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The 11:11 stargate – 11th of November 2020

Much has been recently written by astrologers, numerologists and intuitives about the intense and volatile energy that is set to bombard us all during November/December 2020. Happily though, yesterday`s 11:11 Energy Gateway ushered in a wave of intelligent starseeded Light from the Cosmic Heart to support you, with the tranquil pale blue Light offering a soothing counterpoint to the external tumult. The calming light blue hue cools an overstimulated nervous system and is the welcome antidote to spiking emotional energy as it invites you to slow down and create stillness and contentment. Resonating with the Throat Chakra the 11:11 transmission asks you to listen to the voice within, to communicate your Truth and express your uniqueness.

Note : each new transmission of photonic Light is set up by the wave preceding it and so the Light of the 11:11 aperture follows on beautifully from last month`s 10:10 Gateway (10th of October 2020) with its Lemurian-aligned Light codes and recalibration of the Heart Chakra.

The 11:11 is an auspicious date for the numerology of the 11:11 stargate holds the codes of the Light of remembrance and knowing. It is a number sequence that activates mastery, bringing the opportunity for more activations of dormant DNA-held recorded information, triggering spiritual growth, accelerated awakening and closer alignment with the ascended Soul blueprint. The theme of the 11:11 portal is standing in your power.

Pale blue represents Throat Chakra energy : the vibrational resonance of pale blue brings greater awareness of the subtle realms and access to higher thought forms for it is a colour that encourages notional conceptual abstract thought. The journey into spiritual awakening begins in the Throat, the chakra that bridges the physical world and the metaphysical. The Throat center is the point at which personal renaissance begins and conscious awareness rouses.

Whilst the Sacral Chakra is considered the center of creativity it is said that we move into conscious creation at the Throat Chakra because we are creating at a Higher-mind level, drawing upon the electromagnetics of all the lower Chakras while hooking into Universal wisdom and allowing The All That Is to coalesce with our personal truth.

Healing via colour 

Try introducing the gorgeous pale blue into your meditation, bringing it down from the divine Cosmic Heart and through your core, washing the healing colour through each of Chakras and taking extra time at the Throat. Alternatively, use the pale blue however you feel.

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