The 10:10 Gateway Brings New Positivity & Optimism

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10th of October 2019

Cosmic influxes of Light flood into the earthly plane regularly, feeding into the crystalline grid systems that traverse our planet and merging with our Light-Body and our DNA.  Today`s 10:10 Gateway brings another surge of higher-dimensional Light and these latest downloads have the feel of intitiation about them, as though preparing us all for the next upshift in consciousness and expansion into new levels of awareness.

These latest downloads of Light are resonant with fresh optimism and new positivity and the groundwork for them was laid out at the June Solstice with the lovely Solar Plexus upgrades which nurtured greater sovereignty, self-mastery, empowerment and self-realization.  The Light codes (filaments of intelligent Light) of today`s 10:10 portal bring the blessings of resilience and courage, gifting you with the strength and vitality to overcome past aversion to dealing with historical pain and old wounding.

The Light and frequencies coming through the 10:10 aperture are supporting greater synergy and collaboration between your spiritual and physical power.  They allow new hopefulness and buoyancy to seep into your consciousness, bringing a new willingness and energetic sustenance to lean into and examine old emotional trauma but with the resolve to leave the past behind.  The vibrational resonance of the 10:10 Light reminds us that the death of the old creates space for something new.

There is a wonderful warmth and aliveness to today`s 10:10 energy as it nurtures unity, wholeness and infinity.  These frequencies foster the sense of completeness and greater self-awareness through a healthier union of body, mind and spirit and evolution into the Divine Mind.  They have the power to lift you up and beyond old limitations, providing you clarity about what action you need to take.  They help you to let go as they nudge you into forward movement, new potentiality, growth and development.  Expect to feel this transformation in your physical body too, especially in the Sacral Chakra and pelvic region.

In summary, the energy of today`s 10:10 portal is creative, stimulating and rejuvenating yet it has a sheltering quality to it.  It`ll open you up while cushioning you from grief and disappointment.

I hasten to add that there is passion and intensity to this energy which may lead to sudden and dramatic, reactive outbursts and eruptions of stormy emotion.  The upside however is that these energies will shake off old inhibition and give you the confidence to leave behind all that is unsatisfactory.

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