The 2:2 Aquarius Gateway Ushers In The Next Level Of Shift

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February 2020 :  Levelling Up and Forging Ahead

Major Cosmic influences continue to support warp speed healing and this was further amplified as we passed through last weekend`s Aquarius 2:2 Gateway (2nd of February).  In tandem with the latest wave of high-frequency, starseeded Light and information flooding into the earthly plane, Earth`s vibration increased again during the last week of January as the next level of shift rides on the back of Aquarian energy – humanitarian, life-giving, revolutionary, innovative, collaborative, fair-minded and forward-thinking.  Awesome!

(NOTE :  as Earth`s vibration increases expect to see and feel more density unlocking and breaking up.  There will be deeper clearing occurring both at the quantum level (you) and for the collective as more of `the old` loosens and vibrates out.  Expect also to see a ramp-up in activism, disruption and external chaos).

As 2020 rolled in much was written about this year`s predominant astrology and energies :  about the collapse of old structure and systems taking place right alongside the simultaneous creation of new form.  This is evident right now at the quantum level.  In numerology the 2:2 is a Master number and is known as `​the master builder` because it holds the vibration of faith and inspiration, encouraging you to take those first foundational steps to manifesting your dreams and desires.

The new configurations of Light and love of the Aquarius Gateway have an accord with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the lesson of this center being honour yourselfThe Light of the 2:2 Gateway is building on the downloads and activations that came through in late 2019 and is here now to nurture further development of your fundamental power, that being a healthy self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth, confidence, trust, responsibility and autonomy.  Importantly, these Light downloads are helping to dismantle and clear old, toxic programming around inadequacy, inferiority and the sense of being `less than`.  The Light and blessings of the 2:2 portal are the marvellous reward for your gutsy willingness and emotional resilience to lean into old trauma, for allowing vulnerability.

Since early October 2019 the influxes of starseeded, fiery Light codes (filaments of intelligent Light) have had a specific vibrational resonance with the magnetics of the Base and Sacral Chakras and during Healing sessions I`ve been seeing much emphasis on these lower two centers with the deep clearing of trauma, complex pain and wounding, also the immediate lifting of Depression and quelling of Anxiety.  The Base Chakra governs the mental body, the rational mind and fear-based conditioning (which separates and polarizes the mind from Soul).  The Sacral Chakra governs the emotional body and is where our deepest vulnerabilities lie ; emotional trauma is held in the Sacral.

These alterations to the lower Chakras achieve a union between the mind and the emotions, mending fragmentation and healing separation.  On a practical, linear level this gives you a new-found ability to navigate a path through drama and challenge with greater ease, flow and adaptability.  These Chakra reboots dismantle rigid patterns and mindsets and they liberate you from the past, delivering you into present time which is highly creative, benevolent and where magical synchronicities abound.

During a Healing session new energetic templates and programmes are downloaded into the Chakras and Light-Body, upgrading the formatting into 5-D consciousness (and higher).  These Healings recalibrate the Chakras and attune them to a higher frequency, bringing them into unified coherence and increasing the vibratory rate of your electromagnetic field.  A stable new framework is thereby created to hold the energetics of higher consciousness and greater awareness.

What`s most exciting is that as we heal and evolve Earth follows.  The electromagnetic fields that surround and exist within our physical body also surround Earth so change at the quantum level ripples outward and merges with all.

The presentation of Light that I was shown in the lead-up to the 2:2 Aquarius Gateway was a grid formation with a Flower of Life component that is fostering a fuller sense of unity and the interconnectedness of life and all beings.  The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life balances and stabilizes the Solar Plexus Healing on offer now.  It also suggests a surge in creational energy spreading through the earthly plane and human consciousness.  This beautiful Light is expansive.  Vibrationally, it resonates with wisdom, instinctual knowing, intellect and it radiates bright, cheerful energy to community.  It is fresh, happy and self-defining.

In the months ahead you`ll likely have pin-sharp clarity, greater creativity, a desire for cooperative alliance and partnership and you`ll gain a sense of unwavering emotional strength within.  A healthy, clear Solar Plexus means that your inner sanctum remains calm and your fully-developed sense of Self impenetrable regardless of what might be playing out externally.  Challenge and adversity cannot destabilize you nor pull you out of your center.

Reconfiguring the lower three Chakras is key because this process underpins your sense of empowerment, sovereignty and a pure, undistorted love of Self.  The physical body is elevated into vitality, well-being and a state of ease while your emotional body accesses joy and appreciation as you radiate your power.

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