Codes Of Sovereignty At The Solstice, June 2019

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June Solstice 2019 :  Lavender Love and Solar Plexus Power

At last weekend`s June Solstice Gateway a beautiful download of Light and information occurred and, right on cue, came through to supplement the starseeded new harmonic.  As of March Equinox 2019 each and every one of us now exists in a new energetic that is seeding revolutionary change on our planet, both at the quantum level and for the collective as it radiates the resonance of tranquility, trust, neutrality, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection.

These intelligent Solstice Light transmissions emit from the Galactic core and impart benevolence and teachings as they merge with your Light-Body, inform and upgrade your personal energy matrix and facilitate your growth and evolution in the New Earth paradigm.

The June 2019 Solstice wave dovetails with the Heart-oriented new harmonic and has come through to serve and support your empowerment and self-actualization.  This latest configuration of Light and Love is prioritizing the Solar Plexus Chakra which is the seat of your personal power and self-mastery.  The lesson of this energy center is honour yourself – it is your center of self-esteem, self-belief, self-respect, courage and confidence.  Through a clear, healthy Solar Plexus you achieve a strong sense of personal identity and individualization while remaining true to yourself.  You set and hold your boundaries of protection from the Solar Plexus and through this energy center you clarify your sense of integrity and project an authentic expression of Self.  Your ability to engage with life from a foundation of trust derives from Solar Plexus energy.

At the Solstice Gateway I was shown a phenomenal, translucent lavender presenting in pyramidic geometry.  The beautiful lavender Light represents a vibrational plane that provides access to new awareness and higher thought forms.  It is a wavelength that carries ancient wisdom to benefit us all as we co-create our lived reality in the New Earth, and to help us linearize and ground new knowing into practical application in our daily interactions.

The significance of colour is that it`s intrinsically a Universal language and a medium of communication because frequency is Light and Light (colour) is information.  Colour is also a vehicle of Consciousness ; in the Higher dimensions and subtle realms colour is experienced as a fractal, multidimensional living field.  These colour presentations trigger within our DNA a matching geometric formation that mirrors the frequency of these glorious colours.  It is a unification of Light within us that purifies our subtle and physical bodies.

In affinity with the new harmonic and further amplifying the Love frequency, the Lavender hue symbolizes an expression of Love in our outward connections that is based squarely in our purified relationship with Self.  Being a variation of purple, lavender feels spiritual and intuitive.  According to Color Psychology lavender symbolizes kingship – most apt at this time when many are freeing themselves from outdated control structures and from the trauma and burdens of their past – and lavender is reminiscent of springtime and the vitality of new life and the vigour of youth, symbolizing the sense of “rebirth” many are currently experiencing as they slip the shackles of the past.

Lavender evokes both masculine and feminine qualities and to me it represents Unity of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of Self.  It`s no coincidence that the sacred union of the male/female aspects of Self into the Eye Of Horus trinity and Oneness is a process many are now undergoing.  A colour associated with healing, tranquility, cleanliness and purity lavender encourages self-reflection and a meditative state.  It is a colour associated with the elite and royalty but in the context of Healing lavender really stands for new-found freedom, personal sovereignty and self-realization.

The lavender presented as a luminous tetrahedron – the sacred geometry of the element of Fire, the element that corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Fire transforms by converting other objects into new forms ie heat and light ; fire brings change and purification and is the element of passion, creativity and drive.  The multidimensional power of the Tetrahedron pyramid is its ability to channel the energy of the higher realms and the wisdom of the Cosmos down to the Earthly plane.  Whichever way it is turned, each side of the Tetrahedron sits flat and is solidly connected to Earth, providing a strong foundation while the top point reaches upward into spaces of higher consciousness.

These elements of the pyramid symbolize the balance between stability and expansion – coincidentally both hallmarks of the new harmonic and an optimal state of harmony between the physical and spiritual and within our own electromagnetic field.  In this time of sweeping and dramatic change the tetrahedron brings the fiery element of authority over the shadow and over lower aspects of self, developing self-mastery while also expanding the mind and its ability to intellectualize and accept new concepts and wider viewpoints.  Presenting at this time of paradigm shift – of collapse and renaissance – the tetrahedron geometry infuses new life into, and transfigures the dying aspects of the ego-Self, allowing the Heart to lead.

The rise in Earth`s vibration that occurred on the 4:4 Gateway (4th of April 2019) has paved the way for this newest influx of loving Light geometry and has accelerated the Healing process for many now awakening.  The shedding of historic pain, defensive conditioning and karmic load is necessary so that you may fully align with the Heart-based energy and Light of unity that characterize the 5-D post-2012 New Earth.

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