickiness that then merges and interacts with the energetics of The Field.  Via sacred geometry, structures of Light and information are magnetized into the energetic template brought forth by your intention because it is your focussed intention that manifests the unformed into form.

Frequency is key :  as your new Timeline opens out (Time actually moves in a spiral pattern) its electromagnetic field radiates a unique frequency which attracts people and opportunities that are aligned with it and who will become a part of its narrative.  Skipping to a new Time spiral is about shifting frequency into the reality you choose, and present time awareness is the gift that grants you unlimited access.   

As this process plays out it`s easy to have the mistaken sense that you have moved through Time but in truth the manifestation of your idea – and therein Time – has actually moved towards you.

The current event has enabled The Establishment to contrive an overbearing narrative, using it to frighten, control and manipulate the populace.  Many quietly reject this however because the sovereign awakened ones have created their own Time spirals and narratives that are based in self-empowerment, Love, grace and the higher levels of consciousness.  These Creator individuals hold a higher frequency and so cannot be dominated – their Time spirals are impervious to infiltration.  Since 2012 the evolution of consciousness on our planet has seen an increasing number ascend into illumined self-empowerment and expanded awareness, able to hold much higher frequencies in their Light-Body.

The Time spirals now being created on Earth are of such high frequency that they in fact repel anything that is not of the Light, that is not energetically pristine.

So, as you ponder your choices consider the following timely advice from the Angelic presence Kryon (channelled through Lee Carroll).  From your quiet space of meditation and spiritual practice, ask this question of Spirit, of Soul, of your Higher Self :

What do I need to know? 

…”Then sit back. Don’t expect handwriting on the wall or a voice from beyond. Instead, be quiet and continue your life. Wait for the synchronicity that belongs to you, to supply the answers that you didn’t expect. This is the most mature, wise, and profound question a Human can ask – yet they often do not. Instead, they ask about immediate reality and things that are linear, that have nothing to do with their magnificence. 

Leave differently than you came”.

**To support your Healing during this time of disruption, a beautiful wave of starseeded Light downloaded during the recent powerful March Equinox portal. Bring these lively colours into your meditation or spiritual practice and feel their benefit.

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