Base Chakra Clearing & The Purging Of Trauma

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Warp speed release of trauma has been front and center during Healing sessions throughout April and what`s interesting is that this is occurring in parallel with the recent energetic shift we`ve all experienced.  The new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection that began anchoring on Earth at the March Equinox 2019 is revealing a clear feature :  it is facilitating super-fast transfiguration.

Amplified by the increase in Earth`s vibration on the 4:4 Gateway (4th of April 2019) this influx of beautiful and loving Heart-oriented energy bears a revolutionary Light geometry that enables accelerated Healing and it appears to be fast-tracking the Healing process of those who are just now awakening.  The release of old pain and wounding is a requisite step in this journey of evolution and growth so that you are fully able to align with the higher vibratory resonance of the post-2012 New Earth.

Trauma is defined as shock, upheaval, distress, stress, strain, pain, anguish, suffering, upset, agony, misery, sorrow, grief, heartbreak, torture, torment, damage, hurt, wounding, injury, violence and abuse.

There are varying interpretations of trauma and where its energetic record is held in the body but in my experience as I facilitate Healings it is the Base Chakra that discloses the subtle stamp of distress and this makes sense when you consider that the Base center governs primodial issues associated with survival, safety, security and stability in the material world.  It is through the Base Chakra that we feel the sense of temporal groundedness – feeling solidly anchored in our physical body and grounded into Earth`s magnetic core.  A healthy, open and clear Base Chakra sustains our overall vitality and blesses us with a sense of certainty and self-sustaining constancy within ourselves.  This energy center governs our foundational connection to the tribes that support our life here in the material plane and our feeling of connectedness to “the group”.

The Base Chakra also governs the mental body and rationality, and Depression – both endogenous and reactive – has its roots in this center (with some referral in the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet).  Auto-immune disorders are associated with the density of physical trauma which is stored in the Base Chakra.

The lingering energetic repercussions of our biography imprint themselves on our subtle bodies, particularly the Astral body which is in continuous dialogue with the Chakra system via a reciprocal exchange of pranic Life-Force energy, each informing the other.  The Astral body is a subtle field that exists on a different plane yet is connected to the physical body ;  your emotions, imagination and desires are imprinted into the Astral substance.  The Astral body delivers the energy that powers your emotions, giving your lived experience linearity and personal context, and each emotion you experience has its own frequency.

Clearing the energetic impression of trauma from the Base Chakra and the Astral body allows the memory of the traumatic experience to recede and diminish so that it becomes just one part of your autobiographical narrative instead of having the persisting, immersive feel of a present-time event.  The Healing allows new energetic templates and programmes to download into your energy matrix and this reseeding of new information via plasmic, intelligent Light brings distance and separation from the traumatic event, giving you fresh access to an expanded space of neutrality.  The Healing reverses the cognitive narrowing, dismantles the behavioural patterns of constriction and avoidance and eliminates the perpetual rub against Time.  These subtle shifts transform your lived reality so that you are no longer confined by the memory and by the emotion.  You`ll find you are more available to the present moment.

Intrinsically, Reiki and Reconnective Healing are interdimensional energy or intelligent, spiritual Light and they have the smart ability to clear from the Astral body the energetic imprints of the trauma.  New, advanced energy signatures like the starseeded Angelic and Diamond Healing Frequencies are highly responsive to your quantum field as they set about deconstructing the layers of the trauma, dissolving the emotional imprint and ridding from cellular memory the traumatic event, whether it was a direct, first-hand experience of physical violence and shock or vicarious distress and suffering.

The broader bandwidth of the Angelic and Diamond Healing frequencies facilitates the swift alchemy of the Astral body as the old imprints of wounding and pain dissolve and disappear from the Astral substance thereby enabling more of your Light-Body to blend through the Astral and ultimately ground into the physical vessel, bringing the sense of liberation and greater well-being on every level. 

This catharsis in fact softens your energetic structure and the cool part is that your new-found ease of flow is strongly resonant with Earth`s new harmonic.  Purging the trauma allows for greater fluidity as you co-create your own lived reality.

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