Solstice Contemplation In The Midst Of Radical Change

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“Light begets light”   – Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll

Dramatic, revolutionary change is playing out right now, both at the quantum level and for the collective and it`s due in large part to the beautiful new harmonic that began anchoring on Earth/Gaia at the March Equinox 2019.  This is very much a Heart-based energetic – loving, peaceful, stable and spacious – and is intrinsically fluid as it holds the resonance of tranquility, trust, neutrality, flow and pure, heart-lead, empowered connection.  And its coherence just keeps building.

So much has been happening for so many over the past six months that it has been breathtaking to witness the breadth and depth of healing and metamorphosis occurring.  At the quantum level this sweeping tide of change is working to align you with the new configurations of Light and Love now immersing our planet and attuning you to Earth/Gaia`s modified magnetic fields.  The downloads of advanced, vibrational information are giving you the ability to mutably roll with the flow instead of hanging on to, and being limited by your past and the old stories you may`ve hung your identity on.  The starseeded new harmonic is helping you move out of resistance to what is, bringing you into closer alignment with the creative present moment.

Gaia`s new, upshifted energy holds the codes of ancient Lemurian wisdom and heart-centered, co-operative, harmonious existence.  These codes or filaments of intelligent, plasmic Light are dissolving the judgmental, binary mind – the good-bad, wrong-right, us-them mindset – and this restructuring of consciousness is freeing you from the constraints of ego-based belief, separateness and the tendency to think in absolutes.

Gaia`s vibration actually increased on the 4:4 Gateway (4th of April) and the recalibrated electromagnetics of our planet are altering the nature of Time which is speeding up, expanding, bending and compressing.  The higher-dimensional frequencies of the new harmonic allow Time to respond to our heightened creativity giving us the super-cool ability to create multiple outcomes at specific points in the fabric of Time-space.

In summary, since December 2018 many have experienced :

  • the swift clearing and riddance of old, redundant karmic patterns from the Earth Star Chakra including generational, familial Depression and patterns of addiction
  • the purging of long-held trauma from the Base Chakra and lifting of Depression
  • the release of Control-based patterns from the Throat Chakra
  • the Sacred Masculine energetic making alterations to the limbic brain which houses our emotional life, calming the fight-or-flight response
  • modifications to the axiatonal network and the quantum electromagnetic field
  • upgrades of the Chakras into higher vibratory resonance and unified coherence
  • the reseeding of the Heart Chakra with ancient Lemurian codes of Heart-lead connection, harmony, co-operation, empathy, compassion and simplicity
  • Third Eye activations and upgrades that work to clear outdated beliefs and perceptions PLUS attunement to the 5-D (and higher) energy of the New Earth paradigm
  • the purification of the Astral body and upgrade to the Celestial body
  • the modification and reordering of archetypal patterns
  • activation of, and alignment with the ascended 13 Chakra system 
  • the transmutation of fear into illumined faith and divine trust.

For many, the sting of old pain has been neutralized, divesting it of its emotional charge and its power to trigger reaction.  A clearer state of consciousness is now being accessed as perceptions have altered and spiritual unease is purged.

Stories of fracturing relationship abound right now as the purity of the Love frequency crystallizes in many the realization that any connection burdened by a set of conditions, transactional trade-offs, power plays, manipulation, projection and agenda is not Love but merely gamesmanship, control and illusion.

A topic coming up in many conversations lately is the mood of annoyance and there`s good reason for this :  not only are we being hit with a greater amount of electrical energy but the advanced Light geometries of the new harmonic are forcing truth to the surface.  Anger is a revealer of truth because emotion doesn`t lie.  Short-term, contained anger in my experience can be useful because anger compels – it galvanized me into action.  Anger clarifies and refines, and it sharpened my focus.  Anger helped me redraw my boundaries and define what I was no longer prepared to tolerate.  Fact is, we are all being called toward our highest, most creative path and anything not aligned with that path will start to feel prickly and unpleasant.

Renaissance is June`s theme

June offers us a welcome breather and the upcoming Winter Solstice is a lovely time for meditation and contemplation, to go within and reflect as we honour the longest night of the year.  Solstice marks the start of a new direction and for us here in the south a return to the Light ;  the Solstice gateway reminds us that no matter how dark the night, the Light will always return.  A period of adversity, personal crisis, fade and diminution is always the precursor of renewal, growth and expansion.  None of us gets to enjoy the latter without first enduring the former.

Light a candle at Solstice and tap into its blessings.  Move into the space of your Heart, allow deep gratitude to immerse your Heart center and wait for intuitive insights to follow.  Ask yourself :  does your path feel expansive, light and creatively satisfying?  Or does it feel contracted, joyless and lacking?  Ask Spirit what it is you need to know.

Solstice brings the opportunity to move into oneness with the dark and the Light.  In that union you`ll find your wholeness, your empowerment and your sovereignty.

In Sydney, June Solstice 2019 is at 1:54 am on Saturday the 22nd.

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