The 5:5 Gateway Brings Deepening Love, Stability And Calm

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5th of May 2019

Last Sunday the 5:5 Gateway graced us all with an influx of plasmic, intelligent Light of an otherworldly colour that almost defies description, as if there was a whole other dimension to it.  I was shown a wave of sparkling sapphire blue blended with emerald green – a calming hue, bright and vibrant as though electrically-charged yet with an intense depth that felt as infinite as the Cosmos.  (the image above bears no resemblance to what was presented last Sunday, just that it depicts a burst of striking colour)

This most recent wave of Light had the feel of augmented Heart Chakra energy, as though amplifying the new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection that began anchoring on Earth/Gaia at the March Equinox 2019.  This latest gift of Light has come through now to stabilize April`s upshift in energy, helping the new harmonic to assimilate into the crystalline grid systems surrounding Earth/Gaia and to merge seamlessly with our Light-Bodies.

Light is information and colour is language and the advanced Light geometries of the 5:5 Gateway represent intelligent transmissions from the Galactic core.  They convey benevolence and teachings as they inform and upgrade our personal energy matrix, our quantum field.  The sapphire blue bears the frequency of tranquility, trust and safe, peaceful stability while the healing power of the emerald green holds the vibratory resonance of Love, renewal and growth as it soothes and balances.

This latest download of breathtaking, higher-dimensional Light deepens the resonance and reiterates the message of the starseeded new harmonic as the electromagnetic field of the Heart supplants the egoic mind.  Peaceful, joyous, unconditional Love and empowered, heart-oriented connection now have much greater value in the New Earth paradigm as relationship withers in the absence of the Love frequency.  Another feature of the new harmonic is the dismantling of the binary mind as the old thought forms of good-bad, wrong-right, us-them disintegrate.

The Angelic message of the 5:5 Gateway tells us that huge change is afoot with more to come.  The 5 is reassuring us we have loads of assistance from the Higher realms as we move through this transition, and it gently reminds us to quit expending our energy on people and events from the past so that we are fully able to move forward creatively.

This latest configuration and frequency of Light has a spacious, abundant feel to it with yet greater ease of flow.  It is helping us to accommodate all the change in play right now so that we may quietly thrive in peace and trust.

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